How To Get Featured On Forbes India?

How To Get Featured On Forbes India?



  • How does your business story go from being ordinary to being extraordinary?
  • What aspects of your business journey appeal to Forbes and make it unique?
  • Why is it so important to write your business story in prestigious magazines like Forbes?

What makes your business unique? What makes things go from being ordinary to being extraordinary? These are the stories that Forbes India seeks- stories of creativity, commitment, and influence that have an impact outside of the business world. Being honoured to have your story published in Forbes is not just a matter of prestige; it’s a doorway to new possibilities.

What is Forbes India?

India’s top business magazine, Forbes India is a Network18 venture in collaboration with Forbes Media LLC. It offers readers cutting-edge viewpoints, helps them make connections, and helps them comprehend the phenomenon that lies behind the news. Every two weeks, its senior editorial team, which possesses years of experience, creates an engaging collection of short newsworthy features, in-depth articles, and lifestyle stories. Since its launch on May 21, 2009, Forbes India has emerged as one of the most reputable business magazines in India. 

Why Publish Your Business Story in Forbes?

Within the digital landscape, where a brand’s credibility is crucial to its success, Forbes stands out as a unique platform that allows businesses to not only tell their stories but also shape their identities. Sharing your company’s story on Forbes is a great way to gain credibility with investors, clients, and partners. It also validates your expertise. 

In the below section, we shed light on why picking Forbes as the platform for business stories can revolutionise the industry.

1. Increased Trust and Standing

When it comes to digital presence, credibility is everything. Not only does a Forbes article acknowledge your accomplishments, but it also validates your expertise and builds trust with partners, investors and clients. Publishing your business story in a reputed publication puts your brand in a class by itself.

2. Greater Reach and Visibility

We all know that Forbes is a renowned platform. Your brand gets into the spotlight when your story is included among its large readership. What will be the outcome? 

  • Increased visibility 
  • Increased website traffic
  • A sharp increase in social media followers
  • A wider range of potential customers knocking on your door

3. Access To Prominent Networks

Forbes unlocks doors to tremendous networking opportunities. It’s a pass to elite networks full of business executives, possible partners and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. The relationships that are made here could completely change the course of your company.

How To Get Featured in Forbes India?

So, how can you get that much-desired space in Forbes India?

1. Creating an Engaging Narrative

Create a story that appeals to Forbes’ astute audience. Your narrative must flow naturally from their culture and speak volumes about achievement, innovation, and influence on people.

2. Establishing Your Personal Brand

Establish yourself as a thought leader. To establish yourself as a well-known voice in your field, continuously produce top-notch content, offer insights and interact with platforms that are relevant to your sector.

3. Fostering Connections with the Media

Try to connect with the Editorial Department of these publications. Involve, assist, and develop into a useful resource. Your sincerity and knowledge may serve as the foundation for future collaborations.

4. Interactive Content

Bring some creativity to your writing that helps you stand out. Create aesthetically beautiful infographics and interactive content that appeal to the readers. Attractive images combined with insightful text can draw readers in.

What is The Cost Involved?

Although getting listed in premium publications may not always have a cost, it frequently requires a commitment of time, energy, or money. Here are three methods and their corresponding expenses:

  • Focused Effort

Getting recognised by Forbes on your own takes a lot of time and dedication. From conducting media research to cultivating relationships, it can require months of focused effort. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in reasonably priced tools for support.

  • Freelancers or In-house Team

You can hire a freelancer or a dedicated employee to take care of your media relations. While hiring such a person might save time, choosing the proper candidate is essential to preserving the good reputation of your company.

  • PR Agency

You can also take the help of a PR agency as these agencies have expertise in getting your story published in renowned publications. Hiring an agency for this work can be very costly. However, some PR and marketing firms like offer affordable services.

Which Forbes India Editions Are Best To Get Your Story Featured?

Forbes India offers a variety of platforms for recognition, including the ground-breaking Forbes 30 Under 30 list, which honours the young titans reshaping industries, influential India’s Top 100 Digital Stars, that highlights the influence of digital influencers on consumer choices, and the forward-thinking Tycoons of Tomorrow, which honours visionaries venturing into uncharted territory.

  • Forbes 30 under 30

Forbes India 30 under 30

Forbes launched the esteemed 30 Under 30 list over ten years ago, to honour young people driving significant change on a worldwide scale. Trailblazers in a wide range of industries are honoured in the 30 under 30 list, including manufacturing and entertainment, art and style, consumer technology, education, energy, enterprise technology, finance, food and drink, games, healthcare, Hollywood and entertainment, media, music, retail & e-commerce, science, social impact, social media, sports, and venture capital.

  • India’s Top 100 Digital Stars

India’s Top 100 Digital Stars

Forbes India offers “India’s Top 100 Digital Stars” at a time when influencers have an unmatched impact on consumer decisions. This exclusive ranking thoroughly evaluates content producers across multiple platforms and domains, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The compilation demonstrates the significant influence that internet influencers have had on Indian consumers’ decision-making and marketing.

If you’ve made a lasting impression as a content creator and your narrative relates to the changing digital landscape, this edition provides a special opportunity to share your journey.

  • Tycoons of Tomorrow

Tycoons of Tomorrow

Forbes India’s ‘Tycoons of Tomorrow’ edition provides a platform for acknowledgement for individuals who exemplify a journey of inspiration, creativity, and application. This issue recognizes people who are on a journey of discovery, where milestones are but a blip in the rearview mirror, and go beyond conventional measurements. The leaders of tomorrow, known as the Tycoons of Tomorrow, are forging forth through uncharted territory.

Forbes India has played a pivotal role in celebrating these visionary individuals. The annual Tycoons of Tomorrow gala is a culmination of this recognition, honouring those poised to lead and shape the future of business and entrepreneurship in India.

The Bottom Line

The process of building your brand, and creating genuine connections is more important than the final goal when it comes to publishing your story in reputed publications. It’s about seizing the opportunity to share your story with the entire world.

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