Start Maximizing Your Lunch Breaks Now!

Start Maximizing Your Lunch Breaks Now!

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It’s not about “Having Time.” It’s all about “Making Time.” All of us get the same 24 hours in a day, it’s on us how to make the most of it. As an entrepreneur, it’s your utmost responsibility to make the optimal use of time and never waste a minute on unproductive things. The same applies to lunch breaks as well. 

We often get 30 to 40 minutes for our lunch break but end up guzzling up the lunch like a madman and start working again. But is it the right approach? Not really. Instead of killing yourself with work, you just need to take a deep breath and start doing other activities as well that can help you in the longer run. After all, the break has been created thoughtfully. 

Here’s how you can utilize your lunch breaks:

Start Maximizing Your Lunch Breaks Now | Importance of Lunch Break

  • Take A Nap

How about taking a quick nap and finding yourself more refreshed, relaxed, and ready to tackle the rest of the day? 

It is quite common to feel sleepy between 1 to 3 PM. And it’s always better to take short naps rather than caffeine intake. But you also need to make sure that the nap time ranges between 20 to 30 minutes. If it crosses the 60 to 90 minutes threshold, you will get up irritated. 

Start Maximizing Your Lunch Breaks Now | Take a Nap

Benefits of Taking a Nap: 

  • A sleep-deprived body can’t concentrate properly. Therefore, taking a short nap increases willpower.
  • A sound nap also results in better concentration and creates room for creativity. 
  • Those who take naps show improved cognitive skills, and memory, and become more alert about daily business activities.

  • Meet With Your Team

What is the aim behind running the organization? To make the organization forward and make it a brand… Right? Can you do that alone? No… You need an impeccable and talented team that stands with you and take it to infinite heights. But you need to spend some time with them to help them understand the company’s goals and objectives.

Start Maximizing Your Lunch Breaks Now | Meet your team

If you find time to meet your time, you get to know how the management is working, understand how’s the team performing, and discuss what are the next targets. You get to directly talk with the team and know about any grievances that need to be addressed.

  • Go And Do Some Exercise

It’s a tiring job to sit straight and spend the entire day working for 9 hours. Therefore, it’s highly crucial to do some exercise during break time. 

Everyone knows that after eating the lunch, we all feel lethargic for the next few hours which leads to a decrease in productivity. Exercise on the other hand, increases productivity and removes laziness from your body. Although the benefits of doing exercise are endless, this powerful medicine helps in improving muscle strength and boosts your endurance. During the exercise, the body releases chemicals that improve the mood and makes you feel calm and relaxed, which eventually helps you deal with stress and depression. 

  • Quickly Complete Some Other Important Tasks

As much as you try to run from boring, repetitive tasks, you have to do them because they are necessary. If you’ve been stressing out about how to manage all the mundane tasks, utilize your lunch break and try to complete as many as you can. 

Lunchtime is the perfect time to quickly grab the essentials from the grocery store, and pick up the dry cleaning supplies, parcels and other tasks that need to be completed during business hours. Once you complete the tasks, you will feel much more relaxed and satisfied. 

  • Scroll LinkedIn & Make Connections

“It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” Thankfully, we have LinkedIn for that. It is a top professional networking platform that helps build connections in different industries and stay in touch with professionals. 

During your lunchtime, you can scroll your Linkedin wall and try building some high-quality connections. When you start connecting with the right people on this platform, it will surely benefit you and your business as you will get to know deep insights into your industry. Engage with the people and slowly and steadily you’ll be glad for the relationships you build. 

Get Back To Work

All the above-mentioned ideas can surely help you make the most of your lunch break. Accept it —  you can’t spend your whole day at a desk. Get away from your desk, do something physical, talk with people, build relationships, and you will feel so productive at the end of the day. Try to do any one activity during your lunchtime and observe the change within. You will be surprised to see how effective and efficient this can be. 

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