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Creativity and professionalism matter the most in the PR industry. True excellence in the PR industry can be achieved only through thinking beyond conventional patterns. Blending creativity with excellent market strategies, The PRactice helps its clients to stay ahead in the hyper-connected and competitive marketplace. With the belief that “success often rests in the power of true collaborative communication”, the firm offers unique PR solutions to navigate the complexities of the brand. 

Incepted in 2000, the firm has a reputation for working with sound strategy, operational excellence and effective execution plans. The PRactice provides best-in-class PR services to its clients while maintaining quality and creativity at its best. The highly qualified and creative professionals of The PRactice understand the market by doing rigorous research, igniting trade excitement in consumers and sustaining media approach.

The Leading Lady

A true leader is one who does more than just manage people. The leader is the one who envisions the growth of the company and takes it to the next level. Such is the quality of Nandita Lakshmanan. Being the Founder & Chairperson of the company, Nandita led the firm by providing it with the vision and direction based on her extensive expertise and experience of more than 25 years in the PR industry. 

Nandita has a firm belief that the idea is only good when it is executed with the same efficacy otherwise the idea loses its power. Using the same conviction in her leadership, she keeps a close eye on the implementation and execution of any campaign or strategy to its last mile. 

Nandita Lakshmanan is a renowned name in the PR industry who also served as a jury member at the 57th Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for the PR category; the Sabre Awards India and many others. For her excellence and stellar contribution to the PR industry, she was awarded the “Sabre Individual Award” and the “Exxon Mobil-Vital Voices grant” for an excellent idea “Integrity Decoded”. 

Offering Stellar PR Services

Providing innovative and result-oriented PR campaigns, The PRactice helps its clients in positioning their brand in the market which will eventually result in attracting potential customers to the brand. Through its strong multitude of industry networks and exceptional services, the company ensures brand awareness, brand visibility and reputation management. The service portfolio of the company includes:

  • Brand Communication 

The PRactice helps its clients in establishing their unique and descriptive brand identity by amplifying the brand story among its target audience. Efficient brand communication with consumers develops customers’ trust, consistency and authenticity. The firm magnifies its research and impact-driven planning to build strategies that transform the perception of a brand in consumers in a positive way.

  • Reputation Management

The reputation of any brand is its biggest asset, The PRactice offers its top-notch services to clients to maintain its reputation in the market. Through reputation management services, The PRactice ensures its clients with well-maintained positions that help them emerge as a trustworthy and reliable brand. The company monitors the reputation of the brand by using leading tracking tools to follow, quantify and analyse in the digital space. 

  • Employee Communication 

This model helps companies to maintain a healthy environment within the organisation. Behind the success of every brand, there is an amalgamation of hard work and expertise of the company’s employees. Hence, it is essential to keep together the entire team. Understanding this aspect carefully, The PRactice helps organisations bring their people together and work towards attaining complementary objectives. 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility plays an important role in establishing the trustworthiness of the brand in the eyes of stakeholders and consumers. For The PRactice, CSR is not incidental to the business, it is an integral part of it. And that is why the expert professionals of the company offer impact-driven CSR solutions to its clients to engage in regular and meaningful responsibilities as trustworthy business entities, caring employers and model corporate citizens.

Leading With Exceptional Expertise

The PRactice is growing significantly in the industry with its exceptional expertise in these three key practice areas: 

  •  Consumer

The PRactice offers its expertise in building brand resonance for product launches and throughout its life cycle. The company takes every opportunity to make a product “the hero” it needs to be. By understanding the market and consumer behaviour through in-depth research, the company helps its clients in brand promotion, influences the influencer and counters inaccurate perceptions and images. 

  • Social Innovation

The firm works with social visionaries to deliver inclusive innovation by leveraging the market mechanisms. The PRactice offers cause-related programs that align with the vision of the brand and reach directly to the hearts and minds of consumers, employees and communities served. 

  • Technology

The PRactice stays ahead in the market by keeping up with the latest trend and developments to help consumers experience the value offered by the brand. The breadth of experience in a range of markets helps the company in simplifying the message to achieve a consumer connection with its clients. 

Jewels To The Crown

Building the trust and confidence of the clients, The PRactice adds many recognition and achievements to its name. Some of the precious awards received by the company are:

  • Silver IMAGEXX award in 2022
  • PRactitioner Prasad Karat, featured in Reputation Today 40 Young Turks – Class of 2022
  • Bronze Kaleido Award in 2022
  • Recognised with a Silver Velocity Award – #GoodGrief Campaign with Pallium India won in the Best Social Cause Digital Campaign of The Year Category in 2021
  • Gold Fulcrum Award at Amazon Alexa campaign under the Best Use of Community Outreach category in 2021

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