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Digital Kong: A One-stop Platform For All Marketing Solutions

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“At the very beginning, one master skillset needs to be the pillar of strength for the business, even when everything else fails” –  Sanjana Nischal (COO, Digital Kong)

The Global Hues received the opportunity to get in conversation with Sanjana Nischal, the Chief Operating Officer of a leading marketing solutions company, Digital Kong. 

Digital Kong is a one-stop platform providing a 360-degree approach to marketing solutions. The company provides a space for creative chaos, for redefining & reinventing a thought, for the joy of working together towards a common goal and with results that are exceptionally effective. The team’s extensive industry experience has helped create a network of envious clientele. As expressed by Sanjana, A KONG reflects curiosity, agility, liveliness, intuitiveness, and an ability to connect. This is what makes for the spirit of the company, DIGITAL KONG. Digital Kong is a bunch of young professionals backed with technology who have their hands on the latest social media trends & business practices. With a crazy streak to try it all – the company thrives in the ever-changing current – that is the digital age. Kong’s work is driven by 100% data while creating valuable, authentic, original content and driving effective ROI for brands seeking out digital audiences. The team’s expertise ranges from hospitality, e-commerce, consumer tech, entertainment, travel, consulting, and lifestyle.


The team of Digital Kong has extensive industry experience that has helped create a network of envious clientele. Kong currently offers the following services:

  • Digital marketing and strategy:

Helps brands in increasing conversions on their websites by strategizing and executing goal-based campaigns on channels such as search engines, social media ads, and emailers to convert them on the website.

  • Social media management:

Creates tailored content specific to the brand’s needs for all social media platforms to generate awareness, engagement, and virality.

  • Performance marketing:

A strategic approach backed by in-depth merchandise and website data to offer a combination of ads and UI UX leading to only direct results for ROI.

  • Search Engine Optimisation:

A bimonthly SEO study of the website to understand the website’s health and get organic traffic on the website. (Articles, blog, directory submissions, schema tags, etc. to name a few).

  • Website design and management:

Builds technology solutions that are upbeat, adaptive, and responsive to specific business needs.

  • Brand Consulting:

The company researches, strategizes, and develops brand identity and communicates it thoroughly in every marketing and media plan.

The company also provides other essential services like marketing graphics, catalog and creative shoot, email marketing, influencer marketing, etc.


Digital Kong is managing brands like Lakshita, which is a leading name in women’s apparel fashion. The young team of creative brains manage the website UI UX along with the marketing graphics, newsletters & social media. Similarly, the creative and content conceptualization for social media and performance marketing ads for trueBrowns is done by Digital Kong keeping in mind the brand’s approach for sustainable fashion and the Indian roots embraced by them. Digital Kong also manages the social media, performance marketing, and website UI along with influencer marketing campaigns for Iconic Fashion India, which is a one-stop shop for all premium international fashion brands. The clientele also includes Kosh Wellness, a new-age conscious parenting consultation initiative, for which the team manages social media strategy & content, brand management as well as PR and media outreach. Blue Giraffe, Paudha, Mustang Home Decor, K2 Scaffolds are some of the other significant clients under Kong’s umbrella.


Sanjana stated that a few things that they have learned in their journey are: 

  • At the very beginning, one master skillset needs to be the pillar of strength for the business, even when everything else fails.
  • Being consistent is key, and will eventually pay off – sometimes sooner than expected.
  • A brand is the owner’s baby and thus, the clients take their own time in trusting them with the brand’s reputation. The team has to respect that.



Digital Kong had worked with Lakshita, one of the leading ethnic and contemporary women’s clothing & fashion brands that extended their shopping experience to online audiences. Digital Kong curated a foolproof strategy which led them to give Lakshita the boost they needed online. With the help of Digital Kong, Lakshita witnessed a 35% jump in avg. revenue (website) in 8 Months, and also saw an impressive increase of 51% in customer engagement on socials.


Digital Kong has also worked with Iconic, a one-stop destination for all premium brands from across the globe. The results of the campaign were clearly visible as audience traffic on the Iconic website spans across 22 states across India and also resulted in an increase in customer interaction by 62% on social handles. Iconic witnessed a 302% increase in website traffic in a period of 6 months (July 2020- Jan 2021) along with 44% increased reach on social media since the launch of the online boutique.


Exposed to the world of media since her school days, Sanjana has a keen eye for digital content and trends. Her education in the hospitality sector furthered her knowledge of the business and marketing for the vertical, and she honed these skills through rich learning experiences while working for India’s biggest hospitality brands for their digital marketing, content creation, and strategy planning, at multiple advertising and consulting companies including Deloitte Shared Services, Taj Group and more. 

What fell in her lap as a consulting opportunity for digital marketing has become a full-fledged digital agency, one year later. Digital Kong was founded in early 2020 by this young entrepreneur with a vision to help businesses, especially small-scale ones, to integrate offline businesses with the online ecosystem.


“Our long-term vision for Kong is to have a multi-function agency format and drive its global expansion.” – Sanjana Nischal


Digital Kong was born in the middle of a pandemic, which meant the whole team did not physically meet until the lockdown was lifted. Nevertheless, the team bonded over innumerable zoom calls, meetings, group chats and did not let the pandemic kill the squad vibe!


To give an overview of Digital Kong’s journey, what started as a one-on-one service to a brand slowly evolved to a team of 15 which catered to 100% of the brands’ digital requirements in one year. The team successfully added 3 more completely different services in one year because they keep ‘evolution’ at the core of their system. Sanjana stated that their client’s success is what drives them to do more, to do better. 


Team Kong is proud to have introduced 3 new verticals – Creative catalog shoot, PR & Media, and Influencer Marketing to its list of services in just a year’s time, to meet the needs of its growing client base. Along with being partners with e-commerce giants like Iconic and Lakshita, they have also tapped into the wellness industry with Kosh Wellness and are excited to serve the hospitality industry again in upcoming projects very soon.

Digital Kong has developed to become a brand from a business in a short duration despite facing various challenges, it continues to be an example for many upcoming marketing companies.




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