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The zeal & ardent interest to do something on my own and empower the society at large paved the way to becoming a CEO.”
Vaibhav Aggarwal (Chairman & Director, Yuva India Foundation)

A CEO’s journey has more scars than trophies as it involves wearing many hats & figuring out which ones to try on, learning & taking big decisions, and above all, keeping a tab on budgeting and spending. Vaibhav Aggarwal’s journey as a CEO has been no different. His roles and responsibilities have made him a consummate professional, however, it wasn’t easy at all. From sketching the roadmap to growth to creating business development pipelines, Vaibhav worked relentlessly to emerge as an industry leader in the corporate world.

Popularly known as Tiger, Vaibhav Aggarwal currently serves as the Chairman and Director of Yuva India Foundation and also serves on the board of Blade-BRAINS Group, as Chairman.

“My learning of becoming a CEO is nothing more than that of perseverance and resilience. I didn’t even give up on my friends and family. Our resilience, perseverance, and persuasiveness made me stronger, thereby helping my vision to grow stronger each day,” Vaibhav explained. These elements of success, made him overcome lot many hurdles and made him to emerge victoriously which allowed him to create the space that he wanted for his organizations. 


Everyone faces low points in their career, Vaibhav faced them too. While sharing the brutal experience of his life, Vaibhav said “I hit rock button when my business partner stole my entire business”. 

Life went harsh when he faced another low point in his life. “A high-profile client in the business of Yellow Pages refused to pay us for the services that we provided them and invested for,” Vaibhav recalled. 

But it is often said that when we hit low points in our career, we open up to our greatest change and success. Vaibhav follows the same approach. He never gives up; rather stands up, fights the battle, and thus finds his victory right around the corner. 


Vaibhav believes in taking people together with himself while climbing the ladder of success. In his words – “I will never leave my team, and everyone whose been with me in my journey, behind”  He always strives for perfection in everything he does as he believes in attempting perfection, which will carry out the activity in a better, result-oriented & productive manner. 


Blade–Brains Group®

Blade-BRAINS Group is a consulting firm that bridges the gap between the organization, brand, and consumer lifecycle, thereby creating a subliminal attachment. It concentrates on solving the complex web of issues that a business, enterprise, or even individuals have at hand. It comes together to enable creativity, intelligence, business excellence and deliver capabilities and help in improving the productivity of different organizations. The company has a presence across 8 countries. Its service portfolio includes providing Brand Consulting, Information Technology, Learning & Development Services, Business Management, Advocacy & Representation Including Consulting on Intellectual Property (IP), Trademarks & Patents, Statutory & Legal Strategy, Crisis Management, Financial Services, and Management Consulting Services.

Yuva India Foundation 

Yuva India Foundation is a group of young socialpreneurs trying to bring together thinking and an empowering thought process. The core objective of the company is to spread awareness about the various government policies and initiatives that are made only to be leveraged by everyone for their growth, collectively. YIF under the guidance of Vaibhav is also a part of different forums across the globe, participating in the formation of public policies that would be beneficial in making society a better place for the greater good and longevity of the community at large.

The core values of the Yuva India Foundation stand different and therefore can’t be compared with any organization. Vaibhav has laid down the foundation of the entire organization based on a set of unique values which include community building along with education, awareness, and community’s participation in governance. 

“At YIF, We focus on delivering to our community. An exclusive set of services delivered to the larger ecosystem in order to achieve a common goal, which for us is the ideal, making the entire effort, mission-based and realizing the completion of a successful mission,” Vaibhav asserted. 


While Blade-BRAINS Group® caters to the clients from a variety of segments, creating a commercially Viable and successful ecosystem, Yuva India Foundation compliments the non-commercial activities, by helping to preserve and create a sustainable, social environment in a community whose members come in from varied backgrounds and different strata of society. For Vaibhav, building and maintaining relationships with clients is of paramount importance. Hence, he makes sure that every enterprise he and his team work with reaches heights and has friends rather than having them as just clients. 


Vaibhav has laid strategic visions for both his organizations:

Blade-BRAINS Group®: Find solutions to the problems & offer a fix without crisis. To assist clients, enterprises, and start-ups in achieving business success, productively.

Yuva India Foundation™: To empower the society at large with social support and public awareness through policy intervention, resulting in empowerment.


The secret to success for Vaibhav is respecting others. He and his team have a great amount of respect for humans who come together to make a difference in society. They treat them equally and assist them in the every possible way. 

Vaibhav says – “The universe is Listening to our Karma, It’ll all come back, one way or the other”


The biggest motivation is your own thoughts and ideas; that’s what Vaibhav believes in. He is a self–starter and always ready to learn and explore new conceptions. Besides, he finds his motivation in his parents who have helped him respect human values. Moreover, the teachings of Swami Vivekananda inspire and encourage him to fulfill his potential. He is also intrigued by the works of many politicians around him.  

Vaibhav’s distinctive thought process and his norms of taking everyone along establish him as a distinguished industry leader and a positive thought enforcer, in the cutthroat competitive landscape.  


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