URON Energy: Committed To Building A Clean, Green & Sustainable India

URON Energy: Committed To Building A Clean, Green & Sustainable India

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“We have on record ‘Highest Generating Plant In India’, ‘The Largest Bifacial Plant on an RCC Roof in India’, ‘The Best innovation project of the Year 2022’, and ‘Largest Bifacial Plant on a Metallic roof in India’.”

Urvish Dave
(CoFounder, URON Energy)

The nation’s announcement that aims to reach net zero emissions by 2070 and to meet 50 per cent of its electricity requirements from renewable energy sources by 2030 is a hugely important moment for the global fight against climate change. The scale of transformation in India is underway and many clean energy startups are accelerating this much-needed change. 

With a mission to connect with the Earth’s only source of immense energy and create the most sustainable energy resources for today and tomorrow, Ahmedabad-based clean energy startup, URON Energy is providing CleanTech Engineering & Project Management solutions along with energy storage solutions to provide the world’s cleanest and most commercially viable solutions. The company has also worked with globally prevalent technologies – Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) and Organic Photovoltaic (OPV). 

Founded by an intelligent trio, Raj Patel, the Managing Director, Urvish Dave, the CoFounder, and Khrushendu Choksi, the CoFounder, URON offers Turnkey Services for EPC of Solar PV Rooftop & Ground Mount Projects for the Commercial & Industrial Segment in India & International Markets. 

URON Energy Founders: Raj Patel, Urvish Dave and Khrushendu Choksi
URON Energy Founders: Raj Patel, Urvish Dave and Khrushendu Choksi


Since its inception, URON is working relentlessly with the aim to give its clients the world’s cleanest green energy electrons on time and the budget they can be proud of. Here are the solutions delivered by URON:

  • Introduction & Feasibility Studies: Introduction to Client & Joint Meetings for project assessments & Assistance in land assessments, Project documentation, Site Selection & Surveys, Outline Analysis, Financial Assessment, Technology Outlook, Risk Assessment, Planning Support and Recommendations
  • Design & Development: Detailed Design Optimization, Suitable Technology Deployment, Planning Application Advice, and Grid Connection Application & Optimization
  • Due Diligence: Independent Technical & Financial Due Diligence, Contracting & Procurement Strategies, Supply Chain & Analysis, Assistance to identify and engage with suppliers in line with BOQ, Commissioning Assistance and Liaison
  • Construction: Technical Advisor/Owners Engineer, Project & Site Management, QAI & Fat’s, Built to specifications comparisons & Standards, Commissioning assistance, plant testing and issuing of take-over certificates

“At URON Energy, we are focused on C&I and small-scale utility solar projects. We are equipped with in-house design and engineering expertise, along with project operations that directly oversee self-perform field work,” mentions Urvish.


URON Energy has developed projects in several countries and is well equipped with the industry-rich experience and skills to create a global presence. The key points that differentiate the company from the rest players in the market are:

  • The value proposition of URON is very unique & every project delivered has given record generation figures.
  • URON is the only company which has all the Rooftop Projects in which state-of-the-art Robotic Cleaning is deployed.
  • URON customer centric approach & technical competence has been the backbone of its success & one of the major driving force towards decision-making by the customers.

“We have on record ‘Highest Generating Plant In India’, ‘The Largest Bifacial Plant on an RCC Roof in India’, ‘The Best innovation project of the Year 2022’, and ‘Largest Bifacial Plant on a Metallic roof in India’. These endorsements add value to our quality workmanship & top quality adoption of technologies which makes it worth the investment for our clients,” mentions Urvish with pride. 


URON feels fortunate to support the World’s Largest Clock Manufacturer from India, the Largest Snack Food Manufacturer, the Largest Hypermarket Chain In India, Auto Ancillary Companies, Hotels, World’s Best 9 Hole Golf Course & the list goes on.

“We believe our clients are equally excited & strive for excellence in anything they do. We are a catalyst to their growth & the vision they have for their businesses,” explains the CoFounders. 


URON Energy strives to build a Clean, Green & sustainable India by providing end-to-end solar solutions, right from the concept till commissioning to all types of clients – corporates, residential, and government.

URON works with a lot of social welfare organisations and hires local staff at the locations with a goal to uplift the poor & guarantee them a healthy life. The company also engages itself in training activities to extend its support to the generation of development opportunities through inclusive education. 

“Our new ‘green’ office in Ahmedabad is an ideal example of sustainable living that fosters innovation & resilient infrastructure. This office boasts of rainwater harvesting, recycling, Tree plantations, & houses a variety of domesticated animals,” mentions Urvish. 


Standing tall in the realm of Renewable Energy, URON has achieved many milestones and awards. A few of them are:


  • Recognized under ‘Top 10 Most prominent Solar Consultants of India’ by SiliconIndia in 2019 
  • Felicitated with ‘Best Solar Rooftop Consulting & EPC of the year’ Award by SolarQuarter in 2018
  • The CoFounder, Urvish Dave was recognized under ‘India’s 100 Most Powerful & Influential Solar Industry Business Leaders’ in  POWER100 2021 by SolarQuarter.
  • Awarded the title of ‘Best Project Innovation of the Year 2022’ for its Solar Rooftop Installation at Balaji Wafers, Indore.


  • 92nd Rank Holder in Global listing of ‘Top 124 Solar Energy Startups’
  • 1MW Ground Mount Project with Record-breaking Power Generation
  • Highest Power Producing SPV Power Plant ever installed in India
  • Largest Bifacial Solar PV plant on a Metallic Roof in India – Tagged as the ‘Best Innovative Project’ of the Year in 2022
  • Largest Bifacial Solar PV Plant on an RCC Roof In India

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