5 Most Expensive Cufflinks In The World

5 Most Expensive Cufflinks In The World



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Cufflinks might be small, but they are not just a stylish accessory, but also an indicator of the status and aesthetic taste of the owner. During the Middle Ages, men’s sleeves were tied with ribbons and leather laces. Subsequently, glass buttons came into fashion. Moreover, cufflinks for the elite class were made from beautiful metal such as gold & and decorated with family crests, emblems and engravings. Thereby, making them the most expensive cufflinks in the world

People believe that the clothes and accessories you wear tell a lot about you and your personality. And that is quite true as well. The person’s aura gets power from the clothes and accessories they choose to wear.

Do you want to enhance your looks? What about choosing a royal pair of cufflinks to enhance your look? This tiny piece of accessory will give a royal touch to your clothing. 

Here are some finest and the world’s most expensive cufflinks. These will help you add value to your social standing.

Five Most Expensive Cufflinks In The World

5. Pentagon Diamond Cufflinks from Jacob & Co

Price: $40,000

Pentagon Diamond Cufflinks from Jacob & Co | Most Expensive Cufflinks in the world

Jacob & Company’s Pentagon cufflinks are the fifth most expensive cufflinks that have a 5.77ct Invisible Set Princess Cut and Special Cut Diamonds on the centre, bezel, and sides. Moreover, the cufflinks are 13.6 grams and have an 18mm diameter pentagon. These are made from 18k white gold with invisible special cut diamonds. Furthermore, these are GIA-certified cufflinks.

4. Diamond Cufflinks with Ashoka Cut Diamond from Jacob & Co

Price: $72,000

Diamond Cufflinks with French Cut Diamond from Jacob & Co | Most Expensive Cufflinks in the world

These particular diamond cufflinks contain 6.66ct Ashoka cut diamonds. Additionally, they also have 16 stones, H-J Color, and IF-S12 clarity. Each cufflink weighs approximately 6 grams and the diamonds in the cufflinks are 18k white gold, Ashoka cut diamonds. Furthermore, they are TW White diamonds, with a rectangle flip-back closure and they are GIA certified.

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3. Diamond Cufflinks with French Cut Diamond from Jacob & Co


Diamond Cufflinks with French Cut Diamond from Jacob & Co | | Most Expensive Cufflinks in the world

With a cost of almost 60 lakhs in Indian rupees, this cufflink is the third most expensive cufflink in the world. Jacob & Company’s diamond cufflink comes in three versions. First is the 3.72-carat French Cut Diamond Centre, containing 18 stones. The second is the Baguette Cut Diamonds Frame with 32 diamonds, and the last is the Princess Cut Diamonds Back Wing with 8 stones.

2. Double Diamond Basketball Cufflinks from Jacob & Co

Price: $162,000

Double Diamond Basketball Cufflinks from Jacob & Co | Most Expensive Cufflinks in the world

Jacob & Co presents another royal masterpiece with the name ‘Double Diamond Basketball Cufflinks’. These cufflinks deserve special attention as they contain a 22.73-carat white double diamond. The central white diamonds are carefully embedded in yellow gold. These cufflinks look like miniature basketballs. Subsequently, they are the ideal choice to give your attire a royal look.

1. Emerald-Cut Canary Diamond Octagon from Jacob & Co

Price: $3,300,000

Emerald-Cut Canary Diamond Octagon from Jacob & Co | Most Expensive Cufflinks in the world

In the world of cufflinks, one name that can never fade away is Jacob & Co. This Jacob & Co. pair of cufflinks exudes elegance. Moreover, it features vibrant Canary diamonds in an emerald cut. These cufflinks epitomise exquisite craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Nothing can come closer to the lavish and sensational masterpiece. The cufflink has 10.7-carat diamonds in the centre with the Asscher cut. 

Emerald-Cut Canary Diamond Octagon has 21.29 carats of diamonds in total. They are embellished on 18-carat white gold structures with a whale flip-back latch. For all those who look forward to redefining glamour, this masterpiece is for you!

There are many other royal cufflinks you can choose to enhance your look. But these 5 masterpieces, flourished with stacked eye-catching colourful crystals give an astounding sense of royalty.

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Benefits Of Using Cufflinks

Now, that you know which are the top five most expensive cufflinks. Let’s look into the benefits of using cufflinks.

Impress Other People

Cufflinks come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials. Moreover, they add an element of elegance to a person’s outfit. They help in completing the overall style and take your outfit to the next level.

No Longer Just For Formal Wear

Initially, the precursor of cufflinks was King Louis XIV of France. Moreover, they were created just for royalty and high-class men. However, it’s acceptable to wear them on many different work or social occasions.

Express Your Personality & Style

You can always express your personality and style by using cufflinks. Additionally, you can personalise the cufflinks with your initials, to give that special touch.

Pass It Down As An Heirloom

Gone are the days, when only gold ornaments were given as heirlooms. Now, cufflinks have become heirlooms too. Consequently, you can pass them on to your son or grandson. Furthermore, it will help them look classy. However, keep in mind, not to buy junk cufflinks. Rather buy those cufflinks which will become priceless and timeless souvenirs. 

In Conclusion

Cufflinks are used to fasten the shirt cuffs closed and they are the perfect alternative to buttons, which are usually sewn into the cuff. Buttons have more chances to break. Which is your favourite cufflink? Is there a particular brand of cufflink that you always wear?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best materials for cufflinks?

The most popular materials for cufflinks are gold, silver, and stainless steel.

Why are cufflinks fancy?

Cufflinks are a hallmark of sophistication. They add another layer of detail to suits and ties.

How can you tell if cufflinks are gold?

To check if the cufflinks are of gold, look for a hallmark. There will be a small stamp indicating the gold’s karat weight.

What are the different styles of cufflinks?

The different styles of Cufflinks are:

  • Bullet Back Cufflinks
  • Whale Back Cufflinks
  • Fixed Back Cufflinks
  • Ball Return Cufflinks
  • Chain Style Cufflink

What is the purpose of cufflinks?

These small, sophisticated items made from gold or silver metals secure the cuffs for a perfect fit around the waste.

Which celebrities wear cufflinks?

Amitabh Bachchan, Leonardo Di Caprio, Daniel Craig, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Caine and David Beckham are some of the celebrities who wear cufflinks.

Should cufflinks be gold or silver?

You should pick the cufflink colour based on the colour palette of your outfit. Moreover, if your outfit is warm and has colours such as orange and green, choose gold. Whereas, you should choose silver with cooler colours such as blue or grey.

What cufflinks does James Bond wear?

James Bond wears the S.T. Dupont “bullet” cufflinks etched with the 007 logo.

What shape cufflinks are the best?

The three most popular styles are fixed back, bullet back, and whaleback cufflinks.

Do girls wear cufflinks?

Traditionally, cufflinks are related to men. However, women also wear cufflinks.

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