How To Cope-Up With Exam Stress?

How To Cope-Up With Exam Stress?

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Exam season comes with a lot of stress, anxiety and pressure. The pressure of facing the competition is tiring and stressful. Exam time always gives a tough time to students. A bit of stress during exam time is normal but taking too much stress that starts affecting your health is extremely harmful. It is important to be aware of your stress level and cope with it. 

Nowadays, problems related to mental health are on the rise due to exam stress. The pressure of passing the exam left students overwhelmed which creates excessive worry and stress. We are here with some useful tips to make your stressful exam days a little better. Here in this article, we will help you to calm down in stressful situations

  • Time Management Is The Key

How To Cope-Up With Exam Stress Time Management

The foremost thing that every student should focus on during exams is time management. Plan your schedule according to exam dates and then divide your time to study. Don’t push yourself too hard to study only. Also, take time for appropriate time intervals so that your mind can relax. 

By planning everything in a proper manner, you can study more efficiently and calmly. Remember, just making a timetable is not going to help, you have to follow that timetable strictly. 

  • Set Realistic Goals

Always set realistic goals according to your schedules. Everyone knows their limits and what they are capable of. Be realistic and set goals that you can actually achieve. For instance, if you have an exam in the next two days and you think that you’ll learn the entire syllabus in one day and revise everything the next day. Then it is highly possible that you cannot do it. Divide your study time into hours with intervals. 

Setting higher goals that are tough to achieve may negatively impact you. Not being able to achieve your set goal may lead to even more stressful situations. Therefore, set goals that maximise your productivity and take the burden off your shoulders.

  • Declutter Your Desk

A messy desk may add more anxiety and panic to the actual situation. Decluttering your desk gives you a sense of clarity and you can think clearly. Organising things neatly helps you in reducing distractions from your study table. 

The clean desk also keeps you hygienic that prevents you from having health issues. A clean desk sets the mood right for studying with focus. You will not waste any time finding things on a cluttered desk.   

  • Music 

How To Cope-Up With Exam Stress Listen to Music

Music is a great way to lighten your exam stress. Listening to music for some time during exam days helps you regain calm and control over your emotions. Music relaxes the mood and increases your concentration power and makes you more focused. It also makes you more responsive psychologically and physically. 

Studies have shown that listening to music increases people’s capabilities to contain and remember information. During your exam days, we suggest you take out 20-30 minutes to listen to music according to your taste. 

  • Eat and Sleep Well

Just because it’s exam season it doesn’t mean that you forget to eat and sleep on time. Always include proper breaks for sleep and your meals. Many students skip meals or sleep during exam time which may even make them sick. Lack of sleep and nutrition reduces concentration power which only adds to stress and anxiety. 

Studying all night may sound very productive but trust us, it is not. If you follow your schedule without fail then there is no need of waking up all night and study. Always remember, sleep and food are as important as the exam. 

  • Talk with Someone 

If you think that exam is giving you too much anxiety and you need help then talk to someone you think can listen to you and help you out of the situation. Taking help from someone is not something that you should be ashamed of. 

Be it your family member, friend or teacher, talk with anyone you feel comfortable with. Taking a second opinion or sharing your feelings helps you in getting rid of overthinking. And if needed then don’t hesitate to seek professional help and support. 

  • Don’t compare yourself with others

Comparing ourselves with others often leads to underestimating our own capabilities. Always remember everyone has their own journey so you cannot really compare the achievements of two individuals. It is okay to look after someone who is doing better than you but take it as an inspiration and not get disheartened by it.

Believe in yourself. You can do anything that others can, you just have to work a little harder and pay extra attention to things. Focus on yourself only and use your energy in a positive manner. 

Summing Up  

Exams burden children with lots of anxiety, stress and expectations. In this time of stress, it is very important to look after yourself. Exams leave students overwhelmed which can lead to confusion and exhaustion. Remember it is just an exam and you should not take too much stress. Make a schedule, relax, eat properly and sleep. This mantra can surely help you in coping up with exam stress.

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