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Ferroart: Weaving Art, Technology, and Positive Energy into Every Space

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“The spaces we design are welcoming, textured, balanced and layered with a warmth, speaking volumes about the people inhabiting it.”

Sagar Bhadbhade (MD, Ferroart)

What role does space play in our psychological behaviour? Lighting, colours, proportions, and configurations in a space engage with our senses, giving rise to a wide spectrum of emotions and behaviours. Whether it’s the ability to create a sense of warmth and security, define one’s well-being, or establish a positive atmosphere, a space can have a deep impact on how we act or on what we feel. Understanding the significance of this interaction, Ferroart Interiors Private Limited, a leading design firm, leaves no avenue unexplored to deliver luxury interiors with engineering precision. 

Founded by Sagar Bhadbhade and Leena Bhadbhade, Ferroart has its own cutting-edge manufacturing plant that enables the firm to offer customised design furniture, in-house designing, manufacturing, and material selection facilities. 

“Our 20,000 sqft Interior Experience Centre in MIDC Nagpur provides clients with a hands-on authentic feel of interior styles and trends. The centre showcases a wide range of interior styles, from classic to contemporary and minimalistic to opulent,” mentions Sagar. 

Meet The Founders

Sagar Bhadbhade and Leena Bhadbhade possess a keen eye for design and a passion for creating beautifully stunning spaces. Both of them share a background in engineering and business management. 

It is their love for the law of attraction, saptachakra balancing and vibration theory which is leading them to infuse their designed spaces with positive energy. They love to make each space vibrate with positivity, creating spaces that not only look beautiful but also calm and positive. 

What Makes Ferroart Unique?

Designs by Ferroart

Since its inception in 1995, Ferroart has evolved into a prestigious interior design firm, carving a niche for itself by specialising in turnkey interior projects spanning the diverse landscapes of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and their neighbouring states. Here’s how the firm has been keeping itself different from the competition:

  • In a world where efficiency is the key to accomplishing more in less time, Ferroart provides turnkey interiors with factory-like finishing, taking just half the usual time. It helps the team deliver a project with remarkable speed.
  • The firm uses wood, leather, metal, fabric and other required materials skillfully to create unique looks. Each material is carefully selected which enhances the aesthetic charm. 
  • Through in-house manufacturing capabilities, Ferroart has significantly reduced project timelines. This allows construction and interior work to happen parallelly, leading to faster project completion.

“Travel and nature are my constant source of inspiration, which guide me in deeply understanding spaces in terms of natural surroundings,” states the Founder. 

Exuding Positivity and Happiness

Interior design solutions by Ferroart

Much has been said about the power of positivity, but how many of us can feel it around our space in reality? Believe it or not, the inflow of positive energy around a space energises the lifestyle, refreshes the mood and makes everything look lively. That’s exactly what Team Ferroart promises to each of its clients. 

In Sagar’s words, “Our job is not restricted to just creating brilliant designs but also to exude positivity in them as we believe that positivity is the real element that brings the best out of a space.”

At Ferroart, every project is treated as if the space is its own. The firm builds a long-lasting connection with the clients, making them a part of the Ferroart family.

Milestones To Ferroart’s Name

Ferroart has successfully executed numerous projects so far. It is its hard work and relentless pursuit that has made the firm bag one award after another. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • ‘Most Classy Luxury Turnkey Interior Designer In Central India’ At India Design Award held at Taj Bangalore in 2023
  • ‘Best Turnkey Interior Designer’ By Times Of India Group in 2021
  • ‘National & Business Excellence Award’ for Best Interior Design Firm in Nagpur in 2021

“Our projects have also been featured in leading national-level interior magazines – “Home & Design – Trends” and “Good Homes,” states Sagar with great pride. 

The Mission

The goal of Ferroart goes beyond designing beautiful spaces. The firm believes in fusing art, technology, and positive energy to leave an indelible mark on the client’s life. Sagar and Leena’s passion lies in transforming spaces into dynamic, uplifting spaces.

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