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Rajshree Interiors: Where Quality Meets Innovation in Design

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“We always use ‘A’ grade quality products and material in our work because we never compromise on the quality of work we deliver to our customers.”

Shailesh Mane (Founder & Director, Rajshree Interiors)

Rajshree Interiors and Infraastructure, a thriving interior design firm located in Pune (Maharashtra), had its humble beginnings in the vision of its Founder, Shailesh Mane. Shailesh’s journey started from a small tea shop, where he brewed tea during his childhood days. Later, he worked as a painter, giving flats beautiful colours. After that, he even worked at a distillery factory and a wine factory. At the same time, he was studying Civil Engineering in college, working hard to get his degree. All these experiences instilled in him the value of hard work, customer service and resilience, which collectively made him carve an entrepreneurial path. He ultimately unfurled his wings in 2007 to lay the foundation of an interior design firm, Rajshree Interiors and Infraastructure, in Pune, Maharashtra.

Rajshree Interiors masters all types of ‘Vastu’ interior design solutions for commercial & residential properties. As a Vastu interior service provider, its expertise lies in positioning elements to promote health, prosperity, and harmony.

“We have a track record of successfully working with over 250 clients including industry giants like Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone, Tata Docomo and Idea,” mentions Shailesh Mane.

The Firm’s Specialities

  • Residential Interior Design Solutions

Designs by Rajshree Interiors

From selecting furniture items, furnishing and textures to deciding on interior decor, lighting and colour schemes, Rajshree Interiors convert any empty home into a stylish and functional living space. Under this area, the firm offers: 

  1. Villa interior design
  2. 1 BHK flat design
  3. 2 BHK flat design
  4. 3 BHK flat design
  5. Penthouse interior design
  6. Bungalow interior design
  • Commercial Interior Design Solutions

A dedicated team of design professionals at Rajshree Interiors provides trustworthy Vastu commercial interior design solutions. The team provides layouts and designs that adhere to the principles of Vastu, ensuring that the spaces are both aesthetically pleasing as well as harmonious at the same time. Services in this area include: 

  1. Office interior design
  2. Retail shop interior design
  3. Corporate office interior design
  4. Showroom interior design
  5. Institutional interior design
  6. Entertainment interior design
  • Hospitality Interior Design Solutions

When it comes to hospitality interior designing, Rajshree Interiors becomes a go-to choice. Its project management team excels in seamless coordination, efficient task management, and timely project completion. The services are: 

  1. Restaurant interior design
  2. Cafe interior design
  3. Hotels interior design
  • Lighting Interior Design Solutions

Interior design solutions by Rajshree Interiors

Rajshree Interiors also offers guidance in selecting the optimum lighting to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the space. It specialises in lighting various areas of the space with the desired lights, ensuring that each corner invites a welcoming atmosphere. Under the lighting solutions, the firm offers: 

  1. Bedroom Interior Lights
  2. Bathroom Lights
  3. Living room Lights
  4. Study room Lights
  5. Kitchen Lights
  6. Dining Area Lights
  7. Staircase Lights

Shailesh mentions, “The real challenge comes in when we have to adhere to a strict budget. In such cases, we use the existing infrastructure provided by the client and use our creativity to transform and reshape the old into something new and innovative.” He further adds, “In cases when clients do not have existing infrastructure to offer, we tailor our project designs to suit their budget constraints. We employ budget-friendly yet innovative elements to bring out the best out of a space.”

A Dedicated Team of Creative Heads

‘Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.’ Rajshree Interiors is proud to have a team that always stays on its toes to deliver quality projects within the stipulated timeframes. 

The entire team adheres to a pre-defined process that starts from conducting initial meetings to charting the project’s course. A senior designer is allocated to head and oversee the entire project, with the full support of a dedicated team of two junior designers who handle minute details. To ensure transparency, the team maintains open lines of communication with the client. For each project, it creates a group that remains active throughout the project’s lifecycle. The team notifies all the details related to modifications, tasks, timelines and other project-related details to the client until the project is completed and handed over to them. 

Feathers In The Cap

It is the firm’s strict adherence to its core principles that has made the firm establish its roots in the interior design industry. Rajshree Interiors has bagged many awards so far. Some of them include: 

  • Award of Excellence from Saturday Club
  • Best Promising Interior Design Company by Airtel
  • Creative Interior Company by Rahul Malviya Business School
  • Bharat Sanket Business Award
  • Bharat Business Award under the title ‘The Leading Interior Designing Company In Maharashtra’

“To deliver a project on time stays in our motto. With an eye on the future, we aspire to achieve legendary status in the field of interior design. This will be marked by our dedication to infusing innovation into each project,” says Mr Mane while signing off.

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