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Customised Executive Development: Jayam SCM Consultants’ Success Story

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“We thoroughly explore the core of business design of our customers and provide them with tailor-made executive development solutions.”

The demand for talent that possesses a deep understanding of supply chain management and core competencies is being felt more and more, post-COVID as well as due to rapid economic recovery across India and the globe. Recognising this need, Jayam SCM Consultants has emerged as one of the focused organisations, specialising in custom-designed & curated executive development.

“We comprehensively assess the technological needs of businesses from a supply chain perspective, and also from the basic fundamentals in terms of the core competencies. We delve into the very essence of the business design of our clients and offer them curated executive development,” says Bala A Kumar (Bala) Director of Jayam SCM Consultants. Bala drives Executive & Talent development for Jayam SCM. He has held many leadership and MD roles in large corporates in India and abroad. 

Dr Rajaram Venkataraman, Director of Jayam SCM Consultants
Dr Rajaram Venkataraman, Director, Jayam SCM Consultants

Over the past two years, the firm has delivered substantial success to its customers. Their forte lies in delivering curated executive development that entails a deep engagement with organisations. “During the preliminary engagements, we thoroughly assess their current requirements across various functional areas, with a particular focus on the entirety of the supply chain, digitalization of the supply chain, sustainability of the supply chain, security of the supply chain and providing future-proofing as well to bring out exponential value addition” adds Dr Rajaram Venkataraman, another Director of Jayam SCM Consultants.  Dr Rajaram Venkataraman who leads Technology at Jayam SCM is a well-known personality in the software and technological forums in India & abroad.

The strength of Jayam SCM Consultants, as Bala aptly puts it, “We don’t overdo it, we simplify it and present it in a very interactive way which is customised by us to suit a particular company.” We internally discuss/iterate quite a lot, develop a design basis, and customise it to every Executive/talent-building opportunity before rolling it out to the customer. 

MS Jayashankar
M S Jayashankar, Founder Director, Jayam SCM Consultants

“Our Founder Director Jay as we call him always believes every organisation, be it small, mid-size or big, has a unique DNA. There can’t be a single fit for all. Therefore, Jayam SCM always follows a unique approach for each and every organisation it facilitates,” says Bala. “We first evaluate the current needle on tools processes and technologies by doing an “As is Where is”, go back to the stakeholders with a recommendation list of actionable items, cherry-pick, prioritise, consult, implement alongside handhold & train to put the organisation on an exponential orbit of growth. So, also in consultancy and transformation, we ensure that our recommendations are aligned with overall supply chain & business strategies carefully implemented with our multi-fold hand holding by Jayam SCM experts to bring out growth, competitiveness & excellence.”

In such a short span of time, Jayam SCM has earned the name for its innovative and hands-on approach to Consulting, Training, and Knowledge Sharing with Businesses irrespective of size, type and nature.

Backed By Collective Experience Of 120 Person Years Of Leadership And Complemented By 300+ Years Of Many Senior Consultants Across 

Founded by MS Jayashankar, a veteran in Logistics & SCM, this Chennai-based firm facilitates organisations to envision, co-create and manage high-performing supply chains. Team Jayam SCM comes with a unique combination of experts with hands-on functional experience coupled with expertise duly complementing each other in the latest tools & technologies in the supply chain & digital transformation.

“We have also established strategic partnerships with leading organisations specialising in Supply Chain “products” as we call them in the new tech era. Our partner organisations leverage advanced technologies, to deliver unparalleled visibility to the entire supply chain” adds Dr Rajaram Venkataraman. Beauty is that they complement all existing systems & tools and hang on top of them. We do have another unique partner of VR/AR- Grahas VR, an Indian Start-up with an “Atmanirbhar device” that is well known to provide unique training solutions on VR/AR to all types of industries including manufacturing, retail, hospitality et al. 

Awards and Felicitations

For its selfless pursuit of helping businesses grow & on skilling in the new era, Jayam SCM Consultants Pvt Ltd has been conferred with many awards. A few of them are:

  • Atmanirbhar Bharat award by the Indian Achievers Forum under MeiTY (Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, India) Zee Business & others at Delhi  in 2022 for unique talent-building efforts of Jayam SCM in India
  • Indian Achievers’ Award for promising Start-up in recognition of outstanding professional achievement & contribution to nation-building in 2021
  • Awarded as one of the ‘Most Promising Startups to Watch in 2021’ by Business Connect

As per many laudable credentials received by Jayam SCM Consultants from its varied clients including PSUs, MSMEs, various organisations across Pharma, Engineering, Process and many more seen in their digital handles & pursued by the firm, it is quite evident that Jayam SCM leaves no stone unturned to curate and deliver specialised executive development training and other services, covering all aspects of tools, techniques, processes and technologies for any organisation.

When reached out to Mr Jayashankar Founder Director of Jayam SCM on the success recipe of Jayam SCM & way forward, he attributed it to these factors: 

  • Listen to the customer’s voice before prescribing, be it talent/executive development and/or consulting for transformation.
  • Past Experience & knowledge of each of us is of no consequence in this rapidly changing world unless each of us stays relevant with continuous learning. Each person at Jayam SCM spends about 5 hours per day in continuous learning so that they can be relevant all the time to Society and Industry.
  • All complex problems/situations in any business, much like in our lives, be broken down into simple solvable problems if we are data-driven.
  • Above all stay simple, communicate in simple methods in the language and culture best suited to the client/target audience.

“It is the team Jayam SCM’s passion, fuelled by our Directors’ urge for excellence that is the reason for our continued success in touching the lives of many through our unique approach to Society,” beams Jayashankar.

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