Innovative Interior Design Trends To Refresh Your Home

Innovative Interior Design Trends To Refresh Your Home


Nowadays, more people have started planning to redecorate their homes, and according to Yahoo Finance, the interior design services market is predicted to grow by $34 billion by 2027. When it comes to design schemes, some folks gravitate towards anything playful and dramatic, while others stick to clean and modern designs to spruce up their living space. While the feeling of luxury is important, some homeowners also want to incorporate nature-inspired designs to make their homes feel serene. In 2023, there will be a lot of emphasis on making homes calm and cozy. Here are some innovative interior design trends to refresh your home this year and beyond.

Add Some Inspiring Art on the Walls

Art can create a focal point in a room. This not only adds texture but also sets the mood for your indoor space. Some people are partial to colorful paintings; others like black and white photographs. If you’re on a budget, a personalized canvas print or images from a recent trip may also work to enhance your walls. Another option is to give a room a modern look with bubble wall art. This makes the space more inviting, especially when hosting guests. Meanwhile, those with big spaces to fill can use panoramic wall art to match their personality. For a cohesive look, match the color of your wall art to some of your home accessories, such as your throw pillows.

Create a Lush Jungle at Home

The simplest way to rejuvenate a living space without spending a fortune is to add an indoor tree into your home – not bonsai or indoor plants, but actual trees. It’s a great way to purify your indoor air and bring the beauty of nature into your home. If you can find a way to add a tree to your decor, consider building a spiral staircase around it. The trunk can be the central pillar, while the steps can trail around the sides. Meanwhile, some homeowners prefer to build a bedroom around an existing tree. A small section should be cut in such a way that the base fits snuggly through the floor. The roots and the foundation should also be protected. That being said, a certified arborist must evaluate whether the tree can survive throughout the construction process, and they should also ensure that it won’t become a safety hazard in the future. 

Add Metallic Accents

Those who want to add a touch of glamor to their space can do so by incorporating metallic tones into their decor. A touch of gold can make your interiors look lavish and elegant. Even small details, like using picture frames with gold borders, can do a lot to add a feeling of luxury to any room. Another trick is to use glowing golden lamps to enhance the space. Those who want to give their furniture a new look can paint their chair or table legs with matte gold paint. You can also add throw pillows covered in a shimmery gold fabric to couches or statement chairs. 

Those who want to give their homes a new outlook should incorporate the above ideas to evoke a positive mood while adding plenty of character to their indoor space. Consider adding some art, having an indoor tree, or incorporating golden accents to make your home look its best. 

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