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Tripath Logistics: Your Preferred Partner for All Logistics Needs

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“We attribute our success in the logistics industry to a highly skilled dedicated workforce, our persistent focus on quality, constant improvisation on products and services and incorporation of information technology in whatever we do.”

Prabhanjan Sreedhar
(Marketing Director, Tripath Logistics)

The Indian logistics market has witnessed a major jump resulting in robust growth with the highest share in the freight forwarding market. Logistics companies are investing in enhancing and diversifying their services to meet the rising demand. One such company that entered this race in 2014 is Tripath Logistics. Think of a faraway place anywhere in the world and Tripath Logistics can get the goods delivered. 

One of the fastest emerging logistics solutions providers, Tripath Logistics specialises in delivering efficient, reliable and customer-oriented comprehensive solutions tailored to customers’ needs. 

The company is built on the premise of ‘Efficiency and Trust’. It covers various aspects of logistical solutions, including air/ocean freight logistics, warehousing, ground transportation and on-and-off-site assistance.


“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it,” these must be Prabhanjan Sreedhar’s favourite quote to live by, as every employee that Prabhanjan has picked for Tripath is the best fit. The young and dynamic team at Tripath consists of a skilled and experienced group of professionals who have come together to utilise their time and resources in developing a company that stands by its principles.

Our constant endeavour to adapt to rapidly changing business scenarios, handle any unexpected challenges, use our knowledge and expertise to enforce continuous improvement, improve customer satisfaction, and build confidence has helped us become where we are today,” mentions Prabhanjan. He further adds, “In just a few years of its inception, Tripath has become one of the most preferred partners for logistical and cargo services.”

Prabhanjan Sreedhar is the Marketing Director of Tripath Logistics who oversees and stirs marketing strategies with an overall objective of strengthening the market position of the company.


  • Serving more than 1,00,000 shipments each year with expert logistics solutions
  • Covering more than 150 locations around the world
  • A strong & experienced team of more than 200 employees
  • A turnover of 167 Cr in FY 2020-21


  • Freight Management

Team Tripath ensures careful handling of freight and makes sure that it reaches the desired destination complying with all customs and regulatory provisions. 

Air Freight: Highly skilled experts at Tripath, master the handling of all aspects of freight export shipments. The company offers a range of direct and indirect shipment options and Door-to-door service with other options available, Defined lead times, and End-to-end visibility.

Ocean Freight: The company provides shipping services from over 300 ports to many small and medium-sized businesses worldwide with a major objective of simplifying end-to-end logistics in the process.

Tripath Logistics

  • Customs Brokerage

As a compliance-driven organisation, Tripath understands and addresses the intricacies of trade regulations and agreements at the global, regional, local, and national levels. Under Customs Clearance Services, Tripath facilitates an effortless and secure customs clearance process.

  • Warehousing & Distribution

Understanding the significance of warehousing and distribution in the supply chain, Tripath provides top-notch inventory management and order fulfilment that allow seamless global logistics solutions.

  • Transportation Management Services

With extensive experience in transportation management, team Tripath offers Transportation planning and vehicle scheduling, Documentation management, Transport booking, Carrier capacity planning & management, Distribution management, Transport event management, Dedicated delivery services, and Network analysis and design services.


The IT Team at Tripath works round the clock to deliver innovative solutions and business value to combat complex logistics Ecosystems.

“Our customer interface is built in such a way that it provides our customers with the tools needed to efficiently and proactively manage their global supply chain,” mentions Prabhanjan. 


Tripath is designed on five core values: Operational Excellence, Customer Centric, Product Leadership, Trust & Leadership and this is what positions Tripath different from the rest of the market players. Tripath has been the recipient of many coveted awards. Some of them are: 

  • ‘New Enterprise Of The Year (International Logistics) Award at the 2015 Leaders Awards
  • ‘Emerging Freight Forwarder’ Award at India Cargo Awards West & South 2016
  • ‘Most Promising Brand’ at the 5th SMEs Excellence Awards 2017


Tripath envisions delivering cutting-edge Logistical Solutions to help businesses and societies flourish. 

In Prabhanjan’s words, “Our integrated logistics solutions are built on quick, on-time and reliable delivery, tailored according to your needs & requirements, without compromising on quality. Tripath Logistics, not just aims to build and sustain a lifelong relationship, but ensures to stand by its words.”

Tripath Logistics is currently operating in India, Germany, France, USA, UAE, Brazil, and Chile and is planning to set its footprints in many other countries of the globe.

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