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Founded in July 2010, Beryl Interiors is one of the highly creative interior design firms in India. It is involved in various unique designs and the construction of creative and innovative buildings, interior spaces, and livable communities. 

Headquartered in Noida, Beryl Interiors was founded by Akshat Raghava and Prashant Gupta. It comprises of a team of talented interior design professionals who lead the clients through the processes of renovation and new innovative constructions. The company believes in the development, transformation, and innovation while focusing on maximization of the efficient usage of available materials. The aim is to make the client’s vision a reality and strategically commence successful projects one after another. As a design company, Beryl Interiors is detail-oriented and follows a customer-first approach.  

Akshat Raghava is the Co-Founder and Creative Head of the company. In his design process, he relies majorly on using traditional design methods such as sketching, model making, prototyping, and modelling in computer programs, as well as manufacturing technologies and experimenting with different materials. 

Prashant Gupta, the founder, is an experienced Principal Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in digital designs, branding and industrial designs. 

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Beryl Interiors is uniquely positioned in the market as:

  • It creates smart storage solutions within the existing space.
  • It has dedicated designers from the US and Spain that help clients understand international trends in an affordable manner.
  • It gives assured deliveries. Designs are delivered in 21 days and projects are completed in 7 days.
  • It charges a very nominal price and delivers more than it charges.
  • It believes that hygiene and contactless delivery are of utmost importance and are uncompromised.
  • It understands the client’s requirements, their family structure, their routine, and designs the space as per the client’s needs.

beryl interiors


Beryl Interiors provides many different kinds of design services:

1.Interior Designing

Beryl Interiors delivers creativity on each wall and turn it into a masterpiece of optimum planning and utmost cleverness, regardless of whether the client’s taste is contemporary or classic or a combination of both. The company makes every decision unique and special.

2. Playschool and Kindergarten Interior

The company provides playschool and kindergarten design solutions that stand out from the rest and provide a cognitive development environment for the future leader of the country.

3. Corporate Office Interior

The company provides its clients with the best corporate office interior solutions to make employees feel comfortable and valuable in that space.

4. Home renovation and decoration

As home is a feeling of comfort that is directly felt in the heart, the company provides the best design for homes that fits the client’s personality, requirements and soothes their soul. It focuses on functionality and decoration while also keeping the aesthetic factor in mind.

5. Residential Interior Designing and Room Decor

As a residence is the public manifestation of someone’s personality and desires, the company makes any residence and room a perfect amalgamation of style and personality. With utmost cleverness and space planning, it changes any simple wall into a masterpiece. 

Beryl Interior also provides other services as well such as township 3D rendering, restaurant interior designing, clinic interior solutions, and retail showroom and commercial store interior designing.


The key to design success, according to Akshat Raghava, is based on a combination of simplicity, functionality, emotions and sustainability. His motto is “If you are enjoying the process, results will reflect that.”

Since the inception of the company, Beryl Interiors has been working on delivering designs of exquisite taste, and unmatched quality. It is indeed emerging as one of the top interior designing companies in India.



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