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From the vehicle one drives, to the house one lives in, from the bridges one crosses, to the hand tools that one uses, Tata Steel strives to deliver unparalleled quality through its customised value-added services. 

Tata Steel, incepted in 1907 as Asia’s first integrated private steel company, is one of the world’s most geographically diversified steel producers, with operations and commercial presence across the world. With an annual crude steel capacity of 34 million tonnes per annum (MnTPA), Tata Steel is one of the few steel operations that are fully integrated – from mining to the manufacturing and marketing of finished products. 

The raw materials operations of Tata Steel are spread across India and Canada which helps the company to become self-sufficient in the production of steel. In India, its business activities are structured into strategic business units like Tubes, Wires, Ferro-Alloys, Agrico, Bearings, Industrial By-products Management & Tata Growth Shop.

The Tata Steel Group has taken giant steps across geographies. It is present in more than 100 countries spread across six continents and has over 660,800 employees across the globe.  

Tata Steel
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As the Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director of the company, T.V. Narendran oversees the overall growth of Tata Steel. He has over 32 years of experience in the Metals and Mining industry. 

He is a Mechanical Engineer from the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Trichy and did his MBA from the Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta. He has been awarded Distinguished Alumnus Awards from NIT Trichy and IIM Calcutta. 


Tata Steel positions itself uniquely in the market via continuous improvement in its product and service portfolio. The product segments that the company caters to are:


The Indian Automotive Industry is emerging as the fastest-growing sector in the world. Recognizing the emerging need, of automotive manufacturers, Tata Steel has heavily invested in new facilities, infrastructure, and capabilities. Tata Steel provides Hot Rolled products, cold-rolled products, and coated products. It also specializes in providing customised solutions to automotive manufacturers through reverse engineering of their blanking dies. 


Tata Steel supplies a wide portfolio of products and services to the energy and power sector. High-performance steels, backed by expert guidance and continuous support, fulfil a vast range of applications in the energy market. It provides wide-ranging energy applications as well as quality base steel products such as structural products, light fabricated systems, high-quality pipeline systems, and steel components for drilling and power generation.  


Tata Steel makes itself the first choice of the Indian rural market by manufacturing a whole range of high-quality agricultural implements. The oldest brand of Tata Steel, Tata Agrico is a pioneer in superior quality agricultural implements and the top manufacturer of pickaxes, sickles, hoes, shovels, crowbars, garden tools, and hammers. It has also launched its own range of files, spanners, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, and other tools. 


Tata Steel offers a range of products and systems for the construction industry that can be segmented according to their function- the structural frame (section, tubes), building solutions (roofs and wall products), infrastructure, and internal fit-out applications (HVAC). 


At Tata Steel, sustainability is an integral part of the business and is driven by the leadership of the company. The six capitals represent the resources and relationships that the company depends on to create value. They are:

  • Human Capital; focusing on three areas i.e. Occupational Health and Safety, Human Resource Management and Human Rights
  • Social and Relationship Capital; building relationships with customers, suppliers, and communities is key to the company’s business sustainability
  • Natural Capital; minimizing environmental impact and promoting resource efficiency to guide the company’s investment decisions
  • Financial Capital; optimizing returns of providers of financial capital
  • Intellectual Capital; pioneering in leading the fourth industrial revolution and developing cutting edge technologies, and design solutions
  • Manufactured Capital; strengthening the company’s operations via a combination of organic and inorganic growth initiatives

“Tata Steel is delighted to be a member of worldsteel’s new Sustainability Charter. It reaffirms our commitment towards achieving industry leadership in sustainability,” says T.V. Narendran.


Tata Steel aspires to be the global steel industry benchmark for value creation and corporate citizenship. 


  • Tata Steel Limited and Tata Steel Europe has got recognition by worldsteel as 2019 Steel Sustainability Champions
  • Recognition among India’s Best Workplaces: Large Organization in 2020
  • Won IFSEC India Disaster Management Excellence Award in 2019
  • Honoured at National CSR Awards for its work on Maternal and Child Health in 2019
  • Conferred as the ‘Best Integrated Report Award’ for 2018 by Asian Centre for Corporate Governance & Sustainability


Tata Steel touches the lives of millions of people worldwide with the steel it produces. The world of Tata Steel Group is one without boundaries– growing, changing and challenging. It is a world that embraces continuous innovation, sustainable growth, different skillset, and better quality of life. 


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