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From driving medical progress to improving the health and quality of life, pharmaceutical companies are contributing a lot to the society. One such company is Cadila Pharmaceuticals.

Committed to universal health and wellness, Cadila Pharmaceuticals is a well-known Indian multinational pharmaceutical company. It develops, manufactures, and markets innovative and affordable medical and health solutions. Being one of India’s largest privately held pharma companies, the company is dedicated to achieving continuous excellence in pharmaceuticals and life sciences. In the last 70 years, it has established a strong presence throughout the pharmaceutical value chain from research & development (R&D), manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and distribution, both at the domestic and international levels. Cadila Pharma is a fast-progressing Life Sciences enterprise and a significant leader in global health with quality and affordability at its core. Its core values are Care, Quality & Affordability, Legacy, and Innovation.

Cadila has made several leaps and strides to become a formidable player in global health under the visionary leadership of Dr. Rajiv Modi. He is the Chairman and Managing Director of the company. He is a biotechnologist and has a rich experience in managing pharmaceutical business. With a strong vision to revolutionize the life sciences industry, he has played a crucial role in establishing research, manufacturing, sales, and distribution for Cadila Pharmaceuticals across the world. 

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Science and innovation produce the perfect synergy to produce life-enabling and lifesaving drugs and medicines for the whole world. They help the pharma industry come up with breakthrough ideas for addressing patient needs. Cadila Pharmaceuticals takes immense pride in the strong intellectual capital and years of experience it brings to Chemistry, analytical techniques, dosage forms, new formulations, preclinical research, clinical research, and many more areas of science. 

It has successfully introduced novel, and first-in-the-world innovations such as Mycidac C (immunotherapy in lung cancer), Polycap (polypill for cardiovascular disease prevention), Risorine (bio-enhanced Rifampicin for TB therapy), and Rabeloc IV (Rabeprazole in IV form). 

Cadila Pharmaceuticals is also known for quality manufacturing in biosimilars and vaccines like the world‘s first nanoparticle-based vaccine for influenza – Cadiflu-S and the world’s first three dosage recombinant nano-particle-based Rabies vaccine, ThRabis, The company’s innovative drug, Sepsivac as an immunomodulator in sepsis, was found to boost the innate immune response and increase resistance against the progress of COVID-19. Sespsivac offered 11% absolute reduction and a 55.5% relative reduction in mortality in patients of gram negative sepsis. 

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Cadila Pharmaceuticals has a dedicated R&D department comprising 300 scientists. They work in different research areas:

  • Formulation Development
  • Herbal Product Development
  • API solutions
  • Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research
  • Biotechnology


Cadila Pharmaceuticals is one of the top Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturing companies in the world. Spread over 80,000 sq. meter area, it is globally accredited by US FDA, Health Canada, PMDA Japan, TGA Australia, COFEPRIS Mexico, KFD Korea, ANVISA Brazil, etc. The API manufacturing facility is located in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. Currently, the company offers 38 APIs and intermediates across various therapeutic categories – respiratory, diabetology, gastroenterology, pain management (antimigraine), orthopedics, and many more. It is confident of building an unmatched API portfolio in the entire globe. 



The Covid-19 pandemic was by far the biggest challenge for the company. However, it gives the company tremendous pride to state that although initially the business was hit, but it soon came back on its track. Cadila attributes this success to its tireless workforce who showed great courage and determination to ensure that the health of countless people all over the world did not suffer setbacks. Staying true to its motto of ‘The Care Continues…’ all the employees put in their hard work and dedication day and night to overcome all the challenges posed by the pandemic. 


The vision of Cadila Pharmaceuticals is to become a significant global player by providing high-quality, affordable, and innovative solutions in medicine and treatment. The mission is to discover, develop and successfully market top-quality pharmaceutical products to prevent, diagnose, alleviate and cure diseases. 


“Success comes when one has achieved the goals but more importantly made the right impact. For example, when we develop a drug, we do it with the intention to make life better for people. We have attained success in several endeavors. However, we continue to set new and more ambitious goals and strive to be successful in achieving those as well. Success for us is an ongoing process, it never stops.” says Dr. Rajiv Modi, the Chairman and Managing Director of the company.


Cadila Pharmaceuticals has won many prestigious awards for its efforts and excellence in the pharma industry. Some of them are: 

  • TISS LeapVault Award 2019
  • Worldstar Packaging Award 2019
  • Future Warehouse Award 2019
  • Observe Now Future of Workplace Award 2019
  • Brand Leadership Award 2019 by CMO ASIA. 
  • Best Employer Brand Award 2019
  • Times CSR Awards 2021

Cadila Pharmaceuticals has become a leading pharmaceutical company today and is catering to the healthcare needs of over 85 countries worldwide. Committed to complying with the highest ethical standard in clinical research and medical practice, it is now popularly known as a care-focused, and research-driven company across the globe.


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