6 Reasons To Be Thankful To A British International School In Bangkok

6 Reasons To Be Thankful To A British International School In Bangkok


Sitting in your room at your parents’ condo, it’s time to start considering the next step on your life path. Life is so exciting having just finished your A levels with great success, leaving you with options that you will discuss fully before making your decision.

And to think, your mother and father had concerns when they relocated to Bangkok when you were approaching your teens and your brother was just a babe. You couldn’t be happier to live there, with a major reason is down to the British international school in Bangkok that guided you on your way. You look back with a smile on your face, remembering these 6 great reasons which helped you gain your grades.

1. Walking through the gates for the first time you were struck by the modern ambience of the place and the friendly welcome, despite you being nervous. You soon settled into your new surroundings, picking up quickly on a vibe where your emotional well-being was highly valued.

2. The international school had a close relationship with England’s independent school of the decade. You were taught from an English curriculum throughout by high-quality teachers taught in the UK and you received a 7-day visit to see how the two places compared and to add to your life experience.

3. You loved every minute, both regular schooling, and the extra curriculum activities which were provided. There was a full-sized grass football pitch, with proper coaching which has helped you progress and now find a local club, while you surprised yourself by picking up on musical classes and drama which you would never have dreamed of before your relocation. You can even consider a university in India for further learning.

4. It really made you happy that your brother started at the same time as a 2-year-old joining an Early Years Programme so that he slipped seamlessly into the Preparatory School as specialist staff put in foundations for his later learning. There was even a parent and toddler group so your mother could pop along when not busy at work.

5. The school claims that they have an ethos of learning through curiosity, confidence, and kindness. You can most certainly vouch for that having fallen behind a little in one subject, but you were soon back up with the rest of the class after receiving special education learning carried out by a dedicated team. You cannot thank them enough for the part that they played in your progress.

6. It was wonderful to meet other pupils with a wide range of backgrounds and quickly make friends while learning important life skills. The standards of behaviour were always a high standard which will help you in later life, while the ethics set have you ready for another visit to a museum to learn more about Thai history and culture.

Your schooling at a top-quality learning establishment has set you up for life and you cannot thank them enough.

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