Top 6 Remedies For Mental Illness

Top 6 Remedies For Mental Illness | Treat Mental Illness


Mental Illness is something people usually don’t consider talking about it as they consider it taboo. However, mental health is as important as our physical and emotional health. While you cannot cure most mental illnesses, there are ways to manage them and allow individuals to work and participate in social environments. This article looks into the remedies for mental illness.

Top 6 Remedies For Mental Illness

  • Psychotherapy

The other name for psychotherapy is talk therapy. You can consider it to be the most common form of treatment for mental disorders. You might think it is limited to talking to a therapist about your problem, but it is not. You learn more about relaxation exercises and learn coping skills, especially stress management. Talk therapy happens one-on-one. This type of therapy can also be for people who don’t have any mental illness but are going through some difficult situations in life, like the death of a loved one, breakups, relationship issues or going through a divorce. 

  • Prescription Medication

Medication, Remedies For Mental Illness

Medications prescribed by the doctor change the brain chemicals that control your emotions and thought patterns. However, these medications cannot cure mental illness, they only help improve the symptoms and make counselling even more effective. Some of the most commonly used medications to treat mental illness are anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, antipsychotics, mood stabilising and stimulant medication.  

  • Lifestyle Changes Improve Mental Health

There is no permanent cure for mental illness, but you can make lifestyle changes and improve your mental health. First is exercise; according to studies, even going for a walk reduces the risk of getting depression in older age. It is also known to improve the physical and mental health of people with schizophrenia. Secondly, you should habitually dedicate at least 30 minutes to doing yoga, as it helps improve your mental health. Third, get the optimum amount of sleep, as lack of sleep can cause stress, anxiety, and depression. You must ensure that you follow your daily sleep schedule and not overeat before going to sleep, as it interferes with your sleep.

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  • Support Groups

Do you feel hesitant to go to therapy alone? Are you looking for support outside of therapy? Then, you can participate in a self-help group. Self-help groups comprise people who have the same desire to overcome mental illness. Support groups help you gain insight into your condition and provide friendships, support, resources, and ideas on how to live with a particular mental illness. 

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Yet another therapy that you can try to learn to manage any mental illness is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. CBT is by far the most effective treatment for mental illness. The treatment involves efforts to change your behavioural patterns. CBT’s strategies include making you face your fears rather than avoiding them, using role play to practice problematic interactions with others and learning to relax your body and mind.

  • Self- Care 

All the above remedies can be beneficial if you focus on your self-care. What is self-care? Self-care is a combination of practices that ensures you are happy and healthy. Some of the self-care practices include going for regular doctor checkups, drinking water daily, exercising, reducing the intake of alcohol, having a healthy meal, getting an optimum amount of sleep, and practising your hobbies and skills.

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