Home Office Productivity Tips

Home Office Productivity Tips: Maximize Your Efficiency


This is the age of remote work where your home office is no longer just a place to clock in; it’s your sanctuary for creativity and productivity. But, is your workspace a cluttered maze that makes you procrastinate more than you’d like to admit? Don’t worry! Let’s take you through some sensational tips to transform your home office into a productivity powerhouse. Say goodbye to distractions and hello to the ultimate work haven! Here are the home office productivity tips:

  • Pick A Cool Colour For The Walls

The correct choice of wall colour can be a game-changer. Say goodbye to chaotic and multi-coloured patterned wallpaper, as the patterned wallpaper creates a sense of confusion and distraction. The walls of your home office should be like a canvas showcasing your imagination. You can use light colours to make the space look wide, and you can also use deeper shades of blue and violet to make the space look bigger.

  • Invest In Office Furniture

Invest In Office Furniture, Home Office Productivity Tips

Design a functional home office with the right furniture. Start by investing in cabinets and cupboards to keep the office organised. Prioritise your well-being by investing in ergonomic chairs and desks. Consider adding a couch in the room so that you can rest on it. Invest in multifunctional furniture like dual-purpose tables, wall-mounted desks, or office napping chairs.

  • Lighting 

Your office should be well-lit as it not only benefits your health but also cuts down on electricity costs. If your office doesn’t receive much sunlight, you can opt for energy-efficient lighting solutions that brighten the space. Place the light source like desk lamps in such a way that it doesn’t create any shadows.

  • A Serene Work Oasis

Maintaining the good vibes in the office is also important. To do that, transform your workspace into a serene oasis by adding picturesque scenes of beautiful landscapes and nature. These elements can bring a sense of calmness to your environment, giving you peace when you take a  break.

  • Include Inspirational Pieces

Spruce up your office space with motivational quotes on your computer or decorate the walls with motivational quotes and artwork. DIY motivational paintings can also be a creative outlet for your workspace. By doing this, you can turn your workspace into a source of daily inspiration and productivity!

  • Create An Accent Wall

Many paintings or pictures on the wall can become distracting. You can decorate one of the walls with all the precious memories like photos of friends, family, medals, certificates you have won, and small souvenirs. It can be a distraction when you want a break, and it can motivate you as well.

  • Keep A Few Plants

Keep A Few Plants, Home Office Productivity Tips

Keeping plants in your office helps develop a relaxing mood. Some house plants like snake plants, money plants, lady palms, jade plants and more can add positive vibes to the space. Keeping plants also reduces stress and promotes a sense of calm. Moreover, plants also boost productivity, so they are worth investing in!

  • Set Up A Snack Station

Imagine getting a craving amidst a video call, and you cannot just run away to get something to eat. To save yourself the trip to the kitchen, set up a mini snack station and fridge. It should contain snacks, chips, and dry fruits, and the mini fridge should have water and juices to help overcome the craving. 

  • Incorporate Minimalism

Get rid of the stuff you don’t need in your office space, and sort out the crucial files and folders. Invest in small cupboards to keep your files and folders neatly arranged. Keep the furniture at a minimum to ensure that the room does not look overcrowded.

  • Add A Pop Of Colour With Stationary

Add A Pop Of Colour With Stationary, Home Office Productivity Tips

To make your desk look more colourful and attractive, invest in stationary products like scissors, post-it stickers, and different coloured pens. It makes the space pop up and look lively. You can sometimes doodle in a sketchbook when you take a break or feel stressed. 

  • Invest In Gadgets

There are many tech products that can add to your productivity. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can invest in a laptop standing desk, smart extensions, under desk bike pedal exerciser, a pocket-size projector and many other products.

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