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Kanodia Group: The Cement Vanguard

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“In the ever-evolving Cement Industry, we embrace innovation as the forward path, recognising its pivotal role as a key driver of growth, and have embarked on transformative tech initiatives to shape the future.”

(Vishal Kanodia, Managing Director, Kanodia Group)

“Our products stand tall, surpassing BIS specifications on chemical and physical parameters, embodying unparalleled strength & satisfying the need of the customers.”

(Gautam Kanodia, Director, Kanodia Group)

In the bustling land of India lies an industry that quietly shapes the nation’s landscape. Cement, the silent architect of progress, has firmly established India as the second-largest producer in the world, proudly contributing over 7% of the global installed capacity.

From the metropolises to the smallest towns, the need for residential & commercial complexes is growing incessantly. With each passing day, the aspirations of individuals and businesses grow, and so does the need for spaces that reflect their dreams. That’s when Kanodia Group comes to the forefront to transform these dreams into reality.

The foundation of the Kanodia Group is built upon a legacy of excellence, deeply rooted in the passion and vision of its Founder. From humble beginnings to a renowned firm, its journey has been of unswerving commitment and zeal to strive. With every project the firm undertakes, it strives to redefine the benchmarks of quality and craftsmanship.

Kanodia Group of Companies 

Kanodia Group of Companies is a renowned firm engaged in the cement industry business. It is headed by two young entrepreneur brothers, Vishal Kanodia, aged 42 and Gautam Kanodia, aged 41. The company’s operations are managed by the brothers along with the support of many experienced professionals in vital functional areas.

Kanodia Cements, a part of the group, has been actively involved in the cement industry for more than two decades, with a manufacturing experience of over 15 years. 

The group has successfully established an extensive network of dealers in Northern India under their brand names, including ‘BIGCEM’, ‘BIGCEM PREMIUM PLUS’, ‘CONCRETE GOLD’ & ‘HBM Gold’. 

The Group has:

  • Three fully operational plants equipped with 100% automatic grinding technique located at Sikandrabad, Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh under Kanodia Cements Ltd (KCL)
  • One plant in Bhabua, Bihar under Kanodia Infratech Ltd (KIL)
  • One plant in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh

The collective capacity of the five plants, when combined, is approximately 4 million tonnes.

Dynamic Pioneers Shaping The Organisation’s Future

From the tender stages of their youth, the Kanodia brothers, Vishal Kanodia and Gautam Kanodia, found themselves immersed in the world of cement. Guided by the wisdom and experience of their father and fueled by a desire to carve their path, they took their first steps into the cement industry. Their journey was not merely about venturing into business; it was about carrying forward a legacy and honouring the footsteps of their ancestors.

Tracing the Company’s Journey

2010: The inauguration of the first grinding unit in Sikandrabad (UP)

2011: Commencement of production from the first unit

2012: Establishment of the second grinding unit in Sikandrabad (UP)

2013: Initiation of production from the second unit

2014: Commencement of the installation of the third grinding unit

2015: The commissioning of the third grinding unit in Sikandrabad (UP)

2016: Production commencement from the third unit and the inauguration of the fourth grinding unit in Bhabua (Bihar)

2017: Commencement of production from the fourth unit

2018: Expansion of production capacity

2019: Incorporation of a new venture, Hygiene Plus and Launch of a new cement brand

2020: The establishment of the fifth grinding unit in Amethi (UP)

2021: Commencement of production from the Hygiene Plus plant

2022: Commencement of production from the fifth grinding unit


Bigcem Kanodia Gorup

The grinding units of the Kanodia Group are dedicated to producing high-quality cement products. Its products include:

  • BIGCEM Cement- Build Solid
  • BIGCEM Premium Plus Cement 
  • Concrete Gold Cement-Ultra Strong
  • HBM Gold Cement – Ghar Ka Expert

“We pride ourselves on delivering superior quality products at competitive prices to our valued customers, while also providing technical support and minimising our carbon footprint. By prioritising customer satisfaction and contributing to a stronger society, we strive to create a positive impact on the community as a whole,” mention the directors. 


HBM Gold

To fuel the progress of the building construction industry, HBM Gold by Kanodia Group specialises in providing a comprehensive range of products, including sanitary ware, bath fittings, tiles, and faucets.

With its high-quality products and exceptional service, it aims to be the preferred choice for professionals and individuals seeking reliable and stylish solutions for their construction projects.

HYGIENE PLUS: Manufacturing Of Hygiene Products

The group has diversified its operations into the production of hygiene products, encompassing items such as sanitary napkins, wet wipes (for babies, refreshing, and cosmetic use), masks, liquid detergents and softeners, catering to the B2C market. Additionally, they manufacture PP Spunmelt non-woven fabric and Spunlace non-woven fabric for the B2B sector. The manufacturing facility, located in Greater Noida, stands as India’s first integrated facility where the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to the final output, is consolidated under one roof.

Heading this venture is Gautam Kanodia, whose journey to success was filled with challenges. His unwavering dedication, deep-rooted passion for the industry, and audacious dream of achieving what others deem impossible have transformed him into an expert trader and marketer in the field.

In addition, Hygiene Plus has established itself as a reliable contract manufacturer for renowned brands such as Dabur- Fem, Millennium Baby Care- Free Me, PHSI- Smartt & Khushi, Velnik- Elois, Jackson- Ananda, Companion NN- Little Tiny, SheWings, Little’s, Baby Hug, Mee Mee, Luvlap, 1st Step, Nextane, Comfort, Shills in Sanitary Pads, wipes (Baby & Refreshing,) & other categories, 

“Hygiene Plus is a quality-driven hygiene products manufacturing company whose core objective is to work with precision, pace and passion to ensure sustainable & environment-friendly growth for all stakeholders,” mentions Mr Gautam. 

EASY BUILD: Complete Building Solutions 

Easy Build is a one-stop platform for all construction material needs. It is a first-of-its-kind B2B2C digital commerce environment with MetaVerse, and Pygital Endless Aisle Experience Centres, apart from the standard web and mobile interfaces. Led by Vishal Kanodia, this groundbreaking venture offers a one-stop solution for all home construction needs. The application of metaverse technology in the building material segment is a unique concept & has happened for the first time in the world.  

“Customers can mix and match different product assortments belonging to different categories and have a visual understanding of how their final home would look before concluding their purchase,” explains Mr Kanodia. 

Whether it’s bath wares, paints, sanitarywares, electrical supplies, plumbing, plywood, modular fittings, kitchenwares and more, every essential component is at the fingertips.

Vishal further adds, “One can witness the harmonious fusion of different materials, envision the perfect balance of colours and textures, and ensure that every detail aligns with your unique style and preferences.”

The Passionate Workforce

Kanodia Group is committed to recruiting top-notch talent that embodies not only efficiency and loyalty but also possesses exceptional leadership qualities. The company firmly believes in fostering a collective vision that inspires and motivates the team members. By investing in quality manpower, it strives to create a cohesive and driven workforce that propels the organisation towards greater heights of success.

Steps Towards a Sustainable India 

In an era of heightened environmental consciousness, sustainability stands as the cornerstone for Kanodia Group. The firm actively promotes health and safety through various initiatives, such as organising health camps, blood donation drives, and raising awareness about medical and hygiene practices. Additionally, the Group partners with NGOs to support the underprivileged by providing shelter to the homeless and food to those in need. The management team also collaborates with the ‘Nirved and Niveda’ Organisation to eradicate illiteracy and ensure education for children facing financial challenges. Together, the firm strives to make an impact on society, fostering a healthier, more inclusive, and educated community.

The company also implements waste management practices based on the principles of prevention, minimisation, reuse, recycling, recovery, and safe disposal. Furthermore, it utilises its by-products as valuable raw materials in its operations. These by-products include fly ash for cement blending, blast furnace residue, lime sludge, red mud, and foundry sludge. 

“As a responsible industry leader, prioritising sustainability not only contributes to a greener planet but also secures long-term viability in an increasingly eco-conscious world,” mention the leaders.

Triumphs and Accolades

Award received by Kanodia Group

The company has been recognised with several prestigious awards and accolades, including:

  • Best Developing Businessman Award in 2012
  • Young Industrialist Award presented by the Governor of Uttar Pradesh in 2013
  • IEBF Excellence Award in 2015 at the House of Lords, Westminster, London
  • Asia’s Best Employers Award in Mumbai, awarded by World HRD Congress & Star Group in 2020
  • Best New Cement Brand Award in Mumbai in 2020, presented by CMO Asia & World Federation of Marketing Excellence Professionals
  • Company of the Year in the Cement Division in 2020, recognised by Industry Outlook, Bangalore
  • Visionary Leader of the Year Award in Mumbai in 2020, conferred by HRD Congress & presented by Time Ascent.
  • Fastest Growing Company of the Year in the Cement Industry in 2021, awarded by the Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • National Award for Excellence in the Manufacturing Sector in the Cement Industry in 2021, presented by the World HRD Congress.
  • Yuva Ratan Award 2022 to Vishal Kanodia by the Marwari Yuva Manch.
  • Corporate Excellence Award 2022, recognised by MICE Affairs.
  • Times Business Award 2023 for Excellence in the field of Cement Industries in the North region.

Mission and Vision 

Kanodia Group receiving the award

Embracing the boundless possibilities within the construction sector, the Group sets its sights on the cement and building materials segment.

“With a determined vision, we aim to surpass our production capacity to 10 million tonnes per annum, a significant leap from our current capacity of 4 million tonnes, in the next 4-5 years. This ambitious growth plan aligns with the escalating demand for cement in the thriving construction industry,” reiterates Vishal and Gautam. 

The journey of the Kanodia brothers and The Kanodia Group of Companies serves as a reminder that success is not merely measured in profits and achievements but in the ability to honour one’s roots, leverage the wisdom passed down through generations, and forge a path of one’s own.

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