Elon Musk's New Poll On Twitter: A Regret or Another Bluff?

Elon Musk’s New Poll On Twitter: A Regret or Another Bluff?

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Is Elon Musk regretting his decision of acquiring Twitter? Or is it just another way for him to gain the attention of the public on Twitter once again? A recent poll of Elon Musk has become the talk of the town. On Sunday, 18 December 2022, Elon posted a poll asking people whether he should step down as the head of Twitter or not. He also mentioned in the poll that he would abide by the results of the poll. 

The poll results are in favour of the proposal that Elon should step down as Twitter’s Head. There were a total of 17,502,391 votes on the poll, out of which 57.5% were in favour of him stepping down while 42.5% wanted Elon to continue with his leadership at Twitter.

Now the question is what will be the next step for Elon Musk? Will he do what he promised earlier? 

There were many speculations about the future of Twitter after the poll. Some said Elon might have realised his mistake of buying Twitter and that is why he is rethinking his decision. While others said that all this was just a bluff. But still, lots of eyes were waiting for the next tweet by Elon.   

Elon Musk Finally Broke Silence

After creating much controversy around the world regarding the poll, Elon Musk finally broke his silence on the topic. According to the reports of The Guardian, Elon Musk announced that in the coming days only paid blue tick subscribers will be able to vote in future policy-related polls. 

And if we talk about Elon’s role in the company and who can change the leadership of Twitter then it is very difficult for any external factor to change it. Twitter is a private company with Elon holding the majority of stocks. Hence no one can force him out of the company. 

What Makes People Think That Elon Is Actually Thinking Of Stepping Down?

Many experts believe that Elon is thinking of stepping down as head of the company because he wants to focus more on Tesla. Since Elon bought Twitter, his focus has shifted to the social media platform and he is not able to give his time to his other companies Tesla and SpaceX. 

After the acquisition deal of Twitter, the shares of Tesla declined sharply by 50%. Before the Twitter deal, the valuation of Tesla was at over $1 Trillion but this reduced sharply after the acquisition and currently, the valuation of the company stands at $500 billion. The fall in Tesla’s share is also impacting the net worth of Elon Musk. Recently, he got dethroned from the position of the World’s Richest Billionaire after maintaining the position for years. 

Twitter On The Same Path As Tesla And SpaceX?

Elon musk is continuously bringing major transformations at Twitter. From firing the top executive of the company to making the remaining employees work day and night, he is changing everything. But one thing that is constant since the acquisition is Elon’s lamentation that Twitter is on the verge of bankruptcy.  

Similar things happened at the time of Tesla and SpaceX also. In 2018, Elon Musk created a similar situation when he claimed that Tesla struggled to meet the mass-market vehicle. His lamentation of the production hell of Tesla is now the blueprint for Twitter. 

Experts believe that this is a very clever tactic used by Elon to bring the attention of the public to the company. And along with this, his constant reminder of the bankruptcy of Twitter is to instigate the employees to work harder to make the company more profitable. David Deak, a Senior Engineering Manager at Tesla from 2014 to 2016 stated, “he clearly thrives in existential circumstances” and created quasi in employees to light the fire in them to perform better. 

Elon Musk Has Decided To Abide By The Results

In a recent statement, Elon Musk said that he will resign as Twitter’s CEO when he finds someone “foolish enough to take the job”.

Musk would “run the software & servers teams” following his resignation as CEO, indicating he may continue to exercise an important influence on the decision-making of Twitter.

Final Words

Elon Musk and Twitter create headlines every now and then. But most of the time the headlines are just a hype created by none other than Elon Musk himself to attract public attention. Mark Gongloff, in his analysis for Bloomberg, mentions that we are giving too much attention to Elon Musk, and he is now trolling our attention on social media.

So, here is a question for all of us: are we really giving him more attention than needed? And if yes, then maybe we just need to find a way to avoid it. 

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