10 Housekeeping Secrets Shared By The Older Bunch Of The House

10 Housekeeping Secrets Shared By The Older Bunch Of The House

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The world is once again in front of a second lockdown. Everyone is struggling to adjust to the new life that the outbreak of the COVID-19 has set for us. People are finding it tough to sleep, eat, focus or find interest in life again. Some are actually losing it just staying at home all day doing nothing or nothing new, aside from surfing the internet for information on the COVID-19 cases or when the world is going to return to normal.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with the lockdown. Among numerous discussions and concerns, house cleaning during lockdown has become a whole different ballgame. The coronavirus is known to rest on different surfaces for days, and how does one handle this? By cleaning these surfaces. 

One side the fear of virus and the second side, with so many people occupying one space, the home becomes a dirty space, very quickly; cleaning has become a major headache for most people.

While modern technology and resources have made many housekeeping tasks easier, there is still a lot we can learn from how old people used to do things at their young age. Vacuum cleaners and dishwashers have their place, and you should not reject all labor-saving devices, but sometimes a simple solution is just—simpler.

Here are some housekeeping secrets shared by the older bunch of the house to make sure your home remains clean and safe during the pandemic;

  • Get into the habit of making your bed as soon as you get up. This small productive activity at the beginning of the day sets the wheel in motion and decluttering begins here.
  • Always keep a designated rag or a piece of old cloth to wipe messy bare feet when they come inside, and stop them from tracking dirt all over the house.
  • If you have a pie of pots with burned, caked, or otherwise stuck-on food, instead of spending an hour on scrubbing, you can soak those extra-dirty dishes in hot, soapy water, and come back to clean them later.
  • Save your old toothbrushes, they are super helpful and handy for cleaning small spaces or crevices that are hard to clean with a cloth. You can also clean the grout between showers with a toothbrush; it might take some elbow grease but is very effective.
  • Every time you leave a room, look around and see for things that are not in use and not in place. Just one thing every time you keep in place can keep your home spotless.
  • After having a tasty dinner with your family, everyone would prefer relaxing on the bed instead of facing a sink full of dirty dishes. While leaving those dishes in the sink all night is not the right solution. But if you have some downtime while cooking dinner, it can be a huge help to start washing some dishes early.
  • Hang clothes in the sunlight to dry; sunny afternoons do more than just boost your mood and put a smile on your face. Sunlight is super effective in killing bacteria and it also acts as a natural bleach or whitener.
  • Keep one day aside in your weekly housekeeping schedule for cleaning. Well, it does not mean you will not clean anything the rest of the week.
  • When you are drying washed windows, use vertical strokes on one side of the window and horizontal strokes on the other. If any streaks get left behind, you can tell anyone to look whether they are on the inside or outside of the window.
  • If you are the caretaker of your home, you are already doing a lot in your place. When it comes to cleaning, enlist the help of other family members to help you. The work will go twice as fast, and you can also make it more of a social event.

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While lockdown is a stressful time, cleaning your house can go a long way towards keeping you busy and creating the ideal home environment. And, with these cleaning hacks, you can save yourself from the extra hurdle of cleaning during the lockdown!

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