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“We are the fastest growing express logistics service provider in India catering to end-to-end 4PL solutions from Pickup – Processing – Warehousing – Last-Mile Delivery – thereby providing one-stop-shop Order Management for logistics needs.” – Amitava Saha (Co-Founder and CEO, XpressBees)

Founded in 2015 by Amitava Saha and Supam Maheshwari, XpressBees is an ecommerce logistics company catering to end-to-end supply chain solutions. It is India’s fastest growing B2B, B2C, cross-border, and third-party logistics service provider. XpressBees consists of a passionate group of self-starting entrepreneurs, A-players, and experts from the specialization of the modern logistics industry. It is currently delivering over half a million shipments per day across the world. It has more than 3000 offices and service centers, more than 52 airport connections, more than 35000 feet on streets, and more than 2500 network cities.


1. B2C Express

With more than 100 years of experience in ecommerce leadership, it provides efficient product delivery. Under B2C Express service, it offers:

  • Tested & robust end-to-end operations
  • Same Day Delivery (SDD) / Next Day Delivery (NDD)
  •  Smart transportation planning & delivery framework
  •  Seamless Reverse Logistics

2. B2B Express

XpressBees specializes in innovative supply chain solutions. Under B2B Express service, it offers:

  • Multi-modal transport solutions
  • Bespoke service designed to suit each unique client need
  • Delivery Partners of choice for new products, launches & trial phases

3. Cross Border Logistics

It provides a simple, seamless, and door-to-door cross-border suite of services with an aim of bridging the gap between India and the rest of the world. The advantages of using XpressBees for cross border logistics are:

  • Multi-modal transport solutions – air, surface, and sea
  • Express fulfillment
  • Consolidation centres
  • Free trade warehousing infrastructures

4. Third-Party Logistics

XpressBees offers complete product fulfillment services for all kinds of businesses through its well-planned and standardized fulfillment centers spread across India. The advantages of using its third party logistics are:

  •  Best-in-class fulfillment centers
  •  Integrated B2B & B2C frameworks 
  •  Single Integration & Orchestration
  •  Transactional Pricing
  •  Standardized Product



XpressBees takes pride in working towards widening its processes and systems with a deep understanding of the industries it works with. It provides services to many prominent industries:

1. Ecommerce: Maintaining an edge of speed, accuracy, and scalability, the company handles high volumes of the e-commerce and retail industries effortlessly.

2. Pharmaceutical and Healthcare: It designs and develops innovative solutions for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and life sciences products. It ensures temperature-controlled storage and trucking, quality and hygiene inspection of warehouses, pick-pack, distribution, labeling, and RMA (return merchandise authorization) as well as 24-hour security to ensure the safety of high value, critical, and scheduled drugs.

3. Banking and Finance: Understanding the importance of maintaining security sensitivity needed while handling bank transfers, cash, and bank documents, XpressBees provides document logistics, ensures secure storage and transport facilities, and strict audit processes. Logistics services for banking and finance are handled by a dedicated team with thorough and regular background verification processes.

4. Heavy Machinery and Manufacturing: It provides a wide range of services to help align logistics operations with the business strategies of its clients from this segment. It provides storage and trucking of specialty metals, alloys, polymers, etc, GPS driven fleet of ODCs, flexible and efficient location management, big and bulky – storage and transportation of large equipment and cargo, custom-made warehousing, packaging, and shipping services.

5. Food and Groceries: It ensures the best food and groceries shipment through a temperature-controlled supply chain, flexible pickups and just-in-time delivery,  quality and hygiene audits, regional distribution, and transparent reporting.

6. Automotive and LTL: Under this segment, it provides logistics solutions for Completely Knocked Down (CKD) and Semi Knocked Down (SKD) supply strategies, top-level security to ensure that all the products arrive safely, on-demand shuttle service from plant to the warehouse, custom-made warehousing, packaging, and shipping services, and real-time reporting on warehousing and shipping.

7. Consumer Goods: Right from baby products to home furnishings and appliances, the company delivers goods at the right time and at the right place. It provides complete turnkey solutions from order to cash, warehouse logistics services, multichannel fulfillment for high volume in all distribution channels, and Value-added services like – labeling, packing, and quality assurance.

XpressBees is constantly working towards improving the visibility and efficiency of its processes through technologies that use artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. The aim is to become better equipped to handle demand fluctuations and drive optimum performance of vehicles and shipment processing technologies. A company that started with delivering 50,000 shipments a day in 2015 is now handling more than 3 million shipments per day. It has indeed emerged as one of the best and committed logistics service providers in India.




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