Meet Pooja Sharma Rekha, The Transgender Dancing Queen

Meet Pooja Sharma Rekha, The Transgender Dancing Queen


Reminding us of the Bollywood veteran actor Rekha, Pooja Sharma Rekha can be found in the 07:40 Mumbai Local train, all decked and dressed up in a beautiful silk saree. Pooja’s smile brightens the journeys of the travellers. 

Pooja Sharma is a transgender celebrity who resembles Rekha because of her glam outfit. She also collaborates with dance studios, Instagram celebrities, events, and high-end stores. She is the brand ambassador of ‘ohoojaipur’. 

Pooja Sharma Rekha’s Journey 

Pooja Sharma Rekha

In India, the Kinnar community is looked down upon. Despite several attempts, transgender people still face a lot of discrimination and violence. They are humiliated and disgraced. Pooja also had to face humiliation but she decided to change this. 

With a ray of hope, Pooja started her journey by dancing in the 07:40 ladies’ special Mumbai Local train. Pooja is a brilliant dancer, when she started posting her videos on TikTok and Instagram, she and her dancing skills won the hearts of thousands of people. 


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Despite living a tough childhood and tumultuous life, Pooja always carries a smile on her face. Her faith in humanity motivates other people. Her struggling childhood may leave you with teary eyes but her bright smile can cheer your sad mood in a fraction of a second. That’s the power of Pooja’s persona. Pooja also works for the empowerment of the transgender community. 

Social Media Presence

Pooja Sharma Rekha is loved by everyone on Social Media. Her Instagram account has 413k (as of November 2022) followers. She also has a YouTube channel with 26.2k subscribers. Pooja is now an internet sensation. 

She also got a lot of popularity when famous Television Actress Ankita Lokhande invited Pooja to her house on the occasion of her parents’ wedding anniversary. 

Summing Up

Marginalised by the mainstream world, the Kinnar community lives a life largely devoid of aspirations. But Pooja decided to live the life of her dreams by turning the tables of destiny. She is a self-made star and proud of herself. 

From begging in trains to becoming an internet sensation, Pooja Sharma Rekha’s story is truly an inspiration for many. It is really overwhelming to see how she blesses everyone despite becoming such a big personality on the internet. Her story reassures our faith in a famous quote by Thomas Merton, ‘Humility is the surest sign of strength.’

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