Arthashastra’23 Is All Set To Go!

Arthashastra’23 is All Set To Go #BeyondAllLimits!

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Arthashastra is NM college’s annual business and academic fest. It is an immersive, 4-day fest with events, workshops and activities that inculcate various aspects of the corporate world. Every year, distinguished speakers are hosted in ArthaSummit. The fest receives participation from all over the nation. From speaker sessions to Arthasocials, there is something for everyone.

NM’s Arthashastra has been growing every year since its inception and it plans to continue the same trend this year as well. The fest aims at giving students various opportunities to train their intellectual capabilities in different fields of Business by conducting events stimulating their core knowledge about the same. Not only this, but the plans are also to build and imbibe an inclusive culture which is accepting and gives the stakeholders enough avenues for responsibility.

Over the months Arthashastra has put together a team of over 150 people who hold the spirit to go beyond their limits in every sense.

Everyone is driven with the same goal towards making Arthashastra achieve its full potential and putting their best foot forward in making the fest successful.  Working together as a team for hours over the months not only allows students to create bonds and friendships for a lifetime but also provides them with experience in working together with multiple people and curating and compromising to everyone’s demands and needs. It helps them grow as an individual by challenging them to work outside their comfort zone and develop as an individual in the process.

Students come up with one-of-a-kind unique ideas for the events and enhance their creativity in the process. Arthashastra prepares the students to face real-world business scenarios and catalyses and promotes employment opportunities, in a fun learning way.

Day 1: 05th February 2023


NM’s Arthashastra evidently delivers more than expected. An academic fest is not the most popular festival amongst the students across colleges, however, Arthashastra oaths to change some, if not all, perspectives this year. An offline fest is an out-of-body experience! Not only do you learn how to handle a baby, but also watch it grow and outshine others.

Day 1, 5th February 2023 marked a successful day for Team Arthashastra. From events like Survival of the Fittest to Hype-o-crisy, to talent hunt and ArthaStudio there was an event for all marketing maniacs, finance fanatics and cultural enthusiasts out there. A hardworking workforce combined with top-notch decisions made by the core resulted in an eventful day for the entire workforce and the participants.

Well-known judges like Miti Shah, and Pranav Chandran graced Arthashastra’s events and thoroughly enjoyed their time. With an amazingly planned treasure hunt event, Arthashastra called it a day. Participants found clues which finally lead them to juhu beach where the treasure was hidden. With tiered faces but a sparkle in the eyes for day 2, team Arthashastra summed up their day!

Day 2: 06th February 2023


Often said,” Success can be measured only when you make a positive difference in others’ lives.” Hence, we, at NMArthashastra try to bring out the best not only in our participants but also in our workforce.

Day 2, 6th February marked a triumphant and thriving day for Arthashastra. Arthashastra hosted 2 legacy events, Bear the Bull and Mock IPL Auction.

Bear the Bull was a grand event, where participants were given — an amount of money to invest in a simulated stock market. The goal of the event was to educate participants about investing, familiarize them with the stock market, and help them develop a basic understanding of financial concepts such as risk, return, and diversification. This event had unexpected turns and twists that take place in the real world.

Moreover, another flagship event for the day was the IPL Auction. This simulated IPL auction had everyone in awe. With around – participants, everyone bid to get the best player in their teams with varied approaches and strategies. Apart from this, TeamArthashastra also hosted events like Pic a Mood and Speedy Circus which were events that focused on promoting general knowledge and artistic approaches as well as strategies in the real world. Not only this, but they also planned to build and imbibe an inclusive culture that is accepting and gives the stakeholders enough avenues for responsibility.

Everyone should get a taste of Arthashastra, therefore, the organisers curate fun-packed events that go “beyond all limits”.

Day 3: 07th February 2023

Organizing a college fest is a momentous accomplishment and the diligent work pays off when you feel the happiness on the essence of your mates and educators. Such a feeling of contempt was experienced when Day 3 of NM Arthashastra came out to be a victory, a pleasant and glorious day with a shedload of memories formed. This synchronous festival strives to bring out the best in each person, and its participants and also support them in taking a step towards realising their dreams.

The day was a thrill ride with events from all angles. Just a minute was a challenge to speak without hesitation, deviation, or repetition judged by Mr Hormuz Ragina. Another event was all about representing Indian politicians and voicing out the strong political opinions which lasted throughout the day- The Indian parliament. Other events ranged from Viral vision, Pic a mood where participants flaunted their extra creative brain and curated the best possible pitches out of them, to Pareto and All about analysis where creating a product from scratch and bringing out of participants’ inner banking and managing skills were discovered.

The day ended with a brilliant sundown and deep blue sky in the eyes of all the members. All exhausted but all geared up for the final day of Arthashastra ’23.

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