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“We, at CapSavvy, assure to provide innovative and modern techniques through scientifically styled execution approach to provide advisory in the field on business and finance to deliver the best ROI.”
Anil B Goyal (Founder & MD, CapSavvy)

It was back in 2019 when a certified Business Strategist from IIM Bangalore, a rank holder Chartered Accountant, Anil B Goyal, after gaining humongous experience from different leadership roles, decided to build a business empire of his own. His commitment to a dream and perseverance to conquer daily challenges has made him the proud Managing Director of today’s highly acclaimed business and financial advisory firm, CapSavvy Consultants.    

An astute professional, Anil has expertise across diverse industries and sectors towards ROI-focused services to businesses. Anil’s areas of specialization include Debt fundraising from banks and institutions, Equity fundraising from PE Funds, Strategies for ROI improvement, Insolvency and Bank Settlement matters, Project Development advisory, Start-up advisory, Education advisory, to name a few. 

Having worked at different leadership positions at big companies like IDBI, SKIL, IL&FS, Mexus, and Meril, taking ownership for top-line and bottom-line, gradually engraved a sense of entrepreneurship in Anil’s working style. 

After passing Chartered Accountancy Exam with National Bank in 1995, he got an opportunity to work with an Indian Private Sector Bank, IDBI in the credit department which became a rock-solid platform for Anil’s career growth as he interacted with many entrepreneurs and closely observed their teamwork abilities, risk-taking abilities, leadership skills, creativity, and self-confidence while presenting the projects. Another breakthrough came when he joined SKIL Group as Vice President, IL&FS Infrastructure Development Corporation (IIDC) as National Head for SEZ Industrial Parks Division. Thereafter, he joined Mexus Education as Managing Director & CEO and got the much-needed opportunity to lead a cross-functional team of more than 1500 people. While working for Mexus, Anil acquired the rich qualities of an Entrepreneur as he learned how to deal with various organizational challenges such as maintaining performance, managing team productivity, communication improvements, teamwork, systems developments, service management, cash-flow management, regulatory challenges, managing internal and external skepticism, managing workplace culture/ diversity, stimulating innovation, change management, downsizing, competition management, and many such qualities. 

With the deep understanding gained during different leadership positions at various organizations, Anil ultimately decided to unfurl his entrepreneurial dreams which led to the inception of CapSavvy Consultants Private Limited in November 2019.


While taking business decisions, intellectual leaders like Anil follows a mix of two types of leadership. These are:

  • Democratic Leadership, where Anil promotes participation of his team. He consults his team members, board and takes their opinions into account when making long-term strategic decisions. Therefore, Anil encourages two-way communication and makes every team member feel a part of the company. 
  • Situational Leadership, where Anil is flexible and adapts to the circumstances. He considers matured inputs from the team & board and evaluates the needs of the company and, accordingly, applies the most appropriate leadership style, changing it when the situation requires or managing each team member with a different style.


An award-winning ISO 9001:2015 company, CapSavvy is an expert financial and business advisor that focuses on providing multifaceted advisory to cater to the growing demands of modern businesses to compete worldwide and thrive in a fast-paced and challenging economy. With a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals, CapSavvy helps businesses and promoters translate their visions into reality. 

CapSavvy offers multifarious financial and business advisory for companies to achieve management goals across all facets of their business. Its bouquet of services includes:

  • Business Strategy
  • Start-up Advisory and Funding
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Equity Fundraising
  • Debt Syndication
  • CFO Services
  • CRM Software / Automation Tools
  • Pre IPO-Advisory

Backed by a consummate and experienced advisory panel of chartered accountants, bankers, technocrats, and management professionals, CapSavvy becomes an ideal partner for the growth and progress of the business in today’s fast-moving digital world and lets the promoters focus on their core business activities.


Unlike other business advisory firms, CapSavvy bridges the gap by taking care of the financial and management needs of clients. The team at CapSavvy gets into the shoes of their client and understand their business needs through their eyes, so as to ensure personalized and effective guidance.

With more than 35 Pan-India business associates teamed up, CapSavvy is well equipped to offer personalized, healthy, and highly transparent services to its clients. Its culture is equipped with new technology and techniques to maintain reliable quality assurance. Being a highly acclaimed financial advisory firm, CapSavvy understands its responsibility, adapts its mechanism to industry trends, and stays aligned with the changing business scenario and market demands.

“We serve the clients through our ‘Business Partner Approach’ and follow transparent methods in dealing with them. Once committed, CapSavvy ensures to deliver on time with the best-tailored services,” Anil asserted. 


CapSavvy deals with clients from different sectors such as e-commerce, steel, manufacturing, food, biotechnology, Sports, Fintech, Business Networking, Professionals, Beauty & Wellness, travel, and many more. Its major focus is towards handholding SMEs and Startups.


CapSavvy was founded in November 2019 when the entire world had started witnessing the surge of a deadly pandemic. During the initial phase of creating and building customer relationships, the destructive wave of Covid 19 shook off all the hopes of Anil but the courage and determination to reach infinite heights pulled him back. He, with the continuous support of family and friends, within two months, revived his business back in the corporate world. During this challenging phase, he devoted his time in studying various online courses offered by different global universities and focused on digital marketing for CapSavvy. 


CapSavvy utilizes best practices to streamline business processes and improve the business insights of its clients with an ethical and law-compliant business model. The strategic vision of the company is to: 

  1. Provide excellence in client service and compliance through its unwavering commitment to the team, understanding financial services, and a continued focus on process improvement. 
  2. Work with vigor, dedication, and innovation to achieve excellence in service, quality, reliability, safety, and customer care. 
  3. To earn the trust and confidence of all the clients, exceeding their expectations and making CapSavvy a respected business recognized name.
  4. To be the best choice as a financial & business advisor in managing challenges of the modern fast-changing business world. 
  5. Stay committed to providing genuine services to the businesses that lead to measurable ROI for them 

Furthermore, CapSavvy will continue to focus on its unique approach of personalized advisory. It also plans to add another vertical for offering Project Development Services to government agencies. 

“Under this vertical, we plan to tie up with government agencies at PAN India level to set up a JV Company, which will identify infrastructure projects as per local demands and needs,” Anil mentioned. 

This unique concept of Project Development Advisory will concentrate on shaping up the identified infrastructure projects and making them viable for private sector participation. Such initiatives aim at reviving the economy, creating investment opportunities & jobs through new projects, and improving the infrastructure of the country.


Anil makes sure that the entire organization works towards upholding the highest standards of integrity, good governance, and ethical practices. 

He believes coordination is the key to building unity between different departments so that everyone can work towards achieving common goals and business objectives. 

Moreover, there lies efficient co-ordination in CapSavvy because of its prioritization towards qualitative and customer-centric services which are: 

  • ROI Focused Services
  • Addressing Modern Business Challenges 
  • System Driven Organization
  • Focusing on Team’s Capacity Improvement
  • Adopting Modern Tools like CRM for mandate delivery
  • Maintaining Service with ISO certification standards 
  • Providing timely customer support 


While recollecting his past journey and achievements, Anil says that his successful journey is a mix of the outcome of two key factors. First, it is because of the professional traits that he followed while working in different leadership positions, and second, because of the consistent guidance and support from his mentors, superiors, friends, and family members. His mantra of success are:

  • Always be punctual
  • Always be eager to learn
  • Share your knowledge with others
  • Be polite in your talks & discussions
  • Listen very carefully and understand another person’s viewpoint and perspective 
  • Always deliver more than what’s expected from you


CapSavvy is an internationally acclaimed Quality Management Certified Company with ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Since its inception, CapSavvy has added many feathers to its cap. A few of the highly prestigious awards include: 

  • Awarded as the Best Financial Services Startup in Mumbai by Silicon India
  • Nominated as Best Service Brand for quality excellence jointly by CNBC Awaz, Benchmark Trust, and BSE
  • Recognition of CapSavvy’s initiatives by the DIPP, MoCI, Govt of India
  • Gained recognition from Central Vigilance Commission, GoI for its efforts in following good governance & ethical practices
  • Won Frontrunner Award in the category of Professional Services, at the International Trade Council’s Annual Go Global Award Ceremony, USA


The biggest motivating factor for Anil, that drives him and his team at CapSavvy is his passion for making a notable difference across the world.

Furthermore, Anil is inordinately inspired by his father due to his Satvic lifestyle, his deep understanding of business at the grassroots level, and his ethical practices & traits. His father, whom Anil considers his guiding angel, has been able to inculcate these traits to the entire family and Anil actively follows these traits in his daily routines. 

Anil is deeply influenced by two grateful personalities from the Indian financial sector. 

  1. Mr. DK Mittal former IAS Office, former Revenue Secretary, former Commerce Secretary, and former RBI Director 
  2. Mr. Debasish Mallick, former DMD, Exim Bank, MD & CEO, IDBI Asset Management

Anil is fortunate to work directly under them for more than a decade. Their decision-making abilities and ‘Thinking out of the box’ mindset have always motivated Anil to formulate result-driven strategies thereby producing incredible results. 


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