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Eppeltone Engineers: Creating Sustainable Metering Solutions


“We help optimise energy utilisation for a sustainable and efficient future.”

Rohit Chowdhary
(MD, Eppeltone Engineers)

How does a company transform itself into a cornerstone of the power industry? For Eppeltone Engineers Pvt. Ltd., the answer lies in a legacy that spans more than four decades. Founded in 1977 by the visionary Late Sh. Harish Chander Chowdhary, the company has embarked on a journey rooted in innovation and excellence. The company has transitioned from manufacturing Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) to pioneering advanced products including AVR, UPS, MCBs, and energy meters. Eppeltone’s commitment to providing superior quality, service, and steadfast dedication to India’s infrastructure development makes it one of the renowned firms in the manufacturing arena.

The company has continued its march towards excellence under the guidance of Rohit Chowdhary who joined the company in 2004 and brought in a new perspective and strategic vision by leveraging his rich experience of two decades in the electronics manufacturing industry. Academically, Rohit has done an M.Tech in the Engineering domain.

As Eppeltone’s Director, Rohit dedicates himself to upholding the company’s legacy and driving it towards continued success, innovation, and sustainability. Leveraging his expertise, he incepted the NABL-approved R&D Testing laboratory to ensure the delivery of high-quality products, manufactured with absolute precision. The laboratory setup aligns perfectly with Eppeltone’s commitment to pioneering futuristic and innovative technologies. 

With certifications including ISO 9001, 140001 & 27001, and ‘S’ mark safety accreditation from the Government of India, Eppeltone has become the epitome of uncompromising quality and reliability. Its relationship with state utility DISCOMs and approval from over 30 state government utilities underscores its position as a trusted partner in India’s journey towards sustainable energy solutions.

Quality, Reliability & Innovation

The visionary Late Sh. Harish Chander Chowdhary was a fervent electrical engineer. He incepted Eppeltone in the late 1970s with an intent to manufacture Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) for computers and other electronic devices. In the 1990s, he ventured into the Indian electronics market and established manufacturing facilities in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh and Okhla, New Delhi to strengthen Eppletone’s presence and influence further. With time, the company diversified and included AVR, UPS, MCBs and transducers, thus getting an edge over the existing market players. 

In 1999, the demand for energy meters surged following the government’s emphasis on substantial infrastructure projects. Eppeltone grabbed this opportunity with open arms to expand its operations. It set up state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and gradually became successful in solidifying its position as a top metering solutions provider in India.

Since its inception, Eppeltone has remained committed to delivering high-quality and cost-effective metering solutions to its valued customers. While Rohit plays a crucial role in establishing the company’s cutting-edge NABL-approved R&D testing laboratory, Deven, who has been an integral part of the company, leverages his robust business acumen to help expand and use exceptional efficiency to deliver top-quality metering products consistently.

Eppeltone has achieved significant milestones, including the relocation of its factory from Okhla to Greater Noida in 2016. Achievements also include the launch of new products such as water & smart meters and attaining certifications such as CMMI Level III and ISO 9001, 140001 & 27001 for upholding stringent quality, environmental, and information security standards. Additionally, the company has in-house automatic SMT & PCB lines and automatic moulding machines to help maintain a seamless production process. “These efforts have helped Eppeltone cultivate relationships with several state utility DISCOMs throughout India,” states Rohit while recollecting the company’s achievements.

Driving Efficiency Through Metering Innovations

Metering Solutions by Eppeltone Engineers

Aligned with its growth trajectory, Eppeltone offers a range of metering solutions, tailored according to client’s needs. It offers a comprehensive range of products, including Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS), Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR), Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs), transducers, and energy meters. 

Rohit says, “Eppeltone’s products and services are worth investing in because of their unmatched quality, reliability, and efficiency, backed by a decade-long experience, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability.

It also offers metering kits that play a crucial role in supporting the installation, operation, and maintenance of electricity meters. These kits are designed keeping precision and durability in mind. Along with the metering kits, the company provides polycarbonate meter boxes designed to safeguard electricity and gas meters. They have features such as locks, seals, and tamper-evident mechanisms. These smart meters collect real-time data about electricity consumption and create accurate bills, thereby helping with energy consumption and contributing towards sustainability.

Eppeltone leverages more than 46 years of experience with the help of its certifications, the esteemed ‘S’ mark safety accreditation from the Government of India, its longstanding relationship with state utility DISCOMs across India and approvals from 30 government utilities and public sector undertakings, to prove the reliability and credibility of its products. 

In Rohit’s words, “We provide robust client relationships by focusing on delivering top-notch products, impeccable customer service, and personalised client assistance. We actively seek client feedback to improve our products, stay ahead of emerging trends, and provide cutting-edge solutions. The focus on superior products and services has garnered trust from over 300 satisfied clients.”

Embracing Sustainable and Smart Solutions

Eppeltone Engineers

The ever-growing manufacturing sector, especially the metering industry in India is seeing transformations due to technological advancements, regulatory shifts, and changing consumer preferences. Businesses need to develop a more proactive approach and capitalise on emerging trends. Eppeltone recognises the prevailing market trends and aims to create cutting-edge metering solutions that combine digital technologies, promote sustainability, and align shifting customer needs. “By leveraging advancements in IoT, AI, and data analytics, we envision revolutionising the manufacturing process and adopting smart and connected systems to enhance efficiency and elevate product quality,” adds Rohit.

Eppeltone focuses on implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, embracing renewable energy sources, and adopting resource-efficient practices to reduce its environmental footprint. This aligns with the firm’s regulatory standards and fulfils the demands of eco-conscious consumers.

With the establishment of several smart cities, there is a growing demand for intelligent metering solutions fueled by the need for efficient energy management, real-time monitoring capabilities, and data-driven decision-making strategies. Fulfilling the burgeoning demands through its commitment to offer cutting-edge solutions, makes it the preferred choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Eppeltone epitomises quality assurance and regulatory compliance by adhering to international standards and obtaining certifications. Its products showcase reliability, safety, and performance, thereby instilling trust and confidence among its clients. Customising each metering solution according to the client’s needs enhances customer satisfaction and fosters enduring relationships. Its approach to embracing changes in the manufacturing sector includes constant innovation, adoption of sustainable practices, prioritising quality and compliance, and responsiveness to clients’ needs.

With an impressive track record of 46 years, Eppeltone sees itself as a vital force in India’s growth narrative, driving innovation and excellence in the metering industry. It has solidified its position as a trailblazer and is known for delivering sustainable metering solutions and providing unparalleled customer satisfaction. Eppeltone’s commitment to innovation can be seen through its substantial investments in cutting-edge research & development and integrating digital technologies into its products to meet its client’s needs. 

Since 1977, the company has evolved and expanded its product offerings to meet the growing market demands. Eppeltone introduced LCD-based Static Energy Meters in 2002, adopting fully automatic Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines and molding machines in 2009, these machines helped in enhancing efficiency and precision in manufacturing processes. Relocating the factory to Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh in 2016, was a strategic move to broaden its product portfolio to include Smart Energy and Water Meters. In addition to these, Eppeltone achieved CMMI Level III certification for software in 2017 thereby showcasing the company’s dedication to quality and process excellence and solidifying its reputation as a leader in the metering industry.

“Eppeltone dedication to quality assurance and adherence to international standards instils trust and reliability. By creating tailor-made solutions and focusing on environmental sustainability, the company is the catalyst for positive change and the force that propels India’s industrial growth and development to new heights,” says Rohit proudly while he signs off.

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