How To Get Featured in Fortune India

How To Get Featured in Fortune India?



  • Does Your Business Story Relate To Editorial Vision Of Fortune India?
  • Have You Developed a PR Plan to Draw in the Elite Readership of Fortune India?
  • Is Your Company’s Story Unique and Inspiring enough?

Fortune India is a widely recognised magazine that covers international business news extensively. To be featured in Fortune Magazine is a massive accomplishment for business owners and executives, providing extensive visibility. 

This article explains the planning required to publish a company’s story in its pages, detailing the processes involved in obtaining a desired feature, analysing potential budgetary implications, and identifying which editions best fit the complex story of your company’s development.    

What Is Fortune India?

Fortune India is a renowned business publication covering stories on politics, leadership, wellness, workplace and careers, health, technology, and cryptocurrency. The Fortune India magazine stands out for its dedication to presenting unique tales that appeal to different readers. It examines corporate operations, including prominent businesspeople profiles, and provides insights into emerging issues and their resolutions.

Why Publish Your Business Story In Fortune?

Why Publish Your Business Story In Fortune

Fortune offers a platform for businesspeople to tell their stories to a global audience. The magazine showcases articles on prominent people, company operations, and creative ideas. Exposure to a high-risk profile audience is made possible by Fortune’s readership, which comprises executives and successful business owners.

How To Get Featured In Fortune India?

Using a planned strategy that aligns with the magazine’s editorial objectives and resonates with the target audience is crucial to maximise the chances of getting featured in Fortune India. Follow these steps to feature your story in the magazine:

  • Extensive Research And Analysis

Examine Fortune India’s editorial schedule, emphasis area, and content topic. Familiarise the readers with the kinds of stories they enjoy reading and the industries they value. This preparatory effort will enable you to modify your proposal and material so that it smoothly adheres to the editorial guidelines of the magazine.

  • Creating A Strong PR Plan

Effective public relations (PR) is essential to secure a coveted place in the magazine. Find the unique selling point of your narrative that will appeal to the magazine readers. Draft a thorough PR strategy that includes your objectives, target market, main messaging, and media relations strategies.

  • Crafting An Engaging Story

Grab the editor’s interest with an engaging tale that stands out from the crowd. Choose a distinct storyline or viewpoint that makes your brand stand out. Present your accomplishments, inventions, and contributions while supporting the integrity of your story with facts, anecdotes, and case studies.

  • Accuracy In Audience Targeting

Understand Fortune India’s target audience thoroughly to craft the perfect pitch. Determine the magazine readership by identifying its unique demographics, interests, and preferences. Ensure your narrative speaks to their wants and goals by highlighting how your brand may improve their lives or enterprises. 

What Is The Cost?

Publishing a story in Fortune India depends on several things. As a prominent magazine, Fortune provides a platform with standards for quality, relevance, and exposure that may incur additional charges for authors. Below is a summary of the possible costs:

  • Expert Writing And Editing

Invest in a professional writer or editor to create captivating business stories. Fortune’s editorial standards are high. Therefore, hiring a qualified expert helps to guarantee that your article will live up to the publication’s standards.

  • Getting The Perfect Visuals

Hire a professional photographer or invest in creating eye-catching pictures for your business story.

  • Interviews And Travel

Budgeting for travel, lodging, and related costs is crucial if your story calls for on-site visits, interviews, or participation at relevant events.

  • Contributor Payments Or Submission Fees

Fortune uses freelancers, and there may be times when authors receive payment for their contributions.  Furthermore, some magazines could charge a submission fee. However, this is rarely possible for well-known magazines like Fortune.

Which Fortune India Editions Are The Best To Get Your Story Featured?

The type of business, industry, and target audience will determine which issues of Fortune India is best to publish your story in. Here are the top three Fortune India Magazines to publish your story:

  • Fortune India’s Best CEOs

Fortune India’s Best CEOs

It is a special issue that highlights leaders who have made a difference in their companies and industries. The magazine selects these CEOs after a rigorous quantitative analysis of the BSE 500 and NSE 500 companies.

  • Fortune India’s 40 Under 40

Fortune India’s 40 Under 40

The “40 Under 40” magazine compiles a list of candidates’ accomplishments, impact, and potential for future contributions. The magazine showcases the talent and potential of young individuals making notable advancements in their fields and professionals.

  • Fortune 500 

Fortune 500

The Fortune India 500 is an annual ranking of the top 500 companies in India. The ranking provides insights into the company’s performance across India. The Fortune India 500 list includes companies from diverse industries such as IT, manufacturing, energy, banking, and more. The rankings are typically determined based on the revenue these companies generated in the fiscal year.

The Bottom Line

It takes careful planning and alignment with Fortune India’s editorial goals to get your business story published in the magazine. Make a strong PR strategy, develop an exciting story, and research Fortune India’s preferred content in-depth to make a stunning piece to publish in the magazine.

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