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Dearest: Building Spaces of Comfort, Aesthetics And Efficiency

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“Each space has an aura of its own and we embrace it to the fullest.”

Prince Francis (MD, Dearest)

Whether you are planning to give a new design to your room or thinking of renovating the entire house, designing a functional and aesthetic space is an uphill battle. While you can have a vision regarding the design, bringing it into reality is the real challenge. As one of the leading builders and interior designers in Kochi, ‘Dearest’ takes centre stage in designing unique, welcoming, stylish and functional spaces.

With twelve years of rich experience in the interior design industry, Dearest makes sure that everything is perfect, from the process of designing the space to what looks best and all the details in between. 

Since the firm’s inception, Dearest has always stood true to its principles, the topmost being the ‘Customer-friendly approach’. The fruits of its commitment reflect in the happiness of over 2,000 clients that the firm has served over the past twelve years.

Prince aptly defines the vision of the firm. He says, “Our vision is to build spaces of comfort, aesthetics and efficiency that add life to our customers livings. We achieve this vision by understanding our customers requirements, and analysing the most modern designs and materials before we create an innovative contemporary design to balance sustainability, comfort and design. As  the architects  of their dream spaces, we believe it’s our responsibility to value our customer’s hard-earned money, respect their budget constraints and present spaces free from imperfections.”

Serving as the Managing Director of the firm, Prince Francis oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm. In his capacity as MD, he plays a crucial role in ensuring the delivery of exceptional design services to clients.

Customer Value Assurance Model

A well-coordinated process guarantees a flawless end result. With strict adherence to its specially crafted Customer Value Assurance Model, Dearest places itself differently from the rest of interior design firms in the market. The model comprises the following steps:

  • The Reach Step

The journey with Dearest commences when the client makes the informed choice to trust the firm with the task of bringing their design vision to life.

  • The Deal Hour

Dearest welcomes the client in its family, entrusting the commitment to the project with open arms.

  • The Acquisition Step

Dearest takes the time to make the client understand more about the firm’s services, ensuring that they are well-informed before the design process starts.

  • The Art of Making The Chair

This is the heart of Dearest’s process when the firm starts working on the plan which undergoes regular assessment and cross-checks.

  • Picking Up The Pieces

Team Dearest comprising design heads pays a visit to the site to gain an understanding of the space.

  • Meeting The Dream- Comfort

The firm evaluates, reviews and takes the client’s feedback to make sure that the result aligns with their expectations. 

  • The First Look

At this stage, the company presents the blueprints and designs for the client’s approval.

  • Care Plan

Dearest extends support to the customer for the next five years, offering assistance and support whenever required. 

Prince explains, “We have professionals and experts in designing, architecture, construction, sales, and finance management who ensure that our customers get regular updates about every single progress made in the project.” He further adds, “We offer each client a sapling, symbolising the enduring growth of our service and embracing the principle of sustainability. Furthermore, our clients also get a 5care certification for five years including regular inspections for maintenance and other related services.” 

The firm also offers insurance coverage for perils like natural calamities and fire which further ensures the safety of the spaces. 

Design Specialties

Designs by Dearest

Dearest handles all aspects of any project it takes, relieving the client from the task of collecting each aspect and assembling each of them. The firm has experienced and very talented design professionals and interior designers who use advanced digital tools to help clients visualise their design concepts. The services provided by the firm include:

  • Interior designing and contracting
  • Bedrooms and wardrobes
  • Modular kitchen cabinets
  • Dining and crockery 
  • Living and TV units 
  • Designer sofas and tea tables
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Wallpapers and texture paints
  • Turnkey Interior Solutions

Delivering Beyond Expectations!

Interior design solutions by Dearest

With a mission to create standard, premium and luxury living spaces for its customers, Dearest is making waves in the interior design industry. The company’s vision of delivering homes and spaces that go beyond expectations is not only taking Dearest to heights but also setting new standards in the field of design. 

“We are here to let every client experience the epitome of design and comfort,” says the MD with pride while signing off.  

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