BITS Pilani Hyderabad Organised Its Sporting Extravaganza: ARENA

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Arena, the sports fest of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, is one of the biggest fests on the campus getting together varied players from different colleges across India. It’s aptly named ARENA, to depict the battleground for BITSIAN youth to prove themselves in categories other than academics. ARENA has consistently exceeded expectations and set benchmarks since its inception.

Over the years, it has evolved, providing participants with valuable experiences and mental fortitude. What differentiates ARENA from the rest isn’t the “Where LEGENDS are born” attitude or the relentless fighting spirit and the desire to become something greater than yourself to surpass your barriers.

This fest includes games and sports played all over the world starting from cricket, hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, throwball, tennis, kabaddi, frisbee, badminton, table tennis, carroms, chess, squash, athletics, swimming, skating, powerlifting, pool and many more.

Primarily, it was the commendable performance of the sports community at BPHC that defined ARENA. The athletes and competitors, displaying unwavering discipline, could be seen on the field or in the sports rooms of the SAC at any time of the day, working hard to forever mark their legacy in the books of BITS Hyderabad. This commitment paid off for the best, positioning BPHC as the team with one of the highest numbers of collective medals compared to any other college or association. 

A Fusion of Sports, Culture, and Memories

During these fests, it not only the sports and games but also various other activities and shows including flash mobs by the Cypher club(dance), events by DORA (Department of Recreational Activities), open-air movie nights for those tired ones who played all along the day, standup comedies from various artists across India.

Born on a still-young campus in 2013, ARENA was set out on campus by one of the biggest departments like DEPP, DOPY, DOVE, Department of Arts and Deco, Firewallz, etc each contributing its fair share of work leading towards the resounding success of ARENA. Every year its triumph attracts hundreds of participants from various institutions and sports clubs. Since then, ARENA has undergone remarkable growth, transforming into the renowned brand as it is today. 

A significant highlight of ARENA every year is the successful Inter BITS tournament. Teams from Goa, Dubai, and Pilani participated, each securing a notable number of medals. 

Journey Through Triumphs

In conclusion, ARENA once again proved to be a mastery in sports and its players, marked by innovative initiatives aimed at enhancing the overall experience. The scale of participation reached unprecedented levels, and the Organizing Committee demonstrated heightened efficiency and vigilance, securing sports facilities at significantly reduced rates due to their accumulated experience. Perhaps most importantly, the sport, the players, the people, and their cheering expressed nothing but positive sentiments, highlighting that our campus successfully provided them with delightful memories and enriching experiences.

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