Bhagwani Devi Making India Proud At the Age of 95

Bhagwani Devi: Making India Proud At The Age Of 95

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Age is no bar for people who want to win the world. Bhagwani Devi is a true embodiment of this statement. 95 years old, Bhagwani Devi is making history in the world by winning a total of three medals at the World Master Athletics Championship in Finland for India. She won a Gold Medal for completing the 100m sprint in just 24.74 seconds. In addition to this, she also won two Bronze medals, one in Shot Put and the other in discus throw. Till date, Bhagwani Devi has won a total of 15 medals including National and International ones. At the age of 95, people usually stay in bed or in their rooms, Bhagwani Devi is out there winning Gold Medals for India. People also fondly call Bhagwani Devi; Dadi Ji.

Her grandson, Vikas Dagar has an important role to play in her athletic journey. Vikas coaches Bhagwani Devi for all her upcoming events. Due to the higher chances of age-related injuries, she refrains from heavy exercise and gym training. To keep herself fit, the athlete performs warm-up sessions and light exercises.

Bhagwani started her athletic journey by playing Shot Put. She started Shot Put with little interest but then eventually her interest ignited and that was her turning point in life. Be it a child, youth or old age person, Bhagwani Devi is an inspiration for everyone.

Bhagwani Devi

Even At This Age, How Do You Keep Yourself So Fit?

I don’t like sitting at home. I keep myself active by walking in my house or park or playing with children. These simple activities keep me active throughout the day. Every day in the morning, I walk around 2 km and this is a part of my training sessions for my competitions.

When it comes to morning walks or warm-up sessions, I don’t ever feel lazy. And I want to convey this message to today’s generation also, “don’t sit idle, be active, participate in sports actively”. Engage yourself in some sort of exercise that helps you stay fit now and also in your old age.

How did you feel when you won the Gold Medal for the country?

Bhagwani Devi After winning the medal

It feels so good when you win something for your country. That feeling cannot be described but can only be felt. I started my athletic journey at the beginning of 2022. And in just 6 months, I won many national and international awards and medals, so yes, it feels really good.

What message do you want to give to those kids who instead of playing outside, play on mobile phones?

To those kids, I want to say that go outside and play instead of just using mobiles. India is doing really great in sports nowadays. Many young people are trying really hard to glorify India’s name in the entire world. Everyone should make an effort and play for India.

Those who find exercise difficult can start doing light exercises like walking, running or yoga. And then slowly and steadily increase the intensity of the exercise.

What competitions are you planning to participate in the future?

Yes, I will definitely participate in more competitions in the future. I am taking part in the upcoming championship that will be held in Poland. In this competition, I will give my name for Running, Shot Put, and Discus Throw. I will give my 100% to win a medal again for India and make my country proud.

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