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“The inspiration came from our travels, whether it was the mountains or the beach, we realized the importance beyond scenic beauty and how one can benefit by switching to nature.”

Mehru Soni and Sanika Narang Sarna (Co-Founders, The Glocal Store)

Nowadays, people are switching from chemically formulated products to natural and organic skincare products to keep their skin look healthy and radiant. Mehru Soni and Sanika Narang Sarna, two bold and ambitious women entrepreneurs realized the importance of an organic lifestyle and founded The Glocal Store with the sole intention to house all organic and natural products under one roof. 


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An organic marketplace, The Glocal Store features products like pet care, home essentials, haircare, skincare and makeup, exotic and gourmet teas. Catering to any and every need of the modern individual, the store strives to serve nearly all of the 1.39 billion people in the country to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The Glocal Store is emerging as one of the best organic marketplaces in India because of certain principles. They are:

  • 100% Organic & Natural Products

The Glocal Store provides the highest quality and environmental friendly organic and homegrown products. 

  • Chemical & Cruelty-free Products

As it is the house of all organic and natural products, it always makes sure to offer products that are free from all harmful chemicals, preservatives and are cruelty-free.

  • Products for Every Occasion

It provides a wide portfolio of products ranging from food, skincare, makeup, baby care, home essentials & many more. 

  • Customized Services

The Glocal Store gives its customers an option to pick from its curated gifting option and get it personalized as per their needs and requirements. 


Mehru Soni, the co-founder of the company, is an engineer by profession and a strong advocate for animal rights and a PETA member. She has always chosen cruelty-free and preservative-free products. She says, “The inspiration came from our travels, whether it was the mountains or the beach, we realized the importance beyond scenic beauty and how one can benefit by switching to nature. All it needs is making the right choices in life”.

Mesmerized by nature’s sheer wonders and power of healing, she envisioned the idea of The Glocal Store. She believes adopting an Organic, Vegan, and Preservative-free lifestyle is the need of the hour. 

Sanika Narang Sarna is the founder of The Glocal Store. She says “Ever since my college days, I have been seeking a chemical-free alternative for my skin, and I have encouraged my friends and family members to adopt an organic lifestyle, using products that cause no harm to their skin.” She further says “There were not many brands offering organic and sustainable products back then. From that moment, I became passionate about natural products and sustainable living.”


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The Glocal Store offers a wide range of skincare products like face masks, cleansers, face oil, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, massage gel, facial kits, face mist, and toners, etc. Under the makeup category, it offers blush, concealer, eyeliner, kajal, eyeshadow, foundation, highlighter, lipstick, mascara, etc. To meet the organic food requirements, it provides a complete range of food and gourmet products like herbal tea, dips and chutneys, honey, pickles, spices, and other products. It has also covered home essential items like dishwasher, floor cleaner, fruits & vegetables, laundry wash services, etc. Other than these products, the company also offers foot care & skincare products, plantable stationery items, pet paring, and many hair care products. 

The gifting program of the company offers various types of packages and combos. It offers corporate gifting services to businesses to help them give their clients, employees, and colleagues an elevated experience. It provides bespoke services that make business gifting surreal and memorable. 

The Glocal Store promotes the rawness and wellness of Indian traditional remedies. Celebrating the roots, each product on its platform is made with organic and natural components. With a vision of 100% sustainable living, the platform promotes a future with a minimal carbon footprint. By understanding the corporate and social responsibility to restore the nature, it helps to live in a more sustainable, and nature-friendly lifestyle.



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