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“Working with cross-cultural and diverse teams helped me master the art of managing multiple personalities and handling customers with distinctive expectations.”
Ravinder Pal Singh (President & CEO, Merkado RHA Technology)

Ravinder Pal Singh’s professional life was going on smoothly until he, while working for Cisco and Dell realized that there is a gap in getting digital and disruptive technologies from the right solution providers to solution seekers worldwide. The companies had incredible solutions created by small & medium organizations but due to lack of resources and finances, it was difficult to reach out to global solution seekers in India, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The only mechanism available was online reach, which yielded results but did not help to qualify the right solution providers. It was with a mission to create a bridge between solution providers and solutions seekers that Ravinder led the formation of Merkado RHA Technology. 


Ravinder hails from the beautiful valley of Kashmir. Since his father was a central government employee, he completed his schooling from different cities. He then came to Bangalore to pursue Engineering. Soon, he got a campus placement in one of the renowned Data Security companies, Nashsoft. 

He spent the first five years of his life performing different technical roles. He joined Wipro in 2000 as Project Manager and spent his next five years leading complex, ICT projects across India. This led to a tryst in early waves of Digital Transformation projects like e-Choupal India. In 2004, he moved to Cisco and got the opportunity to lead and manage large engagements across India, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and SAARC for the next 12 years. 

To boast, he has also worked with key transformational projects like Indian Smart Cities Mission, DMIC, and helped create one of the smartest auto manufacturing plants. He added more to his portfolio when he got to work with innovative technologies like IoT, Smart Cities, IP networks, Data Management, Cloud & DC, and Cyber Security. Working with Dell Technologies also added rich experience in his career as he established and led their Smart Cities and Digital Transformation business

Ravinder, a seasoned professional with 26 years of rich industry experience decided to launch his own revolutionary Digital Transformation Services startup and begin his pathbreaking entrepreneurial journey in 2019. 


Merkado RHA Technology is a boutique Transformation Consulting company with a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals helping customers realize their digital transformation vision. Ravinder along with his team, do so by providing the right insights using the right technology solutions and with a clear ROI and planned approach. 

Apart from Transformation Consulting Services, Merkado’s key offering is Gokkadal –  which is world’s first Digital Solutions Exchange Cloud Platform. 

A cloud-based solution exchange platform, Gokaddal envisions revolutionizing the way Digital Solutions are sourced, delivered, and managed. The platform revolved around 4 key areas of Digital Transformation i.e. Automation, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmentative.  


The cultural transformation from different executives’ roles in MNCs to running his own business empire was the toughest challenge to overcome. Another roadblock was to stay on top of the business finances and maintain a positive cash flow and financial stability. Despite all the challenges, Ravinder and his ardent desire to achieve skyrocketing heights in the entrepreneurial world paved the way to building a highly acclaimed IT company.  


Ravinder follows three mantras to success. In his words, “Honesty, professionalism, and empathy can build a strong and successful organization.” He believes that persistence and patience are the keys to success. 


Ravinder drives his motivation from great business tycoons like Azim Premji, Anand Mahindra, Ratan Tata, John Chambers, Michael Dell, and many others.


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