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Colosseum’22 Rocking and Roaring in Full Force

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The 20th edition of Mithibai College’s biggest and most iconic Management Festival brings together diverse cultural and managerial aspects. The Colosseum festival, a two-day inter-collegiate event, attracts approximately 40,000+ students on-ground and online. Colosseum offers a wide range of competitions, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, performances, and intellectually stimulating events, all of which draw thousands of people each year.

Coffee with Colosseum

With a vision to connect young minds directly with professionals from a variety of fields and imbibe lessons about the success and challenges of navigating a career path directly from inspirational sources, Colosseum’ 22 launched their very own talk show called Coffee with Colosseum in order to begin its journey.

With the support and blessings of the SVKM Management, Principal, Prof. Krutika Desai, Vice Principals- Dr. Anjali Patkar, Prof. Meenakshi Vaidya, Ms. Nilima Raval, and the faculty of Mithibai College, Coffee with Colosseum conducted its third episode on the 24th of December, 2022. 

The third episode of Coffee With Colosseum was graced by the presence of Ritika Jajodiya, marketing executive at UFO Moviez India Ltd.; Anushree Jain, Co-founder of Social Tag- an influencer marketing agency; Hetal Variya, voice accent, and dialect coach; and Drishti Saxena, Founder of People Of India. The theme ‘She Means Business’, conveyed the various struggles and hardships faced by women on their journey and how they strike back from being defeated by adversities to being an even better version of themselves.

Keeping in mind the theme of this episode which was “She Means Business” the panel was women-centric where female entrepreneurs (shepreneurs) from diverse fields were invited, all of whom are very successful in their respective fields. 

The guests offered various pearls of wisdom and instilled various experiences through anecdotes. Some notable discussions on the value of empowering women, business, feminism, and many other subjects were initiated. 

There was an insightful question and answer session where a deep discussion took place between the panelists and moderators as well as the audience.

To wrap up the third episode of Coffee with Colosseum, the panelists were bestowed with momentos and the entire morale and energy of the auditorium were brought up by an enthusiastically done Colosseum chant. 

Colosseum strives to provide a platform for students to excel and gain new insights as well as management skills.

Hosting jaw-dropping events every year, the bar keeps going higher and higher. It is the goal of the Colosseum to stimulate, inspire, and make professionals out of young people.

Coffee with Colosseum created quite a buzz, so we can be sure Colosseum 2022 will rock and roar in full force.

The conquest one finds themselves in would be marked by miracles, journeys, hurdles, victories, and encounters, and with that, the theme of Colosseum 22 was announced to be ‘A Gladiator’s Conquest’.

Join us and be a part of this conquest on the 27th and 28th of January, 2023!


On January 8th, Colosseum also recently organized a fantastic event on Sunday Street Marine Drive. Work-life balance was a key notion of the event and the hashtag for the same was #ColosseumforWLB. To kick off the event, students had a rousing jam session. The students were joined by the audience, which increased their enjoyment.

A guest speaker, Mr. Chintan Rachchh, who is not only a talented poet and storyteller but also an aspiring actor, spoke after the musical performance. Poetry is supposed to be language at its most powerful and concentrated. With his lovely poetry, he added even more wholesomeness to the morning, and everyone enjoyed the tranquillity it brought.

He enthusiastically joined us in the Colosseum shout as well.


The team then conducted flashmob, where everyone danced to the tunes of various songs and everyone was enthralled to the core. It brought out a new surge of energy in the crowd.

The flashmob included a dance that was dedicated to Colosseum’s FM Partner BIG FM 92.7’s jingle. 

All in all, the event was an experience of a lifetime! 

The entire event provided one a glimpse of the treasure trove of fun and learnings that Colosseum’s main days of the festival hold and there is undoubtedly a huge number of curious souls who await the exciting and insightful events which are planned. 

Colosseum’ 22 is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

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