Why It’s Always Better To Lease Your Car Rather Than Buy It Outright

Why It’s Always Better To Lease Your Car Rather Than Buy It Outright


There are those in Australia who still think that purchasing a car outright is the best thing to do when they want a new set of wheels and they completely overlook the benefits of leasing the vehicle. Everyone’s preferences are different as well as their lifestyles and their financial situation and so leasing can be very attractive financially for many Australians. For a start, you will be making lower monthly payments and so this is a good start right there. If you were to apply for finance to buy the car then your payments would be much higher.

It is different when you are leasing a car for the duration because the money that you are paying every single month is put in place to cover the amount of depreciation that the car experiences over the term of the lease and because you’re only paying for this depreciation as well as some fees and taxes, your payment is usually a lot lower. If this sounds like an attractive financial proposition then you should talk to the people at the reputable and professional Novated Leasing. The savings that you make can allow you to upgrade to a new model more quickly or you could just save the money for something else.

The following are some of the reasons why it always makes sense to lease your car rather than buy it outright.

  • No lump sum needed

If you go into any car dealership throughout Australia, you will be treated by the need to put down some kind of down payment on the car before you can even consider getting finance on it. Many of these deposits run into about 20% of the car’s actual value and so this is a significant amount of money to be putting down on the counter. Then there are the taxes and registration fees for the vehicle. When you lease a vehicle, the cost is much lower to drive a car out the door.

  • You can change when you like

Depending on the land of lease that you sign up for, you could change your vehicle in 2 to 3 years and it is so easy to do. Due to the fact that you are leasing a car, you get to drive a new vehicle with all of the latest safety technology to keep you and your family members said. When it comes to upgrading your vehicle, there is no having to sell it in order to get the money together to buy another.

  • Many different vehicles to choose from

When you lease a vehicle, it provides you with many more cars to choose from and if you have been dreaming of driving around in that top-end expensive model then your dream can become a reality. You can now choose the car that fits your personality and your lifestyle.

Leasing is somewhat easier and with the above service provider, you can actually go through your employer so that payments are taken out of your salary every single month and if you like, you can include all of the running costs into that single payment as well.

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