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“Shadowfax has been courting sustainable growth from its early days and the firm’s survival was never at risk.” – Abhishek Bansal (Co-Founder & CEO, Shadowfax)

Nowadays, due to changes in consumer behaviors and transformations in different industries, consumers demand speedy and hassle-free deliveries of their products and services. This has led to the emergence of many logistics service providers. A perfect example of one such company can be Shadowfax. Derived from the mythical creature of “Lord of the Rings”, Shadowfax is named after the “Lord of all horses”, who is the epitome of tremendous speed & communication, much like the company’s reliable & quick logistics offerings. 


Shadowfax is making logistics services smart, affordable, and reliable to amplify the overall business growth. 

  • It is providing innovative tech-driven end-to-end warehousing services and solving critical problems with groundbreaking solutions.
  • Its indomitable APIs are making logistics offerings unique and fully integrated and smart. 
  • It has empowered its logistics services with technology to guarantee safety from the first mile to the last mile.



1. NOW: Hyperlocal Services

It includes speedy and pocket-friendly hyperlocal delivery services for food, pharma, and grocery. The company ensures low-cost deliveries, real-time tracking, and API Integration.

2. CONNECT: Forward and Reverse Logistics Services

It includes tech-enabled intracity and intercity ecommerce and FMCG deliveries with live-tracking and end-to-end process precision. Shadowfax ensures marketplace and warehouse pickups, doorstep payments, and tech-enabled security.

3. E2E: Integrated Third Party Logistics Services

3PL Services include robust WMS for end-to-end supply chain management that takes care of everything from packing to the last mile delivery. It ensures specialized product handling with zero capex investment.

4. NEXT: Assisted Task Management Services

The company provides complete logistics solutions that also facilitate pickup/drop of critical documents, KYC, verification, training, and other valuable services. 


Many prominent brands in food, ecommerce, pharmaceutical, grocery, and healthcare rely on Shadowfax for the most reliable and on-time deliveries.

1. Food: Best-in-class Food Deliveries 

The company has a trained fleet of 100k+ delivery partners, groomed via online modules and training. Through cross-utilization, speed, and superior technology, it delivers every food order within 30 minutes. It helps the food industry serve its customers better through quicker and reliable delivery.

2. Pharma: Healthcare from the comfort of home

It has a built-in capacity for drug manufacturers, distributors, and brands to move Just-in-time. It delivers pharma goods via every transport possible i.e. air, roads and rail.

3. Ecommerce: Hassle-free Deliveries

It provides tech-enabled bulk freight movement across FTL and air movement with real-time tracking.

4. Groceries: Delivered with a Smile

It delivers every grocery with a smile. It has a live dashboard system that tracks current orders, SLA breaches, ETA to delivery, delays, and inventory dependencies with the rider.

5. Apparels: Fast Fashion at Doorstep

Keeping in mind the customer demand for ultrafast delivery, Shadowfax offers hassle-free doorsteps delivery and return order logistics. It provides omnichannel services to modern retail and exclusive format stores facilitated by its own warehouse space.


Core values support the vision, shape any company’s culture and reflect the company’s values. Keeping this thing in mind, Shadowfax follows certain core values:

1. Customer Centricity: As a customer is at the heart of the business ecosystem, Shadowfax believes in nurturing and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

2. Innovation: Innovation is the cornerstone of sustained growth. It believes that never-ending innovation can revolutionize the industrial landscape through robust logistics solutions.

3. Empathy: Empathy is the strongest and most important tool in any business toolbox. It keeps the element of empathy in mind that enables to anticipate the needs, fears, and pain points of others. It puts in genuine efforts to address all the issues.

4. Integrity: It values ethics over anything. It is driven by strong morals and powered by integrity.


The mission of Shadowfax is to build the most reliable and fastest logistics network by empowering a million micro-entrepreneurs through technology to deliver anything, anywhere. Its vision is to enable commerce by empowering lives for everyone, everywhere.


Shadowfax is the number one choice of many brands. It has bagged many awards. Some of them include:

  • ET Now Stars of Industry Award for excellence in innovation in 2019
  • Excellence Super Star Award by Amazon for Best Emerging Service Partner in 2019
  • 4th CSR Health Impact Award for outstanding performance in the Covid Focused Community Support in 2020
  • 10th Aegis Graham Bell Award for innovation in transport tech in 2021

The company has come a long way since 2015 from delivering 15 thousand orders per day to 500 thousand orders today. Shadowfax has become one of the most reliable and committed third-party logistics firms in the market. 



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