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“The journey to finding and managing ESY India wasn’t easy but perseverance, hard work, and the ability to take strategic decisions pulled me through.”
Dr. VP Sajeevan (Founder & CEO, ESY India)

Ambition is the epicenter of perseverance through which accomplishments spell success. It is a highly potent word. If channeled correctly, it’s the motivator to a satisfying life. These lines perfectly summarize the success story of an ambitious and fervent leader Dr. VP Sajeevan, the current Founder and CEO of ESY India. 

Dr. VP Sajeevan’s journey from the small town of Palakkad district in Kerala to the world of entrepreneurship has been a fascinating one. His career started with a firm called Systems Marketing and Services – one of the pioneers in Data Computing and Networking where he learned value systems, processes, and trends under the mentorship of Dr. R. Santhanakrishnan which helped young Dr. Sajeevan to gain perspectives and integrate processes in his working habits.

Today, Dr. Sajeevan is one of the leading experts in the Digital Imaging industry in India and has worked with big brands like XEROX and Canon in the past. He is now heading ESY India, a complete Point Of Service Company in India. He has worked with Canon India for over 14 years. During his stint as Group Director, he was instrumental in taking Canon to an undisputed leadership position in the IT industry. His special thirst for consumer experience helped to bring vast changes in the brand’s market approach and eventual acceptance by the industry and customers. After a long stint with Canon, he moved to leadership consultancy for a few leading brands in Asia.


Dr. Sajeevan holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Calicut and is a Post Graduate in Business Administration from Bharathiar University in India. He completed his Doctorate in Management from Aldersgate University, Dublin. He is in the Governing council of MAIT in India (Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology) and is also associated with top management institutes in India and abroad as a leadership speaker and consultant for Digital Technology.


Dr Sajeevan centers his life around three Ts- Trust, Transparency, and Tolerance. 

Trust: Dr Sajeevan trusts his instincts to take big business decisions. He also believes in trusting his employees, partners, and stakeholders in what they do as giving ownership sometimes, according to him, can do wonders.  

Transparency: Transparency sets the stage for an honest and long-lasting relationship with customers and therefore maintaining transparency holds pivotal importance in Dr. VP’s business life. 

Tolerance: It isn’t just a buzzword in Dr. VP’s mind. For him, tolerance to mistakes is a ‘learning by doing’ approach that creates an effective approach to exploration. 


ESY India is the Indian arm of Pineapple Resources Berhad (PRB), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (ESY Group of Companies). In 2012, ESY India was given the responsibility to build and establish the ESY brand in India and SAARC Countries. Ever since, ESY India, under the strategic, astute, and able leadership of Dr. Sajeevan is taking giant strides in the digital imaging industry, thus emerging as one of the leading POS companies across the nation. 

Since its inception, it has launched many high-quality POS printers and scanners. It has redefined the landscape of affordable printing in India with its first revolutionary product–  ESYINK. To expand its horizons, it shifted from consumable to manufacturing master products with its POS division– ESYPOS which includes products ranging from an entry-level barcode scanner to the high-end All-In-One POS Terminals.

Furthermore, ESY Group has recently launched Templelinks Private Limited, an initiative to connect Temples and Devotees through an online platform. 

In Dr. Sajeevan’s words, “Our business, since its establishment, has been on a growth trajectory, ” and he is certain that this will continue assuredly. 


ESY India deals with three different verticals, the first being corporates such as Haldirams, Liberty, Flipkart, Swiggy, Amazon, and various nationalized banks. Another area of focus is government tenders and big orders which help the company grow its revenue multifold. The third and the most important vertical is the Dealership network that helps the company to stay in constant touch with the end-users on a daily basis. 


‘Making Life Easy’, the tagline of the company clearly communicates the core value of ESY India. “We are committed to making the lives of our stakeholders, end-users, employees, business partners, and the society easier by facilitating the delivery of top-notch products as they hold the ultimate power,” Dr. Sajeevan mentioned. 

Furthermore, Dr. Sajeevan fosters the tenets of timely planning and a deep understanding of the market situation, helping the company to create products that are the need of the hour. 


Dr. Sajeevan’s journey as a working professional has been a mix of big dreams, undying passion, and an infinite amount of optimism. However, he, like others, also encountered many roadblocks when he began his entrepreneurial journey. 

He recalls the days when he felt stranded and distressed after quitting a well-paying and stable job at Canon. Although he had decision-making rights in the company,  he was not the main pedestal on which the entire organization relied. 

The thirst to formulate and execute strategic decisions was quenched when he founded ESY. The journey wasn’t easy but perseverance, hard work, and the ability to take strategic decisions pulled him through. 


The untiring and relentless pursuit of Dr. Sajeevan has positioned ESY India among the top POS companies in India. It has achieved many milestones and added feathers in its cap over the years. Some of them are:

  • Digital Terminal Award for being the “The Complete POS Retail Solution Brand“ in 2018. 
  • Digital Terminal Award for Best POS Printer Brand and Best Barcode Scanner in 2017. 


Dr. Sajeevan recollects the days when his father Shri Viswantha Menon used to teach him life lessons. His teachings continue to inspire him in every walk of life. Besides, self-satisfaction at the end of the day is also his biggest motivation. He is fortunate enough to find life’s purpose as it guides him in taking life decisions, shaping goals, and creating meanings.


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