Surprising Psychology Behind Women's Shopping - Helping Tips For Your Girlfriend

Surprising Psychology Behind Women’s Shopping – Helping Tips For Your Girlfriend


It is a well-known fact that women love shopping. When it comes to shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, or anything fancy, women are always up for it. There would hardly be any woman who would say no to shopping, no matter what their age is. It is not wrong to say, that shopping is the favourite pastime for women. 

If you have a girlfriend, who is an avid shopping lover, you would hardly face any difficulties choosing gifts for her. But, it is always a nice idea to add a surprise element to her birthdays or on special occasions. After all, she deserves to be treated like a princess for showering so much love on you, and always being by your side.

While we will discuss some amazing ways to make your girlfriend’s special day even more special, have you ever thought about why women love shopping so much? Well, there are many reasons behind it, especially psychological. Let us see why women worldwide love shopping so much and how you can make your shopping lover brim with happiness.

Why Do Women Love Shopping So Much And What To Gift Them?

“Retail therapy is the best therapy.” We have often heard women quoting this to justify their shopping urges. They have an unending appetite for shoes, clothes, handbags, and all sparkly things. To gift someone, who is an avid shopping lover, can be a boon or a bane, depending on the situation.

While it might seem simple to gift them something out of the plethora of options available in the market, in other cases it might be a difficult task, as there is a possibility that they have everything. In such cases, adding a special element to their surprise and gifting unique gifts for girlfriend is essential. Let us understand the psychology behind women’s shopping habits so that it becomes easier for us to choose their gifts. 

1] Women Are ‘Gatherers’ 

According to social biologists, women have been linked to having ‘shopping genes’, and they feel the same about shopping as men about sports. Unlike men, who often don’t seem to be interested much in shopping, women like to shop around taking their time finding the best products. Women are much like the ‘gatherers’ who browse from tree to tree to find the most nutritious and ripe fruit, among other options.

It is obvious that they like the best quality of things, and average things don’t please them. Go for gifts that are of premium quality and made of the finest materials. They will definitely appreciate your efforts.

2] Women Feel Powerful By Shopping 

Blame it on the patriarchal society that we live in or the practice that has been followed for ages. Women have always been looked down upon and didn’t receive any importance since ancient times. They didn’t hold any place in making important decisions for their family. But by shopping for the whole family and house-related stuff, they feel powerful, as if they are finally given authority for important tasks.

This is probably why women never feel bored while shopping. If you want to surprise your girlfriend in the best possible way, you can gift them gift cards of a certain amount, by which they can shop for anything they want. 

3] Women Love To Look Their Best 

No one can deny the fact that women love to dress up and look their best even if they are going to run errands. Women have an unending love for the latest fashion and to see what’s going on in trend. Seeing their favourite celebrities in sparkly clothes inspires them to shop for similar-looking styles and look their best. 

If you have a girlfriend who is a fashionista and loves to shop for the latest collection, make sure to gift her apparel, shoes, or bags resembling the look of her favourite celebrities. If you are not sure about who her favourite celebrity is, you can gift her stuff from her favourite store. This will surely make her happy. 

4] Shopping Helps Women To Deal With Emotional Stress

Everyone has a different approach to dealing with emotional stress. For most women, it is shopping. They shop because it helps to distract from the negative things that are happening in their life currently. It also makes them feel empowered about themselves. 

If your girlfriend is also not feeling good about herself, then you can take her shopping and pamper her with her favourite stuff. You can also go for online gift delivery if you do not have time to take her out shopping. It will not only cheer her up but also make her realize that you are the perfect partner for her.

5] Women Cannot Resist New Things

Women love a lot of things and cannot resist buying new stuff, even if they already have it lying around their homes. Some women love splurging their money on stuff that is sometimes not so useful. It is often seen that men go shopping with a clear vision of what they need, but women get confused while shopping and buys stuff that is not required. 

If your girlfriend suffers from a similar problem, then you can gift them something useful things, such as cloth organizers. This will help her to keep her clothes in an organized manner and also aid her in finding her clothes at first glance, making her spend less money on the continuous shopping that she does. 


Women love shopping, and there is no denying that. Though their preferences change over time, one thing remains constant, and that is their love for shopping. As mentioned above, there are various physiological reasons why they love to shop so much, and when it comes to gifting shopping lover persons, it becomes difficult to choose gifts for them. 

We hope the above-mentioned gifting ideas and ways come to your help in making your girlfriend smile, and thank you for being with her and showering her with love throughout.

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