Indic Inspirations

Indic Inspirations: Where Culture Meets Creativity

“Indic Inspirations will continue to innovate on its Products, Collections and Distribution channels to grow it into a ₹100 Cr revenue company over the next 3 years.” Sunil Jalihal (Founder & CEO, Indic Inspirations) Have you ever wondered how a piece of art or a textile can narrate the tale of a nation’s culture and […]

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Startup of The Year Strategy4GMAT

Strategy4GMAT: Your All-in-One Higher Education Solution

“Year-on-year, the focus is the same- do the best and look out for the candidates who trust us with one of the biggest decisions of their lives.” Manan Puri (Co-Founder & Chief Everything Officer, Strategy4GMAT) Navigating your career path is like finding your way in the dark. But when brands like Strategy4GMAT (S4G) and Dream […]

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Startup of The Year Revaa

Feminine Care by Revaa: More Than Just Hygiene

“Our innovative, eco-conscious products resonate with an evolving consumer base increasingly concerned about environmental impact and health.” Mahipal Singh & Gagan Arora (Co-Founders, Revaa) The global feminine hygiene products market is expected to witness significant growth, with projections indicating that it will reach a valuation of USD 54.5 Billion by 2028, recording a CAGR of […]

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Startup of The Year Winfra

Sanjeev Sodhani’s Vision: Redefining Water Storage Solutions with Winfra

“In the coming five years, our startup looks forward to embracing emerging trends and technologies within our industry, positioning us at the forefront of innovation.” Sanjeev Sodhani (Director, Winfra) “Casting aside conventional norms and embracing an audacious vision, Winfra Buildtech Pvt Ltd is here to redefine the landscape of water storage solutions,” declares Sanjeev Sodhani, […]

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Startup of the year 2023 Swipelocal

Swipelocal: Bridging The Gap Between Work and Personal Life

“Swipelocal is committed to offering exclusive local offices to bring a harmonious balance between work and personal life.” Anand Pujari (Managing Director, Swipelocal)                     To build a successful career, people often embark on journeys to different cities or even foreign countries in pursuit of their professional aspirations. However, as time passes, priorities naturally evolve, with family […]

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Startup of the year 2023 Jayam SCM

Customised Executive Development: Jayam SCM Consultants’ Success Story

“We thoroughly explore the core of business design of our customers and provide them with tailor-made executive development solutions.” The demand for talent that possesses a deep understanding of supply chain management and core competencies is being felt more and more, post-COVID as well as due to rapid economic recovery across India and the globe. […]

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Startup of the year 2023 WeAssist

WeAssist by Harikrishnan Ramakrishnan: Transforming the Insurance Claims Landscape

“We are proud to mention that we have assisted in more than 200 Crore in Claims to date.” Harikrishnan Ramakrishnan (Founder & CEO, WeAssist) Do you often feel that insurance is a mysterious territory? Meet Harikrishnan Ramakrishnan, Founder and CEO of Karthika Consulting & Solutions Pvt Ltd, who’s on a mission to change that perception […]

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108 GB RAM | Govind Kulkarni | Startup Of The Year 2022

108 GB RAM: One-Stop Solution for Digital Security Services

We, at 108 GB RAM, are developing our own SaaS product in Cyber security training and education to enhance the efficiency of Global cybersecurity.  Govind Kulkarni (Director, 108GB RAM Global IT Services Pvt Ltd) As technology transforms the dynamic business landscape, it is also reinforcing erratic cyber threats to businesses. And to make the situation […]

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Founders The Glocal Store


“The inspiration came from our travels, whether it was the mountains or the beach, we realized the importance beyond scenic beauty and how one can benefit by switching to nature.” Mehru Soni and Sanika Narang Sarna (Co-Founders, The Glocal Store) Nowadays, people are switching from chemically formulated products to natural and organic skincare products to […]

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