Green India Initiative, Dr. Sachin Shigwan, Best Renewable Companies building a greener India

Green India Initiative: Greening the Underserved Rural Heartland


“We aspire to electrify 1000 villages and facilitate energy access to rural citizens by 2025.”

Dr. Sachin Shigwan
The Solar Man of India
(Founder & MD, GIIPL)

Green India Initiative led by the visionary Dr Sachin Shigwan, aptly known as ‘The Solar Man of India,’ is transforming the landscape of India’s renewable energy sector since 2014. The company envisions channelising investment towards the country’s advancement, development, and environmental upgradation through renewable energies. It provides its expertise for the implementation of clean energy resources.

Dr Sachin driven by his commitment towards environmental guardianship, embarked on a mission to transform India’s renewable energy landscape. Witnessing the detrimental effects of conventional energy sources, he founded Green India Initiative Private Limited (GIIPL) with a clear vision to harness the boundless potential of solar energy to drive sustainable development across the nation.

“GIIPL’s mission is to dedicate itself to empowering and innovating using a multifaceted approach that amalgamates innovative solar solutions, community engagement, and strategic collaborations,” says Dr Sachin. Since its inception, the company has powered over 500 villages and impacted the lives of countless individuals. Its initiatives have powered rural communities and facilitated livelihood projects through solar technology. This has propelled socio-economic progress and significantly reduced carbon emissions and fostered a healthier environment. In addition to these initiatives, the company cultivates collaborations with Corporations and NGOs to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices.

Influential Mentors: Catalysts Behind GIIPL

Catalysts Behind GIIPL

Dr Sachin credits the creation of GIIPL to three visionary mentors whose guidance has motivated him in his entrepreneurial journey. His mother, Drupada Shigwan, has provided unwavering support which inculcated resilience in him. It helped him navigate his fears and failures and emerge stronger and determined to make a difference.

His encounter with Deepak Gadhia, The Father of Thermal Solar was a pivotal moment for Dr Sachin. Under Mr Gadhia’s guidance, he shifted his perspective from entrepreneurship to building a social enterprise. Despite facing familial scepticism, financial constraints,  and a lack of industry expertise, Dr Sachin was adamant about his decision to incept a firm that would work for the betterment of the less privileged through solar energy.

Third, he found inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Startup India’ initiatives. These initiatives emphasised entrepreneurship and innovation for national development. With his determination to contribute to PM’s vision of self-reliant India, Dr Sachin decided to create a venture that not only created jobs but aligned with the mission of economic growth and development.

Empowering Communities Through Renewable Energy

Green India Initiative, Empowering Communities Through Renewable Energy

GIIPL offers services that provide sustainable energy solutions across India. The company specialises in engineering, procuring and commissioning solar power systems for rural areas through Corporations, Donors, NGOs and other channels. These systems include Solar Off and On-Grid Systems, Solar Street Lighting, Solar Water Pumping Systems, Solar Water Filtration Systems, Solar Home Lighting Systems, Solar Water Heaters and Solar Agarbatti machines, tailored to meet diverse energy needs.

The company also provides consultancy services to corporate clients and helps them navigate the complex terrain of renewable energy adoption. The fundamental services include feasibility studies, energy requirements, and customised recommendations to optimise energy efficiency and cost savings.

In the Founder’s words, “Our commitment lies in community engagement and empowerment through Employee Solar Engagement initiatives which provide hands-on training, workshops, and help acquire new technology as a sustainable lifestyle change.”

What sets GIIPL apart is its commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The company deliver solutions by using cutting-edge technology, skilled engineers & technicians and prioritises environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Its services not only benefit clients commercially but also contribute to a greener and more equitable future for India. 

GIIPL’s highly skilled team of engineers and electricians, under the guidance of Dr. Sachin, have steered the company towards success. They are playing a crucial role in designing and implementing solar energy systems across rural communities ensuring reliable and sustainable power sources. Due to the team’s commitment to continuous improvement and efficiency, project processes have been optimised, leading to enhanced scalability and impact on the firm’s sustainable programs. Their passion for providing social and environmental impact reflects the values imparted by Dr Sachin, thereby inspiring them to create meaningful changes and leave a lasting legacy behind.

“We aim to power 1000 rural villages by 2025 with a vision of enhancing the livelihoods of underserved communities across India. With a decade of experience in solar energy implementation, the company plans to achieve this mission by implementing a multidimensional approach that combines innovation, collaboration, and strategic expansion,” says the Founder.

In CSR market, GIIPL plans to offer end-to-end solutions for CSR projects including consultancy, project execution, and impact assessment. In addition to this, it looks forward to exploring opportunities in other renewable energy sectors such as EVs. 

Orchestrating Eco-Conscious Solutions

GIIPL stands apart from other business ventures because it eradicates the “Taken For Granted” attitude from stakeholders while executing CSR projects. It imbibes a sense of ownership through its unique Shram Daan concept in rural spaces, generates a sense of togetherness, and also provides end-to-end service to corporates for their project execution. This establishes GIIPL as a unique social enterprise that solves the real problem of rural India. Its expertise lies in executing small and large size projects in a systematic, effective, timely & impactful manner.

The company’s diverse clientele includes donors, corporations, and NGOs. Donors range from CSR organisations to government agencies. They provide financial support for projects such as electrifying rural areas, improving access to clean water & promoting renewable energy adoption. Corporations seek GIIPL’s expertise in executing CSR projects and leveraging the company’s end-to-end services to fulfil their social and environmental commitments. NGOs collaborate with the firm to implement community-driven initiatives using GIIPL’s technical know-how and expertise in project management. 

GIIPL maintains strong client relationships by focusing on transparency, communication, and accountability. The company customises its solutions to deliver maximum impact, fosters long-term partnerships, and conducts regular feedback mechanisms.

While emphasising the challenges, Dr Sachin states, “The renewable energy industry particularly solar energy faces challenges in rural areas. These challenges include a lack of awareness and education about the benefits and accessibility of solar energy solutions, limited financing options that hinder rural communities from investing in solar technology and issues such as inadequate infrastructure, intermittent power supply and logistical constraints that pose hurdles in the adoption of solar energy.”

GIIPL addresses these challenges through several strategies such as conducting extensive awareness campaigns and educational programs to educate rural communities about the advantages of solar energy. It facilitates financing through CSR partnerships with corporates, therefore making solar solutions more affordable. The company also focuses on local capacity building by providing training to local electricians and collaborates with local NGOs to improve infrastructure and address logistical barriers.

By developing over 750 villages across 14 states in India, the GIIPL brings clean and sustainable energy solutions. Hence, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating environmental degradation. These efforts have impacted over 1,00,000 stakeholders, improving the quality of their lives and fostering resilient communities.

Recognising GIIPL’s Excellence & Achievements

GIIPL has garnered notable recognition for its impactable contributions to the renewable energy sector. The company has received the “Time to Leap- MSME Socio Enterprise 2022” recognition from the MSME- Government of India. This recognition highlights its commitment to social entrepreneurship and sustainable development. 

It was honoured with the “Greenpreneur Award – Rural Development 2022″ by Vyapaar Jagat, for its innovative approach towards rural empowerment through renewable energy solutions. The company’s dedication to CSR was acknowledged by Corporate Social Focus, a prominent CSR magazine. It also became the “Maharashtracha Favourite Brand 2019” by Arthsanket, recognising its brand excellence and positive impact on communities.

As The Solar Man of India, Dr Sachin has earned prestigious awards for contributions to renewable energy & social entrepreneurship domain. He has been recognised by TEDx at TEDx Kirit Nagar, Jaipur 2024, and TEDx BHIS, Kanpur 2022. These recognitions highlight his ideas in addressing pressing environmental challenges. Dr Sachin was honoured as the Most Trusted Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant in India by Business Tycoon Awards 2024 and as the Best Consultant for Innovative and Sustainable CSR Projects in India by ED Innova 2023. He has also been featured in Entrepreneur Today ‘40 Under 40’ in 2023.

Dr Sachin is also the Record Holder Title for the World Book of Records, London and India World Records. He has also been featured in esteemed platforms like FoxStory India, Entrepreneur Today, Glantor X and more.

With renewed zeal and a decade’s worth of experience, Green India Initiative envisions creating a greener future through renewable energy and shaping a better tomorrow for the nation,” concludes Dr Sachin with gratitude.

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