How To Get Featured in Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

How To Get Featured in Wall Street Journal (WSJ)?



  • How do you maximize the chances of your submission capturing the attention of WSJ editors?
  • How do you tailor your pitch to resonate with the specific interests and writing style of the Wall Street Journal readership?
  • Which section of the Wall Street Journal best fits your story based on its content and target audience?

How To Get Featured in Wall Street Journal (WSJ)?

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) dates back to 1889. It is a powerful platform in the media industry. With 42 million monthly visits and over 2.4 million digital subscribers, it has become a renowned platform for companies. This article examines the Wall Street Journal’s significance, the benefits of getting your story published in this prestigious publication, how to get featured, associated costs, and recommended editions to publish your story.

What Is The Wall Street Journal?

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is a popular American daily newspaper and magazine published internationally. It is one of the largest and most extensively published newspapers and magazines in the United States. The Wall Street Journal covers international news, politics, business, finance, economics, and technology. The Journal is famous for its editorial opinion, in-depth reporting, and coverage of national and worldwide business-related events.

Why Publish Your Business Story In The Wall Street Journal?

Why Publish Your Business Story In The Wall Street Journal

There are several benefits to having your company’s article published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Because of the Journal’s well-established reputation, mentioning your firm increases its reliability and dependability. WSJ’s audience includes professionals and investors, which gives you access to a relevant market. The WSJ affiliation provides access to beneficial networking possibilities. 

How To Feature In Wall Street Journal?

You require a calculated and deliberate approach to publish your story in the Wall Street Journal. These are the main steps:

  • Research And Tailor Your Pitch

Become familiar with the readership and writing style of WSJ. Write a piece that fits their coverage and is relevant to the business and financial world.

  • Choose Between A Press Release And A News Story

Choose between submitting a press release to maintain control over your message and offering a news story to increase the likelihood of earning publicity. 

  • Optimise  Your Content

Do not aim for content that does not include any interactive media. A content piece should state facts and have interactive images and infographics. You can also include relevant links and videos to optimise your content. 

Which Wall Street Journal Editions are the Best?

Different editions of the Wall Street Journal cater to various demographics and interests. Below is a list of those:

Which Wall Street Journal Editions are the Best to Get Your Story Featured

  • Business and Finance

Submit to the U.S. edition for a broad readership and global financial coverage.

  • Technology

For tech-related stories, target WSJ Tech published online and in print on Tuesdays, focusing on startups, big tech, and innovation.

  • Lifestyle and Luxury

If your story involves luxury, fashion, travel, or culture, consider WSJ magazine, a monthly publication in print and online.

  • Regional focus

Explore regional editions like the San Francisco Bay Area Edition for local news and events.

The Bottom Line

Getting published in the Wall Street Journal provides legitimacy and visibility to a crowd of investors and professionals. Research and tailor your pitch, select between a press release and a news story, and optimise your writeup properly. Nevertheless, the public cannot submit unsolicited material to WSJ. Published articles are not paid for. WSJ Tech is for technology, WSJ Magazine is for lifestyle, the U.S. edition is for business and finance, and regional editions focus on a particular area.

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