5 Important Things You Should Know about Fixed Home Loan Rates

5 Important Things You Should Know about Fixed Home Loan Rates


Building or purchasing a home comes with a considerable cost. You will have to save a lot to buy a property of your choice. And that can take you a long time to own the property you want.

But what if you are under pressure to move to a new, spacious home?

You don’t have to wait too long to actualize your desire to own a home. All you need is to get a Home Loan, and you’ll enjoy the financial support you require. Getting a Home Loan allows you to purchase the property of your choice and repay it over time.

You can choose from fixed or floating interest-rate Home Loans. A fixed interest rate Home Loan means the interest rate you pay, and the installment doesn’t change until the end of the loan tenure.

Home loan interest rates will vary based on the economy and inflation. There are times the interest rates will rise and drop other times.

However, if you sign up for a fixed interest rate loan, your lender won’t vary what you pay even when the market rate changes.

Everything You Should Know about a Fixed Home Loan Interest Rate

Longer Loan Tenure

A Home Loan with a fixed interest rate has a longer repayment period. Many lenders will give you a fixed interest rate Home Loan and repay within 30 years.

Remember, the interest and installments you pay are the same throughout the repayment period.

Home Loan

Offer Predictability

Fixed interest rate Home Loans are predictable. Once you apply for a Home Loan with a fixed interest rate, you know the interest and installment to pay from the start to the end of the repayment period.

You can plan your budget well since you know the amount to spend on installments to pay the interest and principal amount throughout.

More Attractive When Interest Rates are at Lowest Levels

A fixed interest rate Home Loan will be more attractive when the rates are historically low, that’s when you can choose to do eXp Realty’s free home search

Unlike a floating interest rate, a fixed-rate Home Loan won’t go up even when the market rates rise. That means when you get your loan at the lowest rates, you pay a lower cost by the end of the loan’s tenure.  

Financial market interest rates keep changing due to government policies, the economy, or inflation. But that doesn’t affect the rates you signed for if you get a fixed interest rate Home Loan.

However, if the interest rates drop below what you signed for, you may be locked out from benefiting.

Some lenders allow you to refinance from one-fixed rate loan to another. That will save you money if there is a further decline in fixed rates than you are paying.

However, the process to refinance may be time-consuming. In addition, the closing cost might be too high, reducing the benefits of refinancing your fixed interest rate loan to a new loan.

Calculation of the Cost of your Loan is Easier

Before applying for a Home Loan, you must know how much it will cost. It’s easy to calculate the costs of your loan when you get a fixed interest rate Home Loan. Knowing the price of a loan helps you to make the right choice.

You check the fixed interest rates, the amount you want to borrow, and the repayment period to determine the loan’s cost. Once you get the loan, you pay the same interest rate from beginning to end, making it easy to determine the cost of borrowing.

Fixed Rates are Usually Higher in Adjustable Rates

You will pay higher interest rates for a fixed-rate Home Loan than for adjustable loans.

If you apply for a Home Loan with an adjustable interest rate, your lender offers lower introductory rates than fixed-rate Home Loans. That makes floating rates more appealing than fixed interest rate loans when rates are high.


Ensure you learn more about lenders before signing up for a Home Loan. A Home loan comes with longtime commitments, and you need to get the best deal in the financial market.

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