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VIOSA: Empowering People With Job-Ready Skills

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“We, at VIOSA, have combined face-to-face learning and AI technology to provide holistic career and professional guidance programs.”

Ashish Sardesai
(Co-Founder & CEO, VIOSA)

In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential for students to be career ready by acquiring real-world corporate skills. The foundation skills and being able to demonstrate job readiness can make a person stand out from the crowd. To make people ready for the job market, VIOSA is offering world-class career guidance solutions to empower students, freshers and job seekers with corporate competencies.  

Incorporated in 2020, VIOSA is India’s first AI-enabled Edtech learning platform that helps people kick-start their careers. The platform guides students in building professional profiles, upskilling and personal development. The highly professional and experienced team of VIOSA paves a professional roadmap for a successful aspirational career of the learner. 


The CEO & Co-Founder of VIOSA, Ashish Sardesai is the strategic brain of the company. His prudent decisions and visionary approach help the company to fly high to new heights. With 27 years of experience across various sectors, Ashish has been instrumental in establishing significant Sales & distribution models across FMCG, IT Education and Life Insurance sectors.

Ashish’s rich corporate experience and deep understanding of the corporate needs of freshers and students have helped VIOSA to create its product and distribution strategy for learning. Ashish also guides and motivates the enthusiastic team to set benchmarks for performance and achieve the set objectives. 

Ashish iterates, “Considering all real-time difficulties faced by school students, Job-seeking graduates, we, at VIOSA, have created a robust product map that helps them get JOB-READY.”


During student interactions across various colleges in India, it is found that most of the student queries are related to understanding the right approach to identifying the required readiness for the desired jobs in corporate sectors. And to build this gap between corporates and graduates & post-graduates job seekers, the foundation of VIOSA was laid in 2020 by Ashish Sardesai.

VIOSA is a robust technology platform that transforms the world of corporate learning to help and guide students and job seekers to achieve their aspirational journey. “With the right expertise and skilled industry professionals, we assist you at every step to begin your exceptional professional career”, says the brainchild of the company. 


For creating the next level of job-ready professionals, the various digital learning solutions of VIOSA include:

  • For School Students

It offers an AI-powered career guidance tool that helps school students to embark upon the right career path through 5-Dimensional AI Powered Career Assessment and expert counselling sessions. 

  • For Graduates and Post Graduates

The learning modules of VIOSA help freshers to achieve their aspirational employment through Job ready skill sets across functions and sectors. Leveraging AI technology, the platform assists students to create their ATS-compliant resumes along with Interview skill training and professional networking.

  • Professionals With Experience

The mentoring module provided by VIOSA helps professionals to upskill and achieve their aspirational employment through AI-powered automated job application tools.

Ashish mentions, “These courses are curated by Industry experts and the learning modules are available to be conducted at School/College campuses or for online learning anywhere anytime.”

Along with the learning modules, VIOSA also offers AI-powered technology products to help the learner stand out from the crowd. The most significant service in this area include:

  • Professional Competency Assessment – PCA
  • Interview skill training – InterviewPro
  • Resume Writer – ResuMatic
  • Job aggregation and automated application – JobEazy


Not just offering professional courses, VIOSA empowers learners with job-ready skills and capabilities. The content of the modules available on the platform is continually refined by industry professionals. Cultivating the right skills, the highly proficient team of VIOSA ensures efficient learning with live coaching classes, self-paced learning and weekly interactive Q&A sessions.

Round-the-clock services by the skilled experts at VIOSA establishes the brand at the top of the radar in the Edtech industry.

Taking pride in his core team, Ashish says, “They are the strong pillars of our success. Without this team, VIOSA would not have been able to achieve so much in such a short duration.”


The primary clientele of VIOSA is B2B schools and colleges. The well-defined process by VIOSA is implemented at every step of partnership with the educational institutions. For students and professionals, the platform has robust tech-enabled learning modules with active feedback mechanisms. VIOSA is maintaining a healthy client relationship by aligning the learning modules and courses with the goal of an aspirational career. 

In the words of the CEO, “Under one learning umbrella, VIOSA provides hybrid career guidance solutions for a wide range of learners, be it school students, graduates and postgraduates or working professionals.” 


With a mission to provide simplified access to begin the dream professional career, VIOSA is rapidly growing across the globe. Through VIOSA Online University, the company is further expanding to provide career enhancement modules which will correlate with quantifiable outcomes at an affordable cost. Moving forward on the growth trajectory, VIOSA is eyeing to become the industry leader on which students can rely for a better future.

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