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HIMA: Transforming Spaces with Style and Substance

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“Any project handled by HIMA is not only measured by the end results but by the relationship created along the way.”

Manjunath Nayak
(Proprietor, HIMA)

Creativity has no end in interior design for Manjunath Nayak, which he describes as “a  process to generate new ideas or possibilities to make artistic innovations.” This creative spirit shines through in every project undertaken by ‘HIMA Interior Services,’ a firm he established in 2011.

Headquartered in Bangalore, this 21st-century interior design firm offers an unbeatable combination of interiors, construction, project management consultancy and facility management. Equipped with a highly trained and experienced team of designers, HIMA offers unique, stylish and elegant projects ranging from premium & exclusive apartments to villas, and commercial & corporate spaces. 


Interior design solutions by HIMA

HIMA offers a wide array of services designed to transform any place into tailored, harmonious spaces. Here is the wide range of multidisciplinary services provided by the company:

  • Interior Design Solutions

As a renowned interior design firm in Bangalore, HIMA offers a spectrum of world-class interior design solutions to create the ambience the client desires, whether it’s for a living, working, or leisure space.

  • Project Management Consulting

HIMA provides consulting services for both residential and commercial buildings. Its consulting has played a pivotal role in providing design and construction facilitation services throughout Karnataka.

“We serve clients from diverse sectors, whether it’s a startup, mid-size firm or a multinational organisation. With our team of expert designers, a 45-day installation guarantee, a 10-year warranty and post-installation services, we carve a successful path for HIMA,” proudly states the Proprietor. 

Why Choose HIMA?

HIMA has completed over 300 residential and commercial projects, keeping clients’ needs at the top of mind. Here’s why one should choose HIMA for design services:

  • From conceptualisation to curation to putting everything in its place, HIMA with its proven expertise manages complete turnkey projects for villas and apartments.
  • The firm excels in the customisation of wardrobes, entertainment units, modular kitchens, bathrooms and built-in furniture.
  • HIMA’s approach revolves around selecting cohesive colour palettes inspired by the client’s vision to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.
  • Avoid relying solely on imagination; HIMA provides a detailed 3D walkthrough that gives the client a preview of their future home interiors.
  • With the client’s inspiration as the starting point, the firm initiates the design process by conceptualising a theme that resonates with the client’s visualisation.
  • HIMA skillfully directs the interplay of light against surfaces, textures and intensity to create the right ambience for every room.
  • From paints to wallpapers, HIMA designs aesthetic wall treatments, transforming bare walls and false ceilings into captivating architectural features that draw the eye upward.

What Lies In The Future?

Commenting on what’s ahead for HIMA, Mr Nayak states, “At the top of HIMA Interior Services, it’s no secret that we live and breathe interior design.” He further adds, “We are looking forward to creating a stylish, well-appointed space that would incorporate spectacular art, defining our path forward.”

With a passion for creating extraordinary spaces, HIMA’s journey will continue to unfold, enriching homes and businesses with unmatched interior transformations.

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