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Born out of a strong vision, Aurobindo Pharma was founded by P.V. Ramprasad Reddy, and K. Nityananda Reddy in the year 1986. It has evolved and expanded over the years and has a strong presence in key therapeutic segments such as neurosciences (CNS), cardiovascular (CVS), anti-retroviral, anti-diabetics, gastroenterology, and Anti-biotics. 

Today, Aurobindo Pharma exports to over 150 countries worldwide. The company’s multiple facilities are approved by leading regulatory agencies like  USFDA, EU GMP, UK MHRA, South Africa-MCC, Health Canada, WHO, and Brazil ANVISA.

Raghunathan is the Independent Director and Non-Executive Chairman of the company. He has expertise in Management Consulting, Enterprise Software Processes, business transaction structuring, and capital market.


  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Aurobindo Pharma is a top API supplier at the global level. It is present across beta-lactams and non-beta lactams which makes it one of the few players working in this field. In beta-lactams, it provides sterile and non-sterile penicillin and cephalosporins along with penams. All the API plants are equipped with particle size modifications systems to supply compacted and micronized materials.
  • AuroZymes: It is the biocatalyst division of the company. The work of Autozymes is to develop and manufacture biocatalysts for use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Autozymes are supported by a state-of-the-art R&D division in a 21 acres campus in Pashamylaram, Hyderabad. The company’s mission is to produce scalable biocatalytic solutions for use in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Fine Chemical Industries, by reducing the cost of goods in processes, whilst benefitting from Green Technology.
  • AuroSource: It is the Custom Research and Manufacturing division of the company. AuroSource offers the pharmaceutical industry across the globe, a new and fresh approach for the outsourcing of chemistry services with a devoted focus on enhancing value for the customers. AuroSource also offers comprehensive outsourcing options in registered starting materials, intermediates, and APIs. 
  • Auro Peptides: It is the subsidiary division of the company that delivers innovative solutions from discovery to development and commercialization through cost-effective drug development and manufacturing. Auro Peptides deliver cGMP material in a timely, transparent, authentic manner and in a facilitative environment, through streamlined processes and a highly skilled workforce. Some of the peptide links are Desmopressin, Glatiramer, Leuprolide, Cetrorelix, Linaclotide, Bivalirudin, ACTH (1-39), Octreotide, Eptifibatide, Somatostatin, Teriparatide (HPTH 1-34), Goserelin, Vasopressin, and Buserelin. 
  • Formulations: Aurobindo Pharma has 15 state-of-the-art formulation manufacturing facilities located in India, Portugal, United States, and Brazil. All its facilities have received accreditations from reputed regulatory bodies.




Aurobindo is one of the largest R&D facilities in India. Its R&D team engages in the process of developing new drug delivery systems, new dosage formulations, and applying new technology for better processes. It currently has 5 research centers spread over 16,000 square meters. To ensure robust R&D, it employs over 1560 scientists and analysts in product development. This ensures a quick turnaround time in areas like:

  • Project/product identification
  • Literature evaluation / patent study
  • API process development
  • Formulation development
  • Pilot BA / BE
  • Exhibiting batches for dossier submission
  • Stability studies for global requirements

Aurobindo’s research center is capable of developing, scaling up, and commercializing various dosage forms spread across tablets, capsules, soft gels, oral liquids, injectables (solutions, suspensions, lyophilized, etc.), and ophthalmic (three-piece and BFS) and nasal delivery systems. The research center focuses on the areas of organic synthesis, analytical research, dosage form development, pharmacology, bioequivalence studies, and drug delivery systems. It facilitates:

  • Complete impurity profiling in all the products developed
  • Development of analytical methods and specifications from raw materials, to non-compendial finished products
  • In-house synthesis of reagents for analyzing organolithiums and noble metals
  • Accelerated and real-time stability studies

research and development center


The mission of the company is to become the most valued pharmaceutical partner to the World Pharma fraternity by continuously researching, developing, and manufacturing a broad range of pharmaceutical products maintaining the highest regulatory standards. Its vision is to become a leading and an admired global pharma company, ranked in the top 25 by 2030”.


Over the years, Aurobindo Pharma has received many prestigious awards. Some of the coveted awards received include:

  • Company of the Year Award  at the Global Generics & Biosimilars Awards 2019
  • The Platinum Certificate of Outstanding Exports Award from Pharmexcil in 2011
  • The India star Award 2020 for Integrated Drug DeliverySystem from the Indian Institute of Packaging

A company that started its operations in 1988-89 with a single unit manufacturing Semi-Synthetic Penicillin (SSP) at Pondicherry, has now proudly evolved into a knowledge-driven company manufacturing APIs and formulation products. Aimed at delivering sustained growth, the company is diligently and sustainably achieving excellence and expertise in whatever innovation or experiment it does. 



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