The Colosseum Chronicles

The Colosseum Chronicles

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Mithibai College’s biggest and most iconic Management Festival is here with its 20th edition, amalgamating various cultural and managerial facets. 

Colosseum, an inter-collegiate festival with two days of brilliant insights and fun, has an incredible turnout of approximately 40,000+ students on-ground and digitally. Competitions, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, professional shows, and intellectually stimulating events at Colosseum are why the festival holds a special place in the hearts of thousands.

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Providing a platform for young minds to connect with professionals from various fields and learn the lessons of success and challenges of walking down the career path directly from inspirational sources, Colosseum’ 22 began its journey by launching ‘Coffee with Colosseum’.

Inspired by the riveting conversations held over a warm cup of coffee, Coffee with Colosseum takes it up a notch by initiating insightful and profound discussions to stir young minds by showing them a fresh perspective.

Coffee With Colosseum was launched on 10th November 2022 with the support and blessings of the SVKM Management, the Principal, Prof. Krutika Desai, the Vice Principals- Dr. Anjali Patkar, Prof. Meenakshi Vaidya, and Ms.Nilima Raval and the faculty of Mithibai College along with the presence of a noteworthy panel such as the likes of Reshi Magada, a web enthusiast and influencer; Kushal Lodha, a World Rank 3 holder in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and has completed all CFA level at the age of 23; Darshan Shah, a first gen-entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who was also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia List; Aamir Mulani, Founder and CEO at PlayboxTV, who was also featured on Shark Tank India. The moderator for the event was Bramhi Kapasi, a fin-fluencer and content creator. 

The guests had the audience hooked with a treasure trove of financial knowledge, stock market insights, and knowledge on content creation and offered advice for budding content creators and entrepreneurs. The first episode of Coffee with Colosseum ensured that the audience was familiar with A to Z of the financial and entrepreneurial world. 

Further in the episode, the panellists engaged in an enlightening Q&A session which was followed by a final segment of fun and engaging activity round where the guests enthusiastically participated as the crowd cheered. 

The second episode of Coffee with Colosseum was dignified by the presence of Ms. Debattama Saha, an Indian actress, singer and content creator; Dr. Manan Vora, an orthopedic surgeon, and sports medicine specialist and Mr. Harsh Kedia, an entrepreneur and author who was also featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia. 

The theme ‘Zero To One’, conveyed the various struggles and hardships faced by the panellists on their journey towards success and how they strike back from being defeated by adversities to being an even better version of themselves.

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The panellists were successful in instilling profound knowledge and shared their experiences in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner with a hint of humour which helped keep the mood light along with initiating a better connection with the students. 

Colosseum’ 22 strives to reach new peaks and provide a platform to students for performing, gaining insights, and achieving skills in the field of Management. Hosting jaw-dropping events every year, the bar keeps going higher and higher. Bringing forth new concepts like Coffee with Colosseum, the festival hopes to fulfil its purpose of stimulating and inspiring young souls, shaping them into professionals.

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