Increase In Global Wealth Inequality

Increase In Global Wealth Inequality: A Global Wealth Report 2021 Analysis

Big governmental organizations and other economic forums are always talking about, global wealth and its management, but what is Global wealth and how does it affect you?  Global wealth refers to all the assets and money that exist in all the areas of the world considered and analyzed together. It is very significant to be […]

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Latest Insights Into The Digital World

Latest Insights Into The Digital World: Digital 2021

The Digital annual report consistently tracks consumer digital behavior around the world to bring to people a comprehensive, scalable, and replicable resource for building digital strategies with confidence. A report this comprehensive is best utilized to test theories for various companies. Is TikTok actually the best place to reach Gen Z? Can you reach more […]

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Digital Marketing Companies

10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Companies to watch in 2021

In today’s times, we are witnessing a digital revolution, almost every business and brand is trying to promote their company on all social media platforms but have you ever thought, why there is so much focus on the Digital world? Why is digital marketing becoming so important? Digital marketing is everywhere, we are getting influenced […]

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LWYD Interactive


We go over and above to understand what a client wants. We don’t just treat this as a job and that is what ensures that the client sticks with us.  – Malavika Pai (Co-Founder, LWYD Interactive) The Global Hues got the opportunity to interview Malavika Pai, Co-Founder of Look-what-you’ve done (LWYD INTERACTIVE), a new media […]

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