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Every time you open Google, you click on that attractive and fun doodle displayed on the Google logo at least once, right? 

But Do you know how Google benefits from these Doodles? 

Do you know why these Doodles are so attractive that you can’t help but click on them and maybe read a little about them? 

Everything done on the internet now is done for marketing and the digital world itself is a vast market so maybe, the next time you think Google is spending Millions on these doodles just to impress you, think twice because as much the content is about showing who you are, it’s not about you. And it might be hard to believe but these doodles aren’t about Google, except that they have their name prominently featured in every one of them.


google doodles
Picture Credits: Google

Google Doodle is a kind of drawing made by doodlers that are fundamentally identified with occasions, accomplishments, celebrations, and popular figures. Google temporarily uses these doodles for its logo. There is a whole team behind these fun doodles that includes the illustrators, engineers, and artists who design Google Doodles and are known as “Doodlers.” These doodlers are Ekua Holmes, Jennifer Hom, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Ranganath Krishnamani, and Dennis Hwang. 


The doodles can be a chance for Google users to have a piece of information they didn’t know. The impact of these doodles on Google’s traffic is minimal. But then who gets the benefits? It may very well be profitable for people they’re connecting to. And the most important thing that will surprise you is that these doodles change the way you perceive Google. These doodles display a softer and more ‘human’ side of Google. 

In the words of one of Google’s very own trusted designers, the appeal of doodles is how “It Shows The Human Behind The Machine”. This has become even more valuable in today’s times as there are fewer and fewer people and more and more machines. As the technology is advancing, it’s more important than ever for Google to reassure its users that there is a person behind the machine whom they can feel connected to.

You might come across so many platforms that just try to promote themselves or brag about their achievements but Google being Google does this in the smartest ever manner, through Doodles! If you see content as just a thinly-veiled way to say how great your product or company is, people will not at all care. But the point here is that when you go above and beyond and create something for people and then give it away, you aren’t just here for the sales but you’re here for something bigger.


The first doodle was designed in 1998 when co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to spoof the traditional “out-of-office” sign by placing the Burning Man logo over the second “O” in the company’s logo while both of them were at the annual arts festival in the Nevada desert. They needed to tell clients they were away if the servers smashed. While they had gone, they needed individuals to realize that they were away on holiday. So they decided to change the Google logo while they were away. 

Along with this, they made a Google logo commending the Burning Man Festival, which pulled in a ton of perspectives and public interest. With this, the idea remained, and they began altering their logos to suit public events. The following doodle wasn’t until 2000, to observe Bastille Day. Clients enjoyed it, the assistant who planned it got promoted and more doodles followed. 

Doodles are so essential to Google that they even got a patent for them! Generally, we see that every Google doodle represents any special issue, celebrity, or character. Doodles are also made for showing their appreciation for the things or ideas it represents and for providing fun to people like Pacman and guitar. 

It pays homage to celebrities by making a doodle for them. It wishes its users on their birthday if they are logged in on that day. Google makes people feel special and shows that it cares about people in the smartest and the most clever way ever. 

The doodles began as something little, yet have developed into a fundamental piece of how everyone considers Google. Everyone trusts that Google is incredible at this. By prioritizing to talk about something other than their company, Doodles can actually reveal far more about Google.


You should understand how interesting content strategies like these benefit big companies like Google and also, sometimes even when some strategies do not fundamentally grow the company or increase their revenue they make everyone fall in love with the company.


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