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Best Chest Exercises for Toning Body | Body Building Tips

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Every single person has a dream of having a flawless body type. A well-sculpted physique makes us feel optimistic. An evenly built body does not hesitate to stand in front of people and earns respect in eyes of many. People with a fragile body type or lean figure struggle to communicate with others. Sometimes, even they get bullied by others. So, building a well-carved figure is important. This makes people more confident about their appearance. For this, chest exercises are important.

Bodybuilding indeed seeks a lot of attention and time. People strive hard to get a perfect physique by working out day and night. The most important thing to remember is that we are supposed to work on our entire figure. However, to look tougher and smarter, toning your chest makes an incredible statement.

Best Chest Exercise for Toning Body | Body Building Tips

Best Chest Toning Exercises

1. Sidewise dumbbell-flies

The dumbbell fly’s one of the best chest exercises, performing miracles in carving a broad-chest. It is a sidewise movement of our arms while laying straight or flat.

For this exercise, one needs to lie straight on a bench and hold a dumbbell in both hands. Now press your body against the bench and place your hands over your chest.

Now inhale and lift the dumbbells gradually by stretching your arms upward. Therefore, similarly, pull your hands again downwards and inhale. Keep doing this straight for 10 minutes.

2. Bench press

Best Chest Exercise for Toning Body | Body Building Tips

The bench press is considered to be one of the best chest exercises. It helps in widening the chest. It is a power exercise and involves a lot of strength. This exercise requires a barbell.

Just lie flat on a bench and place your feet on the ground firmly and inhale. Now hold the barbell with tight hands and slowly move your arms upward straight to your chest. Now exhale and gradually pull them back above your chest. Keep doing this in a flow for a while. Keep this in your daily gym-schedule to get better results.

3. Cable crossover

Must include the cable crossover in your daily exercise routine. It is considered to work exceptionally in broadening the chest. Cable crossover machines are easily available in the market and if you are a gym-goer then no need to worry because gyms also keep crossover machines.

Now stand straight keeping the equipment behind your back. Hold the cable wires. Bend your leg slightly in the front pulling the cable wires with absolute strength and then gradually get back to your previous position. This helps to pump your chest. Do it over and again to get better progress.

4. Dips

Dips mainly work to strengthen our upper-body. But it genuinely does work to broaden the chest part and has been proved to be one the best chest exercises ever.

Dips are mainly done by hand. The equipment that you need to perform this exercise is nothing but a dip bar. Now clutch the dip bar firmly and hold your body parallel to the dip bar. Keep your arm straight to your body line.

Place your legs one over the other in a position to lift them. Now tighten your belly and do not forget to keep your back straight. Inhale and gradually bend your elbow to lower your body. Avoid shaking your body. Now exhale and lift your body upward gradually by straightening your elbow.

Slowly pull yourself back to your earlier position. Now keep doing this for a while. This will help you widen your shoulders and broaden your chest.

5. Pushups

Best Chest Exercise for Toning Body | Body Building Tips

Pushups are unquestionably great for carving an immensely powerful-looking chest. They help in dominating your body-weight for better reasons.

They stretch our shoulders and chest muscle, which widens our chest width. One does not have to worry to fix an exact time to do pushups. No equipment is needed to support this exercise. Tighten your belly, straighten your back.

Now place your hands straight under your shoulders. Inhale and press your hands against the floor and gradually lift your body upwards. Exhale and come back to your previous position. Keep doing this for a while.

6. Pec Deck

Doing Pec Deck exercise increases strength and muscle mass in the chest. It is considered one of the best exercises for building chest muscles. This exercise is not recommended for those who have suffered from any shoulder injury.

For doing this exercise, firstly you need to keep your feet flat on the floor. Sit on the seat with your back straight. Then lift your arms until they reach the shoulder level. Then place your elbows on the center of the pad on the wings of the machine. Now, you need to push the wings together with slow movement. Make sure that they do not touch each other. Reverse to the starting position and repeat it several times.

7. Chest Press

Best Chest Exercise for Toning Body | Body Building Tips

Chest Press is another good exercise that strengthens your chest. It’s better to hire a trainer if you are just starting. For doing this exercise, adjust the chest press bench and sit with knees bent and your feet must be touching the floor. Grasp the handles and exhales as you push the handles away until the arms are straight out.

When you inhale, pull the bars toward you slowly and with control. Be careful while doing this. You can simply take the help of a personal trainer.

8. Plyometric Pushup

One of the most effective exercises to build power is plyometric pushup.

Get into a pushup position and keep your hands outside your chest. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Make sure that your body forms a straight line from head to heels.

Lower your chest on the floor and press up explosively so that your hands come off the floor. If you can try, clap your hands together before returning to the starting position.

9. Suspended Pushup

It is an advanced version of the traditional pushup exercise. This type of exercise engages your body actively because you are doing it in a suspended position. You require a TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) strap to do this exercise.

Handle the TRX strap and extend your arms in front of your chest. Your body should be straight from head to heels and feet should be shoulder-width apart. Lower your chest outside the floor until the hands are outside the shoulder. Keep your head and elbows in a neutral position. Keep doing this for a while.

10. Close-grip Bench Press

The last exercise on the list is Close-grip bench press. The actions of this bench press are more or less the same. The only difference is that in this exercise, hands and arms are closer towards the middle of the bar, though still outside of shoulder width. You raise, lower, hold and then raise and lower. Repeat the process for 10 minutes or according to your strength.

This is an advanced level exercise so make sure you follow all the precautions before and while doing it.


In a nutshell, these are the best chest exercises for a person. Do not forget to perform these chest exercises routinely to get the best results.

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