Reasons to Enrol your Child in an International School

Reasons to Enrol your Child in an International School


Of course, every parent wants the very best for their child, this is perfectly natural and your child’s education largely depends on the school that you choose. Rather than choosing an early learning program, then relocating to a primary school and after 6 years, on to a secondary school, you should enrol your child in a K-12 school that eliminates changing schools.

If you ask any educator which type of school offers the best all-round education, they are likely to confirm that international schools are rated number one, and with that in mind, here are a few of the reasons that parents select an international school for their child.

  • Academic excellence

Most parents would agree that academic excellence is one of the main goals in education. You should consider Bangkok Patana, an International School in Bangkok with the best academic history, making sure that your son or daughter achieves their full potential. Good grades are essential if you wish to enter the university of your choosing.

  • Broaden your child’s horizons

Students who study in an international school meet students from many other cultures and this gives them a balanced outlook on life. Children should understand that different cultures have their own values and beliefs and this experience is invaluable for a young person. When your child eventually finishes their education, they will have to forge a career in a very diverse world and having exposure to other cultures at an early age leads to balanced adults with a global perspective.

  • English language acquisition

Thailand, for example, has a very low rate of people who can speak English and if you want your child to be fluent in English, enrol them into an international school and they will become fluent in English, which is a very valuable asset in the workplace. All subjects are taught using English and the earlier you enrol your child, the easier learning another language will be. Click here for tips on studying for exams.

  • Develop critical thinking & problem-solving skills

A British international school in Bangkok would teach the UK National Curriculum and that is designed to develop critical thinking and problem-solving. These are extremely important life skills that some education systems do not incorporate into their curriculum; choose a school that uses active learning strategies and your son or daughter will learn these valuable skills, which will help them in so many ways in their life.

  • University entrance

Students who graduate from international schools find it easier to enter the university of their choosing. We all know how the system works and you would expect the top universities to be very selective when admitting students and to give your child the best chance, enrol them at an established international school and they will reach their academic potential.

As you can see, there are many benefits to enrolling your child in an early learning program and Google can help you find all the international schools in your area. Book tours of the schools you are interested in and prepare some questions for the school principal.

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